Description: Brought to you by Drive, Chris Harris' latest video sees him and a friend take the new 370hp Morgan Plus 8 from his home in Wales to the Geneva Motor Show where it was officially unveiled. That&a...
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Description: A 4.8-liter V8 coupled to a 1,100kg-body is an attractive pairing, but it's the bodywork and the glorious sound emitted by the side-exit exhausts that will convince motor lovers to part with over...
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Bob Turefannt Mar 23, 2012
That sound! This may be my new favorite car.
Dan Rather Mar 22, 2012
He said its not finished yet in the video. Once it gets to production I'm sure that the leaking issue will be sorted
Trent Griffin Mar 22, 2012
All that $ and it leaks?
Micah Buffat Mar 22, 2012
Man that car would be cool to have I want one so bad!
Nathaniel Young Mar 22, 2012
I think you're alone in that, chris Harris is brilliant
Oscar Galvan Mar 22, 2012
VVV That's funny, I actually lol