Description: With the release of these teaser shots, Chevrolet has announced that the next-gen 2014 Impala sedan and a facelifted 2013 Traverse will be heading to the New York Auto Show. There are no specific deta...
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Phillip Greene Jul 06, 2012
You guys are cofuseing classic with out dated I love old cars classic styles if you dont like it dont buy it and ps this doesnt have anymore plastic then a bmw and at least there not trying to pass it off as wood graining
Jt Collier Mar 22, 2012
Pleather glove box cover? Count me in.
Matt Piccolo Mar 22, 2012
Lmao every comment is making fun of a different thing
Ethan Amo Mar 22, 2012
Looks...old and outdated..
Michael Bichay Mar 22, 2012
Chrome accents soo classy..
Kevin Rehbock Mar 22, 2012
Plastic wood? I'm so excited..
Logan LeMonnier Mar 22, 2012
Is that a touch screen? Man I'm excited....
Ivan Rudnitsky Mar 22, 2012
Ooo air vents. I'm excited now...
Description: From the snap-shot of the C-pillar we can already see the Impala looking more upscale, and the hope is the car will shake its reputation for being a bland rental car. Under the hood, there'll be ...
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Tomas Franquelli Mar 23, 2012
Because it fills a large section of the automotive market very well? Derp.
Clint Edwards Mar 22, 2012
@Rodney if you want a RWD V8 Chevy, they'll be more than happy to sell you a Camaro
Description: From the released image, we can see a two-tone Malibu-style dash with French stitching and Chevy's MyLink infotainment system. For an idea of what to expect, check out the Traverse's GMC-bad...
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Bob Jones Mar 22, 2012
I'm so excited for NYIAS, GM rents out an entire huge hall, and apparently there'll be plenty of good Chevys there.
Phillip Holbrook Mar 23, 2012
@Malcolm, you know the Fusion and Camry compete with the Malibu right? The Impala sadly is a Taurus, Avalon competitor.
Matt Piccolo Mar 22, 2012
Better be good if it wants to beat the new accord... The accord IMO looks amazing, the teasers about the altama don't look too good, and I find the fusion odd... Which is sad considering it use to be one of my fav mid sized sedans...
Diego Pasotti Mar 22, 2012
@Clint I wouldn't have so much confidence in the charger. Remember the glory days of the Impala, with its 396 and it's monstrous 409? Even with its weight and length it beat many classic muscle cars... I hope GM brings those days back, not like now with its SS Impala and Monte Carlo having only a V6, rather than a V8, with the exception of the Intimidator model.
Clint Edwards Mar 22, 2012
@Lawrence I'm pretty sure the Charger has nothing to worry about from this thing
Kevin Rehbock Mar 22, 2012
In five years we can see all the low income neighborhoods and high school wankstas putting 22's on these. Just like the good old days, right?
Logan LeMonnier Mar 22, 2012
Yeah chevy has good cars. Except for the impala....
Zachary Maurer Mar 22, 2012
If any comments were aimed at me for posting stupid things(cough,Patrick,cough) I was just saying that this is one of the more "boring" teases, I wasnt trying to put Chevy down
Pavel Kleymenov Mar 22, 2012
@Brian. I agree with you and for impala it's about time they make something new. It's going to be 8 yrs. since they came out with new body style.
Patrick Schalk Mar 22, 2012
I drive a 98 Z28 and a 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.
Malcolm Bryant Mar 22, 2012
I can say this because their is a 2009 parked in my drive way.... these things suck so much ass. keep in mind the new fusion is coming out and toyota stepped up their game with the new camery
Patrick R. Manuel Mar 22, 2012
Patrick drives I think an 01 Camaro LS1, right? If I remember right.
Patrick Schalk Mar 22, 2012
No, it just these dumb*ss trolls on here gotta say stupid crap all time.
Thomas Mackey Mar 22, 2012
These have been absolute crap in the past. This has to be a game changer. It is not looking good....
Devin Babyn Mar 22, 2012
Nope he's just making an attempt to protect his brand. Doubt it'll work
Logan LeMonnier Mar 22, 2012
Lol Patrick probably drives one. That's why he has no sense of humor
Patrick Schalk Mar 22, 2012
OMG you guys are so funny! Please tell me more funny things that are original and funny. You guys should do stand up. You'd make so much money.
Abraham Mendoza Mar 22, 2012
I can't wait for this car to come out. The last one was so bad.
Daniel Marino Mar 22, 2012
Come on guys it could still be a really nice car
Steven Whowhat Mar 22, 2012
omg i gotta tell mt grandpa !
Stephen Cobbs Mar 22, 2012
I dont think anyone is keeping tabs on the calendar for the release of the Impala.
Zachary Maurer Mar 22, 2012
Yep guys, big tease!!!!!!