Description: Chinese driver Li Yatao of Zhejiang Youngman Lotus has just set the world record for going upside down in a car. Yatao piloted his Lotus L5 Sportback around the loop the loop in one of the most incred...
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Billy Hartman Mar 24, 2012
tht lady is so annoying
Dayan Fernandez Batista Mar 23, 2012
Damn! How the hells that car stay on the road, I mean, it doesn't look like he was going to freaking fast so he could possibly pass quickly the "0 friction point" where the car is all the way up in the structure. Those Asian guys, all my respect.
Bob Turefannt Mar 22, 2012
The hardest part of that stunt was building the loop.
Jairo Garcia Mar 21, 2012
Stole the idea from fifth gear UK. But I guess the Chinese did it bigger to set the world record
Extremis Colson Mar 21, 2012
that is freaking amazing!!!
Das Stig Mar 21, 2012
Now god damnit, I dont care if there is a freaking loop in the road, you can't just drive in the middle! What if there was another car coming?
Dylan Knapp Mar 20, 2012
Considering that new jaguar super car can supposedly drive upside down at 120, it's not that impressive
Pratik Parija Mar 20, 2012
How come it didn't fall off?
Isaac Rezkalla Mar 20, 2012
I think they did sam
Sam Oglesby Mar 20, 2012
I thought 5th gear in Britain went bigger than that about 3years ago
Description: The loop the loop stood 12.87m tall (42ft 2.69in) and measured 3.68m wide (12ft 0.88in). It was made completely out of steel and weighed an impressive 72,752lbs. The stunt was performed on September 2...
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Patrick R. Manuel Mar 21, 2012
It's because he's asian