Comments - BMW’s Livery for the 2012 Olympic Games Released

Published: Mar 25, 2012
Description: The 2012 Olympic Games are being held this summer in London, England, and BMW is supplying the fleet of official cars for the Games. Over 40 3- and 5-Series models, like the ones seen here, will be ma...
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Zain Sheikh Mar 26, 2012
Can't wait for their April fools prank
Tajul Islam Mar 27, 2012
I'll sleep thru this entire Olympics. Except I'll watch out for Bolt.
Tajul Islam Mar 27, 2012
I'ma Londoner and... BORIIIIIIIING!
Kumar Desi Mar 26, 2012
That should use lotus Elise lol tiny English cars perfect for the small roads
Leon McCallister Mar 26, 2012
They are not cabs! They are for the athletes and officials to get to and from the games.
Extremis Colson Mar 26, 2012
this is just retarded they probably gonna charge you double just for riding in one if these cabs. I feel sorry for the tourists.
rockstarTc Mar 25, 2012
So the Olympics logo looks like a Chinese letter, kind of stupid.
Max Garcia Mar 25, 2012
They should use Lancaster bombers and spitfires !!!!!
Rob walker Mar 25, 2012
Jag, aston and range rover are not technically English either. They should use McLarens, Morgan's and Eagle Speedsters.
Craig Smith Mar 25, 2012
All the talk of the livery when surely the most obvious comment would be the fact that BMW are German Not English How about we use Jags/Range Rovers/Astons… Just sayin
Leon McCallister Mar 25, 2012
The livery looks turd, the motif looks turd and the London Olympics is going to be utter turd, FACT! And i'm from and live in London .
Kenneth Williams Mar 25, 2012
Read, it's been said 3 times
Adam Hafiz Mar 25, 2012
It's not a mandarin character, it's the 2012 logo
Jackson Michael Mar 25, 2012
Idk, I kinda like the whole white and orange scheme.
Christina A. Zito Mar 25, 2012
Nothing negative to say, it is what it is. I like the one on the left better.
Nick Sti Mar 25, 2012
Cmon guys, it's the 2012 olympics logo
rockstarTc Mar 25, 2012
That just looks stupid, and why would they put Mandarin on a car that is suppose to represent london, fail!
Carlton Salmon Mar 25, 2012
Not Chinese decals, Buddy, it's the London Olympics 2012 logo.
Buddy Robinson Mar 25, 2012
What the heck? Chinese decals on a BMW don't look right by I guess I can understand why this is what it is
Description: The London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) set very strict emissions standards to keep the Games as green as possible, which BMW met with a wide array of vehicles. They range from hy...
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Description: Mr. Abbott continued, saying that BMW is "extremely proud for our cars to be involved in the London 2012 Games and are excited about seeing them in full service this summer in these eye-catching ...
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Tajul Islam Apr 01, 2012
It is. Thats why ever since it was made in 2000, i never got on it.
Tajul Islam Mar 28, 2012
Kevin lol ya a joker. That wheel's kinda lame. Takes 30 mins for an entire revolution.
Christina A. Zito Mar 26, 2012
#thatawkwardmoment when a ferris wheel is more beast than two custom BMWs.. Sorry for the twitter hashtag too
Harry Collins Mar 26, 2012
Actually it isn't the world's largest wheel, look up Sinapore Flyer. But the London Eye is the largest in the western hemisphere.
Kevin Watson Mar 26, 2012
That's the largest ferris wheel in the world, one day I will ride that beast.
Sam Bachelor Mar 26, 2012
Nice backgrounds though
Kenneth Williams Mar 25, 2012
I don't care for the design to much but it's not hideous
Kevin Watson Mar 26, 2012
I have to travel more to look at these beautiful places. Oh yea, the car is ok.
Jack Hufford Mar 25, 2012
Shoulda made one with a black coat and lime decals IMO
Max Garcia Mar 25, 2012
I hate pink on a BMW
Etienne Surrette Mar 25, 2012
I like it. Rims kinda clash with it though.