Description: Fisker has long been discussing their Project Nina models. The California-based company is planning on bringing out their four-door version of the Karma to the 2012 New York Auto Show and today they h...
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Sam Coppinger Mar 22, 2012
Did they forget the Karma already has 4 doors?
Bob Jones Mar 22, 2012
Wouldn't a "four door version of the Karma" just be a Karma?
Eli Orzechowski Mar 22, 2012
They didn't fire the employs they laid them off and the plant isn't completely closed just until they get the rest of the loan. I should know my dad was one of those workers
Description: The luxury sedan expected to be unveiled in New York will be produced in the U.S. and serves as the harbinger of future models. Fisker has just gone through a period of turmoil due to the Dept. of Ene...
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Oscar Galvan Mar 22, 2012
I see a bit of Aston with Lamborghini