Description: Mercedes-Benz's Avant/Garde Diaries, a global online interview magazine they conceived in 2011, will hold their 'Transmission LA: AV Club' event from April 20 to May 6 at the LA Mus...
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Peter MacNeil Mar 23, 2012
Nice car, great lines.
Extremis Colson Mar 21, 2012
this car is sexy as Hell, look at those lines?
Douglas Dielle Mar 20, 2012
Oh god. Not the C-class. It's got the most nightmarish of Merc designs. Such an eyesore.
Jerry Townsend Mar 20, 2012
Looks like a 2 door civic in the back to me...
Cam Heaney Mar 20, 2012
Looks like a hyundia
Stephen Reed Warren II Mar 20, 2012
It's new look is comparable to the new SL. They obviously dont look the same cuz their two different cars, but it's apparent it's made by the same ppl who designed the new SL. I think this car looks cheap
Knox Ferraro Mar 20, 2012
Now this is a beautiful Merc. Where the hell were these designers when the 2013 SL was being defiled?
Description: "A special highlight of the festival in Los Angeles will be the artistic staging of the Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupe, which will be unveiled to the world for the first time." Mike D fro...
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Description: In essence, this will be a coupe-styled compact sedan that slots beneath the CLS, sharing a FWD platform with the new A- and B-classes and an upcoming crossover. An AMG-tuned model with AWD and 300hp ...
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Daniel Bellafonte Mar 23, 2012
Yeah that's true Brandon as it looks like totally different mechanisms as if the doors push out and then glide back from inside the C pillar rather than just pop out and slide like a minivan. I highly doubt it would make it to a real production model
Brandon Whybrew Mar 22, 2012
lil different from mini van doors. doesn't appear to have the door track on the outside
Mayumi Adams Mar 21, 2012
Totally agree with Logan about the back doors. Suicide doors would MAKE this car. The back was a fail in my opinion, but it's only a concept. Everything else looks great, and props to Mercedes for making it do unique
Jim Jimm Mar 20, 2012
This reminds me of a... Honda odyssey
Thomas Isnt Green Mar 20, 2012
I like how the whole roof is practically all glass
Jackson Rojas Mar 20, 2012
Those seats look weird
N.rod Mar 20, 2012
Those are little as mirrors
Paul Lissona Mar 20, 2012
I don't like the doors and not a coupe.
Mason Christopher Thomas Mar 20, 2012
I luv how unique this car is. Maybe the doors for this car is not right but on something else it would look pretty sweet.
Logan LeMonnier Mar 20, 2012
Suicide doors on the back would've been better. Way better.
Chris Gaines Mar 20, 2012
this is either a sedan or a minivan, I'm tired of automakers throwing the word "coupe" on everything that moves
Matt Sutton Mar 20, 2012
Not to mention the horrible seat pattern. Eh, not impressed.
Cody Andree Mar 20, 2012
What's incredible about that?! It's got mini van doors? Ford, chevy, dodge, Toyota etc. Have Been doing it for like 20 years. It looks stupid and front end is ugly. Atleast it's a little different of a concept
Paolo Rosati Feb 01, 2013
Bellissima! Beautiful!
Stephen Reed Warren II Mar 21, 2012
Small Mercedes USUALLY = I can't afford the better Mercedes
Thomas Isnt Green Mar 20, 2012
I think it's awesome I'd roll it
N.rod Mar 20, 2012
They are coping the rolls royce
Shaylen Kumar Patel Mar 20, 2012
I think its über good looking
Tin Nguyen Mar 20, 2012
Why is it dumb? Just because it's not what you normally see doesn't make it dumb.
Janak Solanki Mar 21, 2012
Those wheels look like they are off a Segway. Replace em with some fat meats and were good to go!
Michael Riley Mar 20, 2012
BMW ish but it still looks nice.
Janak Solanki Mar 20, 2012
Why are the tires so Skinny???
Jordan Smith Mar 20, 2012
I like those rear lights.
N.rod Mar 20, 2012
The car looks good but it looks more like a BMW
Paul Lissona Mar 20, 2012
From here it looks pretty good.
Rithhin Jawahar Mar 20, 2012
Those are concept side mirrors...duhh the real one won't be like that
Jacob Bayliss Mar 20, 2012
The rear reminds me of a BMW.
Peter MacNeil Mar 23, 2012
It can only be accessed by $100/hr mechanics. Lol
Extremis Colson Mar 21, 2012
where's the engine? LOL
Dan Newman Mar 21, 2012
It's probably a three cylinder engine - who can tell?
Jim Jimm Mar 20, 2012
Take away the damn engine covers
Justin Harris Mar 20, 2012
I like the new grille style they put with the lines. The engine covers, not so much...
Paul Lissona Mar 20, 2012
Yah get rid of covers, I wish.
Matt Piccolo Mar 20, 2012
I've heard of engine covers but that ridiculous lmao!!