Comments - Report: Ferrari Planning a V12 Hybrid for the New Enzo

Published: Mar 25, 2012
Description: The Ferrari F12berlinetta was said to usher in the famed Italian automaker's new generation of V12 engines. The F12berlinetta's 6.3-liter V12 made use of Formula 1 technology in the guise of...
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Joshua Rutkowski Mar 27, 2012
As long as it's fast...
Dan Rather Mar 27, 2012
Mid engined too. But I think these changes are important for Ferrari's heritage which after all is racing.
Dan Rather Mar 27, 2012
From previous road cars they had produced in sure these cars may have seemed to break away from the Ferrari tradition over high reving naturally aspirated engines and some may have said it lost its heritage. Maybe people said the same when they went
Dan Rather Mar 27, 2012
Road cars as the do in their race cars. A good example is the ferrari f40 or the 288 GTO which both utilized turbo chargers like on thier F1 cars. At the time used small 2.8L engines or use of carbon fiber on the F40 these were radical departures
Dan Rather Mar 27, 2012
Kers reinforces the heritage of the car in my opinion. Enzo started his road car business so he could fund his race cars. What has made and still makes ferraris so special is that they incorporate the alot of the same technology and designs in their
Paul Dickey Mar 26, 2012
So Sam you don't believe in upgrading cars? You must hate every tuner article on here
Sam Coppinger Mar 26, 2012
And I'm not like the stupid people who hear hybrid and think slow, I know the theoretical hyrbid Ferrari will go like the clappers, that still won't make me like it though. There are hundreds of slower cars I like much more than this
Sam Coppinger Mar 26, 2012
BTW, reaching down a bit, @Das Stig, yes actually, I do think NOS dirties the heritage of a car. If you install aftermarket NOS, you're essentially saying that the original car was too slow and the manufacturer made it wrong. I don't belive in "upgrading" cars
Dan Rather Mar 26, 2012
Alright I was wrong about the power it's going to be a 7.3L 800hp with an additional 120 hp from the kers system with a target weight of 2200lb but automobile magazine estimates around 2550 lb. so it will be using a Kers system according to
Justin Routh Mar 26, 2012
Still as long as theyre keeping the v12's and v8's i dont see a problem. Its just more power!
Thibault Leroy Mar 26, 2012
its not just KERS it says "various hybrid systems"
Justin Routh Mar 26, 2012
Like Dan said it pretty much takes energy that would normally be wasted and gives you an extra 100 hp for a few seconds. If you really dont like that then so be it, but i think its awesome
Justin Routh Mar 26, 2012
Please for the sake of everyone, do your research on what the KERS system is before you post a comment and look like a dumbass. Its not really even a hybrid. I would say it's electric nitrous oxide more or less
Patrick Schalk Mar 26, 2012
Well then you would be a horrible moderator for banning people because of their opinions.
Phillip Fitchew Mar 26, 2012
If I were a mod on this board I'd rule with an iron fist in regards to people making "anti-hybrid" comments. Suspensions and bans EVERYWHERE...
Paul Dickey Mar 26, 2012
It's pointless trying to explain. They hear hybrid and cry about it. When it comes out they're easily gonna change their minds.
Dan Rather Mar 26, 2012
and translating it to an extra 100 hp on tap. If they were really focused on fuel economy they would not have attached the system to a 730 hp naturally aspirated V12.
Dan Rather Mar 26, 2012
The whole point of their involvement in F1 is so they can utilize this technology in road cars. It would be stupid not to use this. Do you even watch F1? have you seen how awesome it is? All this is doing is using energy wasted during braking and
Extremis Colson Mar 26, 2012
v12 hybrid Bullshit, just make it a traditional engine, if the engine goes up in smoke, then what? f-ING Ev engines suck, perfect the technology!
Colin Dzendolet Mar 26, 2012
apparently not many people understand that the KERS system isn't your run-of-the-mill Volt- or Prius-style hybrid drive system, let's just let them complain, it didn't add much weight to F1 cars and has made for better competition, everyone quit crying, I don't like hybrids either, but unfortunately, that's where we're going right now, agree to disagee
Melvin Cerrillo Mar 26, 2012
When this comes out everyone hating it now will probably love it. I love it already. It's supposed to have what? 900+hp?
Garrett Boni Mar 26, 2012
Why would Ferrari do this. I mean it's okay for them wanting to be environmentally concerned. But putting a hybrid on a V12 is nuts. Why would Ferrari do this. This is there flag ship engine. They are ruining the car now.
