Comments - Citroen DS9 Concept Finally Spotted Uncloaked in Paris

Published: Mar 22, 2012
Description: As we draw nearer to the start of two major auto shows, one in NYC and the other in Beijing, teaser shots are coming in thick and fast. Now it's the turn of Citroen's DS concept; again. Foll...
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Kaden Dauter Mar 28, 2012
Way to copy the BMW i8
Tomas Franquelli Mar 23, 2012
True, but brilliant-looking concept.
Description: Given the location of the photo shoot, the Place de la Concorde, which happens to be the largest public square in Paris, it's evident Citroen was unconcerned about images of their concept getting...
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Description: L'Automobile also speculate the DS9 concept boasts a third row of seats mimicking the Peugeot HX1, which, unlike the oversized wheels, giant svelte mirrors and exaggerated headlights, could well ...
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Dale Schroeder Mar 23, 2012
Love what they did with the front end. It looks really sleek.
Matthew van der Linde Mar 22, 2012
Hope they'll be sold in europe!
Paul Dickey Mar 22, 2012
This picture and the next one just made me a little bit of a Citroen fan.
Tomas Franquelli Mar 23, 2012
Ferrari didn't make a mistake with the FF, the FF kicks ass. This thing looks sweet to me.
Terna Faga Mar 22, 2012
I love it. The rear lights are awesome and i love the shape of them
Jesse Davidson Mar 22, 2012
I really don't like the back, they are making the same mistake ferrari made with the FF only this isn't even the same type of car. It's way to bulky in the rear if they swooped it down it might look better. That's my opinion
James Deen Stevenson Mar 22, 2012
I like how that spoiler flows off the hood. And those rims are sick!