Comments - Unique of the Week: 1978 TVR Taimar

Published: Mar 24, 2012
Description: As its global fan base is well aware, TVR is one of the biggest icons of the old British automakers. Sadly, too many of those brands are no longer with us, but TVR has managed to survive in the form o...
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Carlton Salmon Mar 25, 2012
Well it kind of is, Abraham. They're not producing new cars at present but offering owners full upgrades using the latest suspension, brakes etc as well as bodykits and interior mods. Don't know when we'll see an all new TVR.
Abraham Mendoza Mar 24, 2012
Carlton Salmon Mar 24, 2012
@ Abraham they now update the last cars as explained above by uprating engines, suspension, body and interiors to owners spec and budget. I've seen an article on a 'reborn' Sagaris and I have to say, it looked pretty impressive.
Colin Dzendolet Mar 24, 2012
Wish they would stick with their I6, they sound amazing
Clint Edwards Mar 24, 2012
@Abraham they were, but as far as I know someone's bought them out and they're starting back up. I just hope they'll stick around
Abraham Mendoza Mar 24, 2012
I thought TVR was dead? Someone explain it to me!!
Brady Fereday Mar 24, 2012
I love TVRs the looks of them are unmatched IMO
Anthony Marinelli Mar 24, 2012
This is just a triumph tr6 with a tvr body on it.
Wallyed Alekozai Mar 24, 2012
datsun z? really similar looks
Description: And while the current state of the company may not please many fans, there was a time when TVR built some of the most unique sports cars in the market. Founded by Trevor Wilkinson in 1947, TVR (short ...
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David Pires-Ihsaan Mar 24, 2012
wow. all this time i thought it stood for "something-something-racing!"
Description: Power came from a four-cylinder engine with less than 100hp. Jumping ahead a few years to the 1970s, TVR's 'M Series' was launched which saw the introduction of a greater variety of eng...
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Carlton Salmon Mar 24, 2012
This was the engine from the top of the range Capri and Granada of the day.
Theo Hubbard Mar 24, 2012
Good looking little car
Description: Its name came from the combination of 'Tailgate Martin' and thanks to its hatchback layout, it eliminated the difficulty of placing luggage over the seats into the rear cargo section. Instea...
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Description: The restoration work comes courtesy of the car's second owner who was supposedly a British car fan from New Jersey. The car was also shown at the TVR Woodwork Convention where Martin Lilley himse...
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Kevin Watson Mar 24, 2012
But it now? Dam autocorrect. Lol
Jackson Michael Mar 25, 2012
Read through Turbos comments out of boredom, and I have discovered that he is a Honda fan. Let the insults fly.
Jose Alfonso Macias Mar 24, 2012
I'd whip this around. Nice classic car
Matthew Leon Mar 24, 2012
turbo like none he like his bubble
Christopher Alex Mohamed Mar 24, 2012
Short deck long front. Perfect sport car recipe.
Jim morrison Mar 24, 2012
lol turbobubble clearly has had no education. paco.
Abraham Mendoza Mar 24, 2012
Says the guy that hates basically every car that ever existed, but still has an account on a car site...
Carlton Salmon Mar 24, 2012
Really cool number plate.
Clint Edwards Mar 24, 2012
In case there was any confusion...
Abraham Mendoza Mar 24, 2012
I'd love to see a Griffith 500, its one of only British cars I'd actually want. (Note that this right there is sarcasm, which is designed to fool those into thinking I said one thing when I actually mean something else, do not burn down my, house thank you!)
Clint Edwards Mar 24, 2012
I've seen one in Charlotte, believe it was a Sagaris. I imagine there aren't many
Abraham Mendoza Mar 24, 2012
I wonder how many TVRs are over here in the states?
Tanton Stoneman Mar 24, 2012
I like the saying on the plate
Jason Anaya Mar 24, 2012
And This car isn't that bad looking either
Jason Anaya Mar 24, 2012
Nevada plates, cool I live in Nevada(:
Carlton Salmon Mar 24, 2012
Rare LHD. Nice-looking interior, very cosy.
Colin Dzendolet Mar 24, 2012
took the words right out of my mouth
Bob Jones Mar 24, 2012
Wow that's a short shifter.
Logan LeMonnier Mar 25, 2012
Looks ahead of its time
Reid Huff Mar 24, 2012
always loved tvr interiors they look so comfortable
Jason Bartlett Mar 25, 2012
The tires sitting on top of the shroud.
Shane Poulsen Mar 25, 2012
How does air get to the radiator with that tyre in the way ?
William Delaney Mar 24, 2012
I bet it corners great
Carlton Salmon Mar 24, 2012
Engine is pushed far back in the chassis to make it almost mid-engined. Left plenty of room in the front for the spare. Wouldn't fit in the back because the petrol tank is there.
Abraham Mendoza Mar 24, 2012
Woah, that was unexpected.