Judah Lindvall Mar 26, 2012
I meant to say as long as its a good result
Judah Lindvall Mar 26, 2012
My opinion is that it really doesn't matter how u get a result as long as its a result. At least within reason (I mean I wouldn't want them to do nuclear or something)
Zain Sheikh Mar 25, 2012
Yea I think the hybrid sys will be for driving around town and s cruiser
Das Stig Mar 25, 2012
You can't tell me thats a bad idea. Its essentially the same as a nitrous system. Do those ruin the heritage of cars too? Didn't think so.
Das Stig Mar 25, 2012
This was kind of made to be "fuel efficient" but you have to realize ferrari is not a company that will just put a hybrid system in their cars to get better gas mileage. Its a kers system. Its not on all the time. When the driver hits the button he gets an extra 100+ hp
Jason Brown Mar 25, 2012
Sam, the grey hound breeders fine tune their dog species and breed in/out weak/strong traits. Just think of the hybrid cars the same. It is progress.
No Pistons Mar 25, 2012
And a perfect example of ignorance impeding upon progression.
Sam Coppinger Mar 25, 2012
I don't even care how fast the hybrid car is. The hybrid system just impurifies the car and the heritage. If you had a pure-bred Golden Retriever, you wouldn't breed it with a Greyhound, even if it would make the puppies a better mix.
Paul Dickey Mar 25, 2012
Isaac don't start this again. We already went over it.
Clint Edwards Mar 25, 2012
@Ben if you think hybrids are going to save the planet I suggest further research
Etienne Surrette Mar 25, 2012
Ok, you people aren't haters. And turning supercars into hybrids does nothing really. If you wanna save Earth, focus on vehicles like semis and big trucks. But really, if you had to choose between a hybrid and an electric car. Uh huh, thought so.
Justin Routh Mar 25, 2012
Personally i dont really like the thought of hybrids but if ferraris new v12s are already putting out 720hp, with an electric motor in there too the performance is gonna be insane so i dont mind it
Justin Routh Mar 25, 2012
The funny thing is that all the people complaining will never be able to afford it anyway lol
Das Stig Mar 25, 2012
Hey, I have an idea for everyone who does not like it solely for the fact it is a hybrid. We will call it a toned down f1 car. There, now everyone is happy.
Paul Dickey Mar 25, 2012
No it's not. It's better.
Sam Coppinger Mar 25, 2012
Making the Enzo replacement a hybrid is just sickening
Cody Matthews Mar 25, 2012
It doesn't compromise the engine sound cause the engine is still there revving just the same, it just has a little help from the hybrid system to get a bit of a boost.
Matthew McKernan Mar 25, 2012
...used the word hybrid, it's not going to be a Prius. It just means its a mix of two different power sources. It will make it more powerful and if you read anything on the 599 KERS concept, you'd know it wouldnt compromise the engine sound either.
Matthew McKernan Mar 25, 2012
Isn't this old news, didn't we all know the new Enzo was going to be like this? And Ferrari never said they wouldn't make a hybrid, they said they would never make an electric car( or an suv or a sedan). Most of you are just freaking out cause they
Jackson Michael Mar 25, 2012
I don't understand why everyone is complaining before they even know the specs?
JGL Scuderia Mar 25, 2012
every supercar manufactur makes a hybrid at some point
Alex Leu Mar 25, 2012
I thought Ferrari wasn't going to make a hybrid ?
Abraham Mendoza Mar 25, 2012
I'm kinda on the fence on this one, I just thought Ferrari never cared about the long as its fast.
Kevin Rehbock Mar 25, 2012
I doubt anybody here bashing this car knows how a KERS system works and how advantageous it really is.
No Pistons Mar 25, 2012
People's ignorance knows no bounds apparently
Trent Griffin Mar 25, 2012
Change unsettles people ...especially if they do not share the same vision....anybody who plays a video game knows they could make a Prius sound like a Porsche if the wanted...hybrid and electric vehicles are here to stay.....thank goodness
Zachary Maurer Mar 25, 2012
Here we go guys, my random fact of the day- Carbuzz had deleted around 900 of my comments, am I really that controversial?
Cam Heaney Mar 25, 2012
As long as it's fast, and still sounds like a Ferrari; I'm ok with it
Byron Borggard Mar 25, 2012
I remember a story a little wile back that carbuzz put out about Ferrari saying they will never make hybrid cars... who turned gay and decided to change that?
Mikey Jimenez Mar 25, 2012
Some of you guys only care about speed huh? Well I'm the kind of guy who likes their cars with soul!
