Description: In this year's British GT Championship the likes of the Aston Martin N24, Lotus Evora GT4 and Nissan 370Z will be watching a new competitor in the form of the fastest and most powerful Mazda MX-5...
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Jason Levy Mar 27, 2012
The word via is interchangeable and both interpretations can be made from it
Justin Routh Mar 27, 2012
It says via the paddle shifters to the tranny. Which means the power goes through it. Not saying the power is because of it
Cho Dan Mar 26, 2012
Can you get the paddle shifters through JC Whitney? That's some serious bang-for-the-buck!
Devin Babyn Mar 26, 2012
You guys have some bad reading comprehension if you can't understand that the first time
Kevin Irish Mar 26, 2012
The way they worded it is weird and sounds like the paddle shifters deliver the power. I think everyone agreed Carbuzz is run by a bunch of 14 year olds, though.
Jason Levy Mar 26, 2012
Yea it does say that
Justin Routh Mar 26, 2012
It doesnt say that...
Michael Beach Mar 26, 2012
How do the paddle shifters give the car 300 HP?
Brandon Lidy Mar 26, 2012
That's a big negative their Rubber Ducky
Description: Mazda claims it can sprint from 0-62 mph in just three seconds and can hit a top speed of 160 mph, making it the world's quickest MX-5. A combination of its outstanding handling, high fuel econom...
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Jerry Cole Mar 26, 2012
I'd like to see that guy's exige from that article a couple days back. I wanna see it go around the track
Jackson Michael Mar 26, 2012
Or don't because lightweight car+insane acceleration=idiot death trap.
Anders Schrøder Mar 26, 2012
That is insane! Put it on the market and it will make the earth shake from Asia to USA :D
repulse Mar 26, 2012
no shit 3secs? owner'll be like "i eat 430's for breakfast, gallardos for lunch n r8's for dinner. who's up for supper?"
Extremis Colson Mar 27, 2012
Ewww that's barbies race car!!! LOL
Trent Bourgeois Mar 26, 2012
@No Pistons - its really fun, extremely technical. I ran it fine in a 4 year old 1200 dollar laptop. Your gonna need a force feedback steering wheel to get the full effect.
Abraham Mendoza Mar 26, 2012
Definition of a pocket rocket. It probably can fit in my pocket!!
Frederick Perez Mar 26, 2012
Awesome car- love the paint!
No Pistons Mar 26, 2012
@trent How is Iracing? And how powerful of a computer do you need to run it properly?
Trent Bourgeois Mar 26, 2012
I love mx5 race cars. So much fun to drive ( iracing ).
Kyle Hardisty Mar 26, 2012
it looks light, and fast.
Jackson Michael Mar 26, 2012
Except this looks much better
Jason W. Evers Mar 26, 2012
Yeah, very close. Same drive wheels and all. I believe even the same seat belts.
repulse Mar 26, 2012
reminds me of the honda crx del sol