Comments - EVO Explores the Porsche 918 Spyder Prototype

Published: Mar 22, 2012
Description: Yes, it may look like a hunk of engine bits and 911 body panels, but what you're looking at is a prototype of the upcoming Porsche 918 Spyder. We just brought you plenty of details regarding its ...
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Description: More importantly, this is will be the first of the next-generation of supercars. Metcalfe's walk around descriptions are quite thorough and it's interesting to see just what goes into the de...
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Cody Jacques Mar 23, 2012
When I hear hybrid sports car I think Needless weight... But this... This may just be fine
Matt Robbins Mar 23, 2012
If yall noticed at the beginning of the video, everyone was looking at the 10 year old Earth Killing, Gas burning car instead of this hybrid pos. Potential performance numbers be damned. Not all "progress" is good, people.
Jackson Rojas Mar 23, 2012
I hate paddle shifters. It's gay, manual transmissions are for man
John Falcone Mar 22, 2012
That guys trying soo hard to be Jeremy Clarkson
quadrophine Mar 22, 2012
love Porsche, hate hybrids... but the idea of 770 hp and instant massive torque numbers of electric motors sounds like it may turn me into a believer
Pavel Kleymenov Mar 22, 2012
That's going to be one beautiful car. As always Porsche makes great cars.
Dillon Dixon Mar 22, 2012
You know it is gonna be perfect since its a Porsche. It's amazing how much they put into these cars. I will always live Porsche for that.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Mar 22, 2012
Only porsche can make a car this amazing
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Mar 22, 2012
This car takes the definition of epic ans revolutionary to a new level
Chad Schley Mar 22, 2012
I like the ice chest on the back trunk. Cold beers for the engineers. It's like my sand rail!
Dillon Dixon Mar 22, 2012
Man this thing is wide.
Matt Piccolo Mar 24, 2012
@etinette, this is a carrara gt smart one
Etienne Surrette Mar 23, 2012
There is so much Carrera GT in this
Dillon Magee Mar 22, 2012
I was at a supermarket by where I live, and a red Carrera GT drive into the gas station, got fuel, and drive away. It sounded awesome.
Skye Sativa Mattfeldt Mar 22, 2012
It's funny, seems like yesterday the GT was just coming out!
Matthew Reindorp Mar 22, 2012
I reckon it will but the Carreras GT is an old car now so it's kinda incomparable
Skye Sativa Mattfeldt Mar 22, 2012
The 918 better be amazing if it's gonna beat the Carrara GT!