Comments - Mercedes-Benz SLS Black Series Spied

Published: Mar 22, 2012
Description: Here are the latest photos showing the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series out doing some cold weather testing. If the regular SLS is not enough for you, AMG is working on a hard-core version to fulfil...
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Bob Turefannt Mar 22, 2012
Yeah, they should have at least made it AWD. You can run through a set of back tires in no time.
FoxRS Mar 22, 2012
too much torque isn't good. The new C63 coupe black series has that 'problem'
Bob Turefannt Mar 22, 2012
The torque on the black v12 is insane!
Nery Ramírez Mar 22, 2012
Less weight + 650? Nice... Love those Black Series
Petrolheadjack Mar 22, 2012
hope fully not.. too much torque
Jack Thomas Mar 22, 2012
Does it have the black v12??
Description: We can also see that the fenders are wider in order to fit those massive wheels. In addition, the front bumper has larger air intakes to feed the engine with loads of fresh air. So start saving your m...
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Tomas Franquelli Mar 23, 2012
I want it, I love the SLS already. Oh baby, can't wait to see/hear it!
FoxRS Mar 22, 2012
I also tought of the 350Z
Michael Gallagher Mar 22, 2012
I see what run is talking about. Headlights and corner panels look like 350z. The body kit looks like it is from a z.
John Serely Mar 22, 2012
@run Wtf? Where did you get that?
Run Huang Mar 22, 2012
it looks like a gtr:P
Ben Arends Mar 22, 2012
Reminds me of the dodge razor- not sure if it's due to the camo or what. But weird. I'm sure it will scream, but for the price- not my cup of tea.
Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Mar 22, 2012
Gona need 2" spacers or bigger rims. Please give it deep dish!
JGL Scuderia Mar 22, 2012
just hope they havent ruined it. one of my favourite cars is the SLS AMG but if they made it wrong ill kill them
aaron carter Mar 22, 2012
oh wow it looks like plastic is that what the black series is gonna be made out of? jk
James Stevens Mar 22, 2012
I swear to Jesus...if one person dosnt realize that that is CAMO, imma kill some one. Just throwing that out now before all the comments...
Nicholas Sevchenko Bilis Mar 22, 2012
Looks like plastic to mr
Duncan Gibson Mar 24, 2012
Front bumper doesn't fit, and it's lost it's elegance
Tj Blankenship Mar 23, 2012
Jack, with that logic, it looks like a Miata.
Jackson Michael Mar 22, 2012
It looks like a Mercedes SLS
John Serely Mar 22, 2012
Oh that makes a lot more sense lol
Jack Ficke Mar 22, 2012
Yeah thanks Jason sorry my bad!
Jason Brower Mar 22, 2012
I'm assuming he meant the z3/z4
John Serely Mar 22, 2012
@jack are we talking about the same thing here? The X3 is an SUV and BMW does not make an X4
Jack Ficke Mar 22, 2012
It just looks a hella lot better.
Jack Ficke Mar 22, 2012
Am I the only one who thinks there's mass resemblance to the BMW X3 or X4? Just with the super long front and shorter back?
Paul Dickey Mar 22, 2012
I hope you're kidding with comments like that
Michael Evans Mar 22, 2012
WOW hope it don't look this bad once the cameo comes off yuck.
Das Stig Mar 22, 2012
If the car has a diffuser on it which im guessing it will they wouldn't put in on for cold testing especially while its still in camo
Tin Nguyen Mar 22, 2012
The back is still ugly. They need to do something about it. Maybe a Cf diffuser?