Description: Porsche recently invited Wired to test drive one of its three 918 development mules at the Nardo Test Track as it appears the plug-in hybrid supercar is getting ever closer to production. The prototyp...
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Carlton Salmon Mar 22, 2012
Combined output is 798bhp not 770bhp.
Lou Guerrero Mar 21, 2012
I was really hoping for a revived 914 or /6. Something really spartan and fun to toss around.
Description: This stretches to 700lb-ft for short periods courtesy of an overboost. As a result of this impressive output, 0-60mph can be achieved in three seconds en route to a 202 mph top speed. Given the superc...
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Das Stig Mar 22, 2012
Those rapid charger systems decrease the life of the battery by more than half. And if you dont wait until its completely dead to charge it it will also damage the battery. Im tellin ya, either diesel or biofuel will be the solution.
Jackson Michael Mar 22, 2012
Apparently Chris doesn't know what hybrid means
Jon Ashley Mar 21, 2012
A big part of me wishes that they put in a v10 and make a proper carrera GT successor. I know they probably wont. Regardless, sounds amazing
Hank Austin Mar 21, 2012
If it only does 16 miles on electricity it would probably save weight in batteries if I didn't do any and just ran off the engine the entire time
Chris Dimattia Mar 21, 2012
Sure am glad I have 2 houses 16 miles apart. Both are equipped with rapid chargers.
Johnny Hoover Mar 22, 2012
What about that hybrid jag also
Quinn Conner Mar 22, 2012
Acura nsx comes to mind for a true hybrid supercar
Jackson Michael Mar 22, 2012
Because it uses a hybrid platform for a serious supercar, I'm guessing.
Justin Routh Mar 22, 2012
How is that? Not disagreeing just asking
Abraham Mendoza Mar 21, 2012
This is probably the most important supercar ever. Ever.
Cody Jacques Mar 21, 2012
I cant wait to see this finished car
Charlie Austin Mar 21, 2012
I'm surprised no one has asked why the new Porsche looks so weird hahahah
Mark Suvorov Mar 21, 2012
Porsche designer didnt work with this one It looks different, not like porsche I like
Paul Lissona Mar 21, 2012
Looks like it'll be a good choice.
Joshua Ryan Mar 21, 2012
I'm going to like this a lot.
Killian Wright Apr 24, 2012
It's going to look more like the Carrera GT
Jerry Cole Mar 21, 2012
Just by looking at it, you can already tell that it's not gonna look like the 911
Matthew Malyapa Mar 21, 2012
i do too but i hope they don't ruin it by making it look like another 911
Logan Oleary Mar 21, 2012
I can't wait to see this thing when it's done.
Miles Drinkwater Mar 22, 2012
Mad Max's new wheels
Alexander Pecheny Mar 21, 2012
I love that they're testing it raw. No cover-ups or funky nurburgring curtains covering up this bad boy.
Tanton Stoneman Mar 21, 2012
Top gear said it wasnt finished, but WOW... LOVE IT!
Kevin Rehbock Mar 21, 2012
I would drive it as is
Dylan Bruder Mar 21, 2012
Haha would def be unique
Timothy Hooker Mar 21, 2012
I hope it looks just like this when I hits production
Cody Matthews Mar 22, 2012
There are pics from the back and of just the engine too. Look in the gallary
Tara Fitria Mar 21, 2012
If Asians were rednecks, they'd drive cars that looked like this complete with what looks to be an ice chest full of Heineken.
Jon Ashley Mar 21, 2012
hope they keep those taillights from the 991.
Jackson Rojas Mar 21, 2012
Wide body and it looks like Its gonna be an updated Carrera GT
JGL Scuderia Mar 21, 2012
i think its because youre not allowed to see the engine a lot
Matthew Reindorp Mar 21, 2012
Lol no photos from the back
Duncan Gibson Mar 25, 2012
Agreed. They could make a rival to the atom
Jonathan Gomez Mar 22, 2012
It would be awesome if it actually look like that
Kent Sullivan Mar 21, 2012
dude i really hope you dont think its going to look anything like that
Thibault Leroy Mar 21, 2012
it has a carrera GT shape
Kyle Silvera Mar 21, 2012
Takin lines off the console. Just like the porsche owners did in the 80's
Michael Anthony Nascimento Mar 21, 2012
Chassis from a Carrera Gt?
Carlton Salmon Mar 22, 2012
Mad exhaust above the engine - I approved!
Tanton Stoneman Mar 21, 2012
Nice filtering system.