Kyle Anderson Mar 25, 2012
I'm sorry but I prefer traditional gasoline engines in cars, if this is going to be the future of Ferrari I may have to find another company as my favorite.
Ethan Amo Mar 25, 2012
WHAT THE HELL??!!? This is gonna be like driving around an overpriced Prius, you wont be able to hear the v12 power
Paul Dickey Mar 25, 2012
That's what I'm sayin Matt. The 918 is a bad ass car and hybrid or not this is a Ferrari. They're not just gonna half ass some system in the car. And for how heavy the system is you know they're gonna have weight saving material everywhere possible.
Matt Piccolo Mar 25, 2012
Everyone loves the 918, so y can't this b one? As long as its a fast car, who cares
Justin Pedoto Mar 25, 2012
Why are the making a hybrid? They are very heavy, the batteries are terrible for the environment, and they are expensive. I agree with Carlos and all of you for hybrids should look at the effects of them on the environment, and then you will know
Jessica Rivera Mar 25, 2012
Didnt they say they will never make a hybrid?
Bobby Junior Mar 25, 2012
LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, hybrid systems are very heavy, reducing acceleration, cornering, and that stuff.
Paul Dickey Mar 25, 2012
Everyone that knows nothing is going to have a reaction like Carlos
Walker Carroll Mar 25, 2012
Helps it. It makes it go faster. Don't be scared when it says hybrid. Formula 1 cars are hybrids
Walker Carroll Mar 25, 2012
Everyone is getting the wrong idea. A hybrid in a sportscar
Etienne Surrette Mar 25, 2012
-sigh- Listen up, you haters. Hybrids are definitely improving performance if it's done the right way. Just look at the 918.
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Mar 25, 2012
Nooooo!!! Whyyy!???? If they do this , it would be another dead company for me
Description: "Yes, that technology is expensive today, but the road ahead is open and evolution will bring down the cost and weight disadvantages. I'm not saying when, but it is possible that this techno...
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Reese Fenske Mar 29, 2012
if you can afford a Ferrari I'm pretty sure you can afford gas...
Dan Rather Mar 26, 2012
On wheels and still get it registered
Dan Rather Mar 26, 2012
@Devin that's how it is in the US too with the exception of California and few other states but even those states don't test for emissions in low populated counties. From what I've Florida is so relaxed you could probably put an engine in a bathtub
Vincent Chen Mar 26, 2012
Isn't v12 hybrid kind if an oxymoron?
Melvin Cerrillo Mar 26, 2012
It's the Enzo's successor. Most likely gonna be an extremely limited production car. Probably a multi-million dollar car. Ferrari WON'T screw up
Devin Babyn Mar 25, 2012
Dan only in small pockets are they strict. The only problem is those small pockets hold most of Canada's population lol. In B.C. The only area with emission regulations is the lower mainland. Everywhere else is free game for emissions. It's awesome
No Pistons Mar 25, 2012
People are ignorant and when they hear hybrid they think EV or Prius when that is far from correct
Dan Rather Mar 25, 2012
@Devin that's like most countries' laws with older vehicles that don't need smog or emissions testing I guarantee you Canada does have some strict emissions laws. Also I really don't get why people would be opposed to kers hybrid systems only going
Das Stig Mar 25, 2012
They get mad when they see the word hybrid. The first thing they think of is a prius. They think ferrari is making a prius. I guarantee when this thing comes out and they see how fast it is their opinion of it will do a complete 180.
Paul Dickey Mar 25, 2012
I don't understand why no one gets that. vv
Das Stig Mar 25, 2012
Ya and the weight argument doesn't really apply here. It still has a v12 in it. Im sure it can haul around all the equiptment fit the kers. But, the kers not only covers its own weight, it makes the car faster too.
Devin Babyn Mar 25, 2012
Love that Canada hasn't really done anything to their emission regulations yet. Like my uncle is just finishing his I believe 56 f100 and it's got a 390 in it that probably only gets a couple miles to the gallon. And the government don't care
No Pistons Mar 25, 2012
Ya the reality, emissions are strangling and hindering our love for combustion motors, instead of having weaker and weaker motors company's are trying to find ways of being efficient while having a V12. You want v12s in today's gov hyprids have to..
Zachary Maurer Mar 25, 2012
Car gets under 12 mpg, you have to add a 5,000 gas converter, or get a new engine
Zachary Maurer Mar 25, 2012
The government Is so damn strict, that's one of the reasons ford didn't keep the gt(other than it was its 50th birthday retro car) and in Michigan, classic cars have to have special engine mods that reduce co2 emmissions to Honda level, and if the...
