Comments - Could This Be the Next Generation Citroen C4 Picasso?

Published: Mar 26, 2012
Description: These latest pictures from our ever dutiful spy photographers were taken in northern Sweden in an area where Citroen likes to test prototypes. The new C4 Picasso should be out testing given that the c...
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Hektor Yberg Mar 26, 2012
So nobody exept me would even bother to look at the car.
Hektor Yberg Mar 26, 2012
Because its cold and the only gearhead living there is me.
Amira Baz Mar 26, 2012
why does all testing happen in sweden
Miftah Rasheed Amir Mar 27, 2012
@Abraham: Its purpose is to hide the distinctive features, not the car itself. With camos all you see is a big lump with wheels and windows.
Abraham Mendoza Mar 27, 2012
I never really understood camo, this really makes the car stand out, I know its supposed to hide lines, but who wouldn't notice the thing?
Christina A. Zito Mar 26, 2012
What the frap is this?! It makes my eyes hurt. I'd crash if I had to look at this while I was driving. Keep patterns like this off the road... Too distracting
Nick Schnee Mar 26, 2012
@ Joe: Excuse me? Citroën is a good brand. My dad happens to have a C4 Picasso, and it's a good quality car. In he Exclusive edition, it's interior is rather comfortable and unlike most other cars, you have quite a lot space in there. So dont diss it
Benjamin Davidson Mar 26, 2012
This camo is some of the best that I've seen on CarBuzz.
Brandon Carr Mar 26, 2012
That camo is making me dizzy
Joe Fats Harper Mar 26, 2012
Does anyone really care enough about Citroen for them to need camo like this?
Description: We can also see that the rear view mirrors and the rims have some design traits from the DS4. If anyone is thinking that the design looks too "normal" to be a Citroen, then they should remem...
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Hektor Yberg Mar 26, 2012
The Swedish winter isn't that hard! It's only like - 20 Celsius.
Nick Schnee Mar 26, 2012
They've put a good amount of camo on the lights... I suppose they changed them to something that looks more like the DSs, and likely added LED stripes. I wonder what they did to the grille.
Abraham Mendoza Mar 26, 2012
Looks like the passenger might give us the bird...
Mike Lasenby Mar 26, 2012
Now that's camouflage!
Tj Blankenship Mar 26, 2012
No one would look at it if it was covered in a rap around picture of Snookie naked.
Andrew Grimm Mar 26, 2012
This is actually some good camo. Can't look at it straight.
Francisco Iovane Mar 29, 2015
Vv lol
Miftah Rasheed Amir Mar 27, 2012
Peter Papen Mar 26, 2012
The should change the color before it goes on the market..
Cearbhall Beggan Mar 26, 2012
As with so many concepts, this radical anti-drink-drive paintwork probably won't make it to the showrooms ;-)
Christina A. Zito Mar 26, 2012
Thanks for mentioning the rims, didn't even see them! Too distracted by this crazy camo
Nick Schnee Mar 26, 2012
That's some nice rims actually. Just make them silver.