Comments - Infiniti to Reveal EV Concept at New York

Published: Mar 23, 2012
Description: Infiniti is set to launch at next month's New York Auto Show an all-electric concept car, based on the component of the smaller Nissan Leaf but designed more similarly to the G-series coupe. Acco...
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Tj Marten Apr 02, 2012
Wonder if it will rival the karma
Description: A 24 kWh battery pack will propel the car, and a 6 kWh charger will allow recharging the battery from fully depleted to reach 100% range in half the time of the Leaf's system. Although defined as...
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Josiah Thomas Clements Mar 23, 2012
My guess is it's the almost-production ethiera concept (forgot how to spell ethiera).
Zaire Wilkins Mar 26, 2012
wonder if they will let me get in this at the ny auto show
Yogi Svend Apr 17, 2012
I am tired of concepts, i mean..
Duncan Gibson Mar 24, 2012
Front is a bit like a lotus evora, all looks great
Jerry Cole Mar 24, 2012
Spyker C8 Laviolette..
Zaire Wilkins Mar 23, 2012
hope it has 155 mph speed limit with 402 hp
Devin Babyn Mar 23, 2012
If it runs solely on electricity for anytime then yes you can say it's electric. Only part but it's still electric. So it's still comparable to this all electric car
Jackson Michael Mar 23, 2012
Actually Devin, that would make it a hybrid
Oscar Galvan Mar 23, 2012
Hybrid is different then pure electric like the i8, Fisker, or tesla
Devin Babyn Mar 23, 2012
Oscar the NSX is going to be a hybrid. So yes it is electric
Kenneth Williams Mar 23, 2012
I'd say it sounds pretty darn good. Lol
Cody Jacques Mar 23, 2012
for once I agree, the crome the car could do without
Bob Jones Mar 23, 2012
@Kenneth they released numbers when this concept first came out at Geneva. How's 402 hp and 0-60 in 4 seconds sound?
Oscar Galvan Mar 23, 2012
But nsx is not electric
Tanner Middleton Mar 23, 2012
didint they reveal this at geneva?
Oscar Galvan Mar 23, 2012
Will this compete with BMW i8? Or maybe Fisker
Carlton Salmon Mar 23, 2012
Such a great and distinctive looking car.
Stephen Cobbs Mar 23, 2012
I see a Lotus Evora.
Kenneth Williams Mar 23, 2012
Looks good but I wanna see some numbers. Somthing that looks this good needs at least decent performance to back it up
Anders Schrøder Mar 23, 2012
Endless pure sex! Love it from every angle.
Abraham Mendoza Mar 23, 2012
If you install a TT V6 you're making a XJ220. Maybe a supercharged V8 or a V10.
Stew Langille Mar 23, 2012
I'm not crazy on the nose, not as pretty as the NSX. I do love the rest of the lines.
Chris Dimattia Mar 23, 2012
Mid mount the 5.6L V8 and then ya got something exciting. Ohh... Even better..GTR twin turbo V6!!' compete w ferrari and lambo. At least on paper.
Amira Baz Mar 23, 2012
it has much of a jaguar
Matthew van der Linde Mar 23, 2012
Like being sat inside megatron
Mark Donnelly Mar 23, 2012
Not sure on what to think about the interior of this concept