Jackson Michael Mar 25, 2012
Ya Lucas but the government does
Lucas Cowell Mar 25, 2012
When I have a ferrari I'm not so concerned with fuel economy or emissions.........
Bob Turefannt Mar 25, 2012
Electric motors have an advantage because you get instant toque to the wheels. The down side is that they weigh a ton and you need back up batteries. I'm a fan of the c-x75 set up. If they make something like that, I'm good.
Etienne Surrette Mar 25, 2012
This is the Enzo successor. This better not get screwed up.
Jackson Rojas Mar 25, 2012
It better be like the porsche 918 spyder hybrid cause that thing is AMAZIN!!!
Tim Preisinger Mar 25, 2012
I agree with das. I don't care for hybrids, but I honestly can't see ferrari screwing up a 300k+ car. I'm sure if they decide to do it, they will figure out how to get as much power as possible out.
Das Stig Mar 25, 2012
Dont get me wrong,i hate hybrids. But when the.hybrid technology is used in a way to.make the car fastet than that's fine ferrari wouldn't use the technology if they couldn't get it just right. They don't make mistakes like that.
Adam Sampson Mar 25, 2012
At the end of the day, if this means we still have V12 ferrari's i don't care. Any weight gain will be offset by lighter composite body and frame architecture.
William Downs Mar 25, 2012
I dought Ferrari will sacrifice there performance for economy... but could be wrong... I hope this isn't where the car world is going, world of sacrificed performance for a few mpg, I'm not opposed to hybrids as long as there not Prius style where its a tiny engine that's barley ever used
Alex Bouckley Mar 25, 2012
I hope they dont do this, it would make the ferraris heavier and less fun
Rick Ross Mar 26, 2012
Lol. But it's a ford fusion, that's why it's cheaper than the BMW.
Jack Higgins Mar 26, 2012
Ever driven a Ford Fusion? I own one and absolutely love it. It's got passing speed, fuel efficiency, smooth ride, leg room, looks good, and it's cheaper than a BMW diesel I was looking to get.
Jackson Michael Mar 26, 2012
Oh, but you can. European cars have more personality than modern American cars IMO.
Dan Rather Mar 26, 2012
American cars and European cars are both good you really can't generalize a whole group of cars based solely where they are from.
Jim morrison Mar 26, 2012
For all taking bout American cars, ill say this, most American cars don't look or feel as good European cars like Mercedes and Audi and such making them look bad in comparison, IMO. I would buy an European car over every American car anyday.
Das Stig Mar 26, 2012
Hektor, go find a local track that has a thing were you can pay some money and they will either drive you around the track our let you drive around the track and then all your questions will be answered.
Dylan Guo Mar 25, 2012
Hektor you're really just paying for the Ferrari name on the car and the fact that it's handmade as well. Sure anybody can drop a supercharger into a car and give it more horsepower but this is a type of car that someone could feel special in
Jack Hufford Mar 25, 2012
Carlos, they don't make real trucks.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Mar 25, 2012
How could you hate the Enzo, Nick. ???
Hektor Yberg Mar 25, 2012
Wats the nog deal whith Ferrari? The specs isn't so good and it costs 3 times more then any other car with the same specs cost?and you need to wait like 3 years just to get one! And only some special people can buy forexample an Enzo!
Abraham Mendoza Mar 25, 2012
Wow, I never thought "Too American" was such a bad thing.
Dylan Bures Mar 25, 2012
I like the car itself, but it looks too American. Not ferarri
Jackson Michael Mar 25, 2012
Probably cuz it's front engined
Nick Schnee Mar 25, 2012
I hate the Enzo and inlace this, so I don't see how this is a bad thing.
Austin Oxner Mar 25, 2012
I just don't get it. This car never looked like a Ferrari should. Looks like a viper and a Lexus SC-430 got smashed together. It just looks out of place compared to the 458 and Enzo.
Kenneth Williams Mar 25, 2012
So nice. Gotta agree that color is awesome
Irish Mar 25, 2012
Agreed looks fantastic
Description: The system could augment the V12 by as much as 100hp and 110 lb-ft of torque, much like the hybrid system on the Italian company's 2010 HY-KERS Concept. Felisa further commented to AutoCar about ...
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Colin Dzendolet Mar 27, 2012
Correction: 13B Wankel, Renesis is RX8, my bad
Colin Dzendolet Mar 27, 2012
@Mikey engineered properly, small displacement forced induction engines can more efficiently produce better power with more desired results, while relatively poorly engineered, the 13B Renesis rotary in the RX7 competed with some of the top V8s in the world in the early 90s, the 3.8 TTV6 in the GTR is the prime example of using smaller displacement to wield superior performance numbers
Mikey Jimenez Mar 26, 2012
@Colin the bigger the displacement the less the stress on the engine.
