Description: Mads Ostberg has just set a new world record for distance jumped on snow in a car. The Norwegian took his WRC Ford Fiesta 50 meters through the air and landed perfectly in front of a huge crowd.
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Pi Ka Chu Mar 23, 2012
Ron walker, he's on snow not Tarmac. Even my fathers Toyota could do a 59 meter jump on Tarmac. We're talking snow here dude
Joe Fats Harper Mar 21, 2012
There are some things that are "world records" because nobody has ever really bothered to do them.. I think this is one of those cases.
Luis Daniel Angilello Mar 21, 2012
Whoever was the guy who set up the cameras and whoever was the guy who edited this video... They BOTH suck. Can't see the whole jump (at the end u can't even see the car landing)
Charlie Austin Mar 21, 2012
I could do that on my bicycle
P_R_N_D Mar 21, 2012
This kinda feels like a sad effort to copy the Chevy Cruze commercials. I don't think Ford was behind this stunt but it just reminds me of a little brother saying "Oh yea, well look what I can do."
Rob walker Mar 21, 2012
course you could guys
Garret LaFleur Mar 21, 2012
Yea, id slam that in my ranger
Sam Oglesby Mar 21, 2012
It looks easy but I bet it's not easy to keep the car straight
Raymond Reynoso Mar 21, 2012
Ehh... I see that record being broken in about a week or so
Buddy Robinson Mar 21, 2012
Sure it's easy, but I know I'd have some mental doubt, you know, just general nervousness
Randy Mark Accardo Mar 21, 2012
Agree, looked like absolutely anyone could have done this. Not impressed
Description: Ostberg needed three attempts to break the world record and his perilous pursuit of the mark paid off with a final jump of 50 meters (or 164 feet). Though the record is unofficial, all the event-goers...
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Nick Sti Mar 21, 2012
@Max don't forget the parachute!
Max Garcia Mar 21, 2012
Just put a few space shuttle rockets a ls9 and tough suspension u got a high jump car!
Anthony Surdo Mar 22, 2012
Probably for setting a world record