Comments - 2013 Honda Crosstour Concept Will Debut at New York

Published: Mar 21, 2012
Description: The big news isn't that Honda are planning to introduce the 2013 Crosstour concept at the New York Auto Show, but that they are continuing at all with the poorly received and less than attractive...
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Description: As a result we can expect to see evolved styling and an enhanced interior. Despite derisory consumer feedback after a four-cylinder engine failed to make the crossover more appealing, Honda are persev...
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Paul Lissona Mar 23, 2012
Jason's right, I really dk why the companies I like; BMW and Honda do this.
Ron Vinson Mar 21, 2012
Has to be the ugliest new vehicle for sale.
Jason Dannheim Mar 21, 2012
This and the X6, and ZDX are the answer to a question no one cared to ask.
Zaire Wilkins Mar 21, 2012
id rather have the ZDX crossover
Paul Lissona Mar 21, 2012
I don't like them even though I like Honda.
Wissam Nasr Mar 21, 2012
Can it be any uglier?
Matt Piccolo Mar 21, 2012
These actually ain't bad!!
Brad Wood Mar 21, 2012
Does this car make my ass look big?LOL
Ethan Amo Mar 21, 2012
Nothing against Honda, but this design is extremely questionable