Description: Volvo has announced that they will try to break their own world record with the fastest truck in the world. The "Mean Green" hybrid racing truck will attempt the feat at the Historic Wendove...
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Paul Lissona Mar 26, 2012
Like a child molester.
Billy Drew Severns Mar 26, 2012
That guy looks so weird
Etienne Surrette Mar 25, 2012
Sweet truck, creepy driver
Description: "Mean Green is a prime example of Volvo's technical capabilities and our continued focus on emerging technologies. Our engineers developed the world's fastest hybrid truck utilizing the...
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Etienne Surrette Mar 27, 2012
Imagine that on a supercar.
Kyle Hardisty Mar 25, 2012
5000lb of torque is enough to move move the road.
Joe Fats Harper Mar 25, 2012
That engine is probably bigger than a Chevelle ss.. Well, not quite, but you know what I mean
Jason W. Evers Mar 25, 2012
Strap it to a bicycle.
David Pires-Ihsaan Mar 25, 2012
drop it in a chevelle ss..
Description: The Mean Green Volvo can thank its aerodynamic design as well for its record-setting capabilities. It already holds the standing 500 meter, flying kilometer and standing kilometer world records. Volvo...
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Kumar Desi Mar 25, 2012
*I bet you Toyota is drooling
Kumar Desi Mar 25, 2012
I bet ountouota is drooling
Etienne Surrette Mar 25, 2012
@Andrew. Imagine bucking around in that. X_x
Clint Edwards Mar 25, 2012
I always wondered why they didn't just do like they do with locomotives, a diesel engine running a generator powering the wheels. You could even use the re-gen braking like a Jake Brake.
Andrew Grimm Mar 25, 2012
If semi trucks could become hybrids, it would save a lot of diesel. Electric motors could easily produce enough towing torque required also. I know it isn't that simple for them to just go hybrid and in sure they have been trying for a while.
Micah Buffat Mar 25, 2012
Some things were meant to be hybrids some were not this was not
Justin Tucker Mar 25, 2012
Well I would like to know what kinda small turbo is holding that 1,500hp
Clint Edwards Mar 25, 2012
Seeing as how it's making 1900hp I doubt it's starved for boost
Darren Smith Mar 25, 2012
It's all in the tune and right combo of parts, BIG is not always better or faster.!!
Justin Tucker Mar 25, 2012
I'm normally around supras and looking at the intake, it does not look big at all. For say a 1000hp single turbo supra the intake pipe and filter is massive. You might be right, it may look small compared to everything else but it doesnnt look quite that big
Devin Babyn Mar 25, 2012
It's probably about a foot wide. My buddy showed me some of their old turbos and they were huge. Made this one look like it should be on a car
Buddy Robinson Mar 25, 2012
Well it probably looks small compared to everything else in the picture
Justin Tucker Mar 25, 2012
Wow,smaller turbo than I expected
Michael Davidson Mar 26, 2012
They are probably a special order tire.
Dale Schroeder Mar 26, 2012
Just the fact that Goodyear makes racing tires specifically for big trucks is pretty cool in itself.