Description: 75 cars congregated at the Infineon Raceway last Tuesday to break the Guiness World Record for Most Cars Performing Donuts Simultaneously. The impressive feat bests the previous world record of 57 car...
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bsans2000 Mar 25, 2012
fu*kin awesome!!!! i like how alot of people were checkin out their car after the donuts.....surprised nobody crashed into eachother lol
SupaDupaMe Mar 22, 2012
I believe thats a Mazda RX8.... 1:15
Max Delena Mar 22, 2012
Wat was that blue and black car below the deck
Zachary Maurer Mar 22, 2012
Looser in the convertible from .55-1.17 isn't doing donuts
Micah Buffat Mar 22, 2012
I imagine it was hard to see I'm surprised no one crashed
Michael Muirhead Mar 22, 2012
I saw a couple fox bodies a gran Torino, funny how a couple of em had their hoods up haha
Brady Fereday Mar 22, 2012
Lol I love how you could hear the tires popping at once xD
Nicholas Vincent Mar 22, 2012
Anyone see the almost crash at 0:55
Brett DeLorenzi Mar 22, 2012
Youtube : trailerparkjoe for some more amazing drift vidz !! Thanks for the support
Johnny Bonanni Mar 22, 2012
Possibly one of the coolest things ive ever seen. That was awesome to watch!
Description: YouTube user MuScLeCaR quotes professional drifter and San Francisco native Calvin Wan as saying "That was a blast. With all the smoke and all the cars doing donuts simultaneously; I've neve...
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Bob Jones Mar 23, 2012
Haha I got it Byakka
Jason Rosas Mar 23, 2012
Nice to see that vette creeping in the way back :)
Jason Rosas Mar 23, 2012
The red and white stripe car is a camaro.
Patrick Schalk Mar 22, 2012
Haha no I'm not. You said the muscle cars were "just" doing donuts, like they aren't capable of anything else. I guess you missed the point of vid.
Matt Piccolo Mar 22, 2012
@ Patrick, see you take everything to affence I wasn't saying it was bad, I was just sayin'
Mikey Jimenez Mar 22, 2012
@Matt, only one American had an engine problem and it was the mustake, so what's your point?
Patrick Schalk Mar 22, 2012
Matt it was supposed to be a world record for donuts. Not drifting.
Matt Piccolo Mar 22, 2012
Sweet vid, kinda funny how the imports are like drifting while the muscle cars are just doing donuts... And the imports engines didn't overheat as fast, u could see some of those muscle cars with their hoods up near the end
SupaDupaMe Mar 22, 2012
Those 2 imports were creating art.... The others on the other hand, not so much
Byakka Hirakawa Mar 22, 2012
S13's killin it out there Althought got alil close, bout became an s26 Haha c if anyone gets that
Bob Jones Mar 22, 2012
@Thibault I think it's a 97-02 Camaro SS, it does look very Viperish though so I could be wrong.
Max Delena Mar 22, 2012
Hahaha, the crappy matte black cars were really funny
Thibault Leroy Mar 22, 2012
wasnt that a viper in red with white stripe in the back?
Brady Fereday Mar 22, 2012
Much better spot for filming lol
Mario Callirgos Mar 22, 2012
The import boys were better
Jean Padilla Mar 22, 2012
Notice the imports are drifting in circles and the domestics r just smashing the gas and spinning out
Tanner Middleton Mar 22, 2012
that 240 convertible was rippin hard. got pretty close to the other 2
Patrick Schalk Mar 22, 2012
Skip to 3:20 I liked this vid much better. I can hear more cars instead of that one annoying ricer on the other one.
Description: The previous world record was set in 2010 in Queensland, Australia. The Infineon Raceway was playing host to the Sonoma Drift contest sponsored by NOS and the record was broken by drivers from all aro...
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Jason Rosas Mar 23, 2012
@matt yes that is very funny. I'm glad to know you know that one kid with a camaro sticker on his camaro. ;-)
Abraham Mendoza Mar 22, 2012
Damn it, missed another good one..
Patrick Schalk Mar 22, 2012
Well then they are stupid too. But the number of riced out imports over riced out domestics is so great that it could send the earth into oblivion.
Mikey Jimenez Mar 22, 2012
Wow you found one person in this fine country that riced out their f-body. I couldn't count how much riced out civics and sentras I see daily .
Matt Piccolo Mar 22, 2012
It's kinda funny cuz I know a kid that's got a 99 camaro with a body kit on it and a huge camaro sticker running across the back window, and some smaller ones on the sides
Matt Piccolo Mar 22, 2012
@ Patrick... And u call me ignorant... I've seen tones of muscle cars with crap loads of stickers on them... So don't trash imports cuz a few of em r stupid enough to throw random stickers on em, cuz their not the only ones!
Mikey Jimenez Mar 22, 2012
I never seen so much ricers...oops I mean a lot of japanese car with a sh*t load of sticker and f'ed up body kits!
Patrick Schalk Mar 22, 2012
Guess Matt doesn't have enough stickers on his car
Matt Piccolo Mar 22, 2012
240 for me please... And good one Patrick... Not
Patrick Schalk Mar 22, 2012
I mean, at least the Camaro doesn't run off stickers.
Brett DeLorenzi Mar 22, 2012
Thats my cousin holding the camera outside the car!!!!! Congrats joe! Check out his other racing/ drifting clips on you tube - trailerparkjoe
Ty Piper Mar 22, 2012
The White camero the ugliest pile of shit ever
Paul Dickey Mar 22, 2012
That camaro is ugly as hell
Theo Hubbard Mar 22, 2012
Hello trueno and 240sx :)
Abraham Mendoza Mar 22, 2012
Gimmie that white camaro!!!
Patrick Schalk Mar 22, 2012
Nice white f body in front of my face!
Daniel Marino Mar 22, 2012
Nice black Stang to the left
Jason Rosas Mar 23, 2012
Destroyed 70 sets of tires, hurt ozone.. Worth it.