Colin Dzendolet Mar 26, 2012
look at the F40, 2.9L 470hp Turbo v8, was the fastest production car at the time, displacement isn't always the key to power
Kevin Rehbock Mar 25, 2012
The last car with a Ferrari built V6 was the Stratos, which kicked major ass on the rally circuit. I wouldn't write off a modernized six-cylinder Ferrari yet.
Scott Gracey Mar 25, 2012
I don't think it matters how many cylinders or displacement an engine makes by Ferrari has, it'll be a work of art
Justin Pedoto Mar 25, 2012
Why only 6 cylinders?!? And that extra 100 horsepower is just to handle the weight of the batteries.
Daniel Marino Mar 25, 2012
Somebody probably will hahaa
Zachary Maurer Mar 25, 2012
@rueben, I would lol if somebody asked what that car was
Rueben J Yslas Mar 25, 2012
He's got a point with six cylinders... One Of the fastest production cars has a twin turbo v6.
Description: Whichever direction Ferrari eventually does decide to go, we can be sure that it will mix plenty of efficiency to complement the brand's legendary performance.
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Jerry Cole Mar 25, 2012
I've been havin this pic on my PSP for about two years now.
Pratik Parija Mar 26, 2012
It's a green car alright. Lol
Jackson Michael Mar 26, 2012
I have one on the ceiling. Of my bedroom.
Trent Bourgeois Mar 26, 2012
I want one of these (lift/mirrors??) in my living room. Drive the vette every night in the room and just have some nuice eye candy! Just like this. Forget about tv.
Christina A. Zito Mar 25, 2012
That's such a cool way to prop the car aha. And the color is beautiful for this car
John Serely Mar 25, 2012
I kind of like the green
Jackson Michael Mar 26, 2012
Yep Louis, a front engined car totally looks like a lotus in the front
Colin Dzendolet Mar 26, 2012
the only Aston element would be the curve of the back windows and a similar slope to the rear quarters, which is a longshot at best
Louis Sunny Mar 25, 2012
I c lotus front n Aston end
Andrew Hossann Mar 25, 2012
It screams Aston Martin but theres nothing wrong with that
Patrick R. Manuel Mar 25, 2012
Wonder how big the backseat is..
No Pistons Mar 25, 2012
Grill got to go though
Matthew McKernan Mar 25, 2012
This photo really highlights all of its many elegant yet aggressive lines, even more so in the next pic. I love it!
Vito Portanova Mar 25, 2012
Love this car!! Can't wait for BBR model company to make a 1/18 and 1/43 scale models!!
Hektor Yberg Mar 25, 2012
I hate Ferrari but that is amazing!!!
Austin Oxner Mar 25, 2012
Now this is what the 599 wishes it was. Much better.
Kenneth Williams Mar 25, 2012
Ok, didn't care for it at first but it looks great in an action shit
John Gomez Mar 25, 2012
amazing car execpt for the things under the grill, like in the corners
Christina A. Zito Mar 25, 2012
Yeah, after I saw this one I'm debating how much I like the green..
Avery Williams Mar 25, 2012
This is more like it. Red looks best on a Ferrari instead of green.
Abraham Mendoza Mar 26, 2012
In Italy, they don't wear thongs. They wear speedos.
No Pistons Mar 25, 2012
It's wearing a thong :(
Kevin Rehbock Mar 25, 2012
I like it but from some angles, it looks like it has a wedgie. From others, it looks like it's wearing a thong. Weird, but that's how I see it.
Forrest Wood Mar 25, 2012
That back end is so ugly
Jon Ashley Mar 27, 2012
sorry, I think the last ferrari model with a proper tranny was the 360. I know, its a bit of a let down...
Trent Bourgeois Mar 26, 2012
Where is the 3rd pedal:(:(:(. Booo. I wanna have clutch poping fun.
Kevin Watson Mar 26, 2012
@trent, that's to stop the passenger from putting their feet through the firewall when WOT is
Trent Bourgeois Mar 26, 2012
Is that a big boost pedal for the passenger! "hit the nos baby! " ;);)
John Serely Mar 25, 2012
@nick it is, there is also one (optional?) on the FF
Nick Benz Mar 25, 2012
Is that a little digital readout for the passenger on the dash?
Christina A. Zito Mar 25, 2012
I'd have sex with this car, never in this car...
Daniel Marino Mar 25, 2012
Now that's what I call an interior