Comments - Massa’s Crucial Weekend

Published: Mar 22, 2012
Description: When Felipe Massa started his 2012 F1 campaign he knew that his time driving for Ferrari was temporary. His chances for survival are resting mainly on the quality of the Ferrari F2012 rather on his ow...
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Description: After the race ended Massa conceded it was "a poor weekend for me" and explained that from qualifying his car "was badly balanced". Massa had a good start, better even than Alonso&...
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Dylan Bures Mar 23, 2012
I think his career with Ferrari is over. He just doesnt compete like Alonso does, he cant match up to the other big names like Hamilton, Vettel, Button, and Webber
Rocky Rocker Mar 22, 2012
My boy Massa. Although I feel his need to win, and ever since his near death incident a few years back, and since the departure of MSC, I do believe he has lost more now than he did with Schum. Sad to see but it is game over. You are a good sole Mr Massa...
Description: In order to sort out the Massa problem, Ferrari is shipping a new car for him from Italy for this weekend's Malaysian GP. And if he fails that test, according to the rumors, there are a few ex-F1...
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Description: There's also an outside chance for Rubens Barrichello, who is on the verge of a career in IndyCar. Though an old Ferrari hand, his presence on the team might help to steady the ship. It's go...
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Bill Bailey Mar 24, 2012
He comes at least 5 places below his team mate in the same car pretty much every race hes terrible and deserves all the criticism he gets
Abdulnasir AlMassloom Mar 23, 2012
This is nonsense, you can't blame massa for the technical errors that happened with his car. And then give him a 3rd and final chance to redeem himself. Also questioning his driving skills is hitting below the belt don't you think?
Kyryl Martynov Mar 22, 2012
The guy behind him is Massa himself...
JGL Scuderia Mar 22, 2012
the guy behind him look really fake. properly is