Description: This week's edition of Drag Race Tuesdays features a 1,000hp Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 complete with supercharger taking on an Audi R8 V10, Nissan GT-R Mk. 1 tuned by Switzer and a Stage 2 Evotec...
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abc123 Mar 27, 2012
I don't know, the nissan and the bmw are both tuned
Amira Baz Mar 24, 2012
jeep fans, don't get so proud because this jeep is tuned to double the r8 which is not tuned at all
Lee Darmanin Mar 22, 2012
I totally didn't expect the Nissan to win seeing how how the jeep had trashed the R8 😱 would like to see Nissan Gt-R vs Lamborghini Aventador 😃
Tifa Morsi Mar 21, 2012
Don't mess with Godzilla + the BMW got humiliated loooool
Matt Silva Mar 21, 2012
Fast SUVs are amusing and all but I would still prefer a stock one, because then I could still use it to do what it was made to do which in case you have forgotten is be good off road and comfortable on long trips
Matt Wolodkiewicz Mar 20, 2012
It's so much fun beating sports cars in a 5000lbs suv, love my SRT jeep
Ervis At Mar 20, 2012
Damn that's sick what a monster but nothing is messing with the gtr lol
Frank Daniel Girucky Mar 20, 2012
That R8 was a let down should of beat the Jeep the SRT8 is cool but what a waste of money if you wanna go fast why put the money into a SUV to do so and don't say money
Kyle Hardisty Mar 20, 2012
people dont know how hard it is to get that suv to go that fast! That jeep has the aerodynamics of a pig! Not hatin, I love the SRT-8 jeep. It's just a amazing accomplishment and crazy fast SUV!
Brady Fereday Mar 20, 2012
Don't the stock srt8 jeeps do 12s or something like that this thing is a monster I give it it's respect for sure
Jon Jingle Willan Mar 20, 2012
The jeep was clearly left the line before the audi But the rest were impressive
Jason Brown Mar 20, 2012
Jeep haters, the Jeep is a SUV! Get over it. You can tune trucks to get more power and can't come close to beating any of these other cars. So no point in saying more power = should be faster.
Christopher van Dyke Mar 20, 2012
Love our All American Jeep SRT8!
Tj Sapko Mar 20, 2012
Always Loved the Grand Cherokee especially the SRT-8. Speaking of looks the 2011 Grand Cherokee SRT-8 with a few tweaks (rims) took the Place of fave SUV from the Escalade for me
Corey Blomquist Mar 20, 2012
@Ethan- looks aren't everything my friend.
Patrick Schalk Mar 20, 2012
Look at all the haters. Wow.
Thibault Leroy Mar 20, 2012
is it just me or the dude in the R8 waited like 1second after the light went green to go?
Patrick Joseph Mar 20, 2012
How can you be proud of the gtr beating the jeep? The same way you're proud of the jeep beating an x6.
David Tyler Mar 20, 2012
O_o hhhh.... how?.... what the heck 0_o what engine is in that thing
Ethan Amo Mar 20, 2012
I hate how people think a stupid Chrysler SUV is better than an R8 V-10...even though the jeep won, the R8 looks 100% better..
Zakou Aoudia Mar 20, 2012
And Hovie even with what u would add to the GT-R it would win because dont forget that the Jeep is still an SUV (heavy)
Mikey Jimenez Mar 20, 2012
I agree with hovie how can you be so proud that the GT-R beat an SUV ?
Anthony Villa-Garcia Mar 20, 2012
The X6 race was pretty unfair. and the R8 had no chance stock. GTR still proves to be the fastest. but I'd like to see a tuned ML63 face this jeep.
P_R_N_D Mar 20, 2012
Clearly that's why a GT-R with 150 HP less can pull ahead when they had a pretty even start.
Mikey Jimenez Mar 20, 2012
C'mon guys give it credit, it's a damn suv after all! What ever haters gonna hate! The GT-R is a great car but it's just not me, I like my cars with soul.
P_R_N_D Mar 20, 2012
Well the jeep has to compensate for its drag resistance. I'm actually surprised it did so well. I thought the Audi would surely catch up in the end based on its aerodynamics alone.
Henz Herrero Mar 20, 2012
I wanna see the damn brabus glk already.. Carbuzz please do an article on my dream car.. Pleasssseee
Matt Piccolo Mar 20, 2012
You guys are so happy for the jeep when it only won 2/3 bec they weren't fair comparisons... 1000hp vs 525hp... Hmmm I wonder.... 650hp vs 1000hp... Hmmm I wonder
Clint Edwards Mar 20, 2012
All I got to say is wow
Andrew Hossann Mar 20, 2012
The keep is so fast off the line but no match for the gt-r
Bronco Mulray Mar 20, 2012
Favorite suv wish i could make it that badass
Zachary Sindelar Mar 20, 2012
Woo! Awesome Jeep! And mean sound!
Will Watashi Mar 20, 2012
Gtr, the best car in the world right now
Shawn Murphy Mar 20, 2012
That Jeep is Badass!
Osian Williams Mar 20, 2012
It sounds like lightning some times :/
Eric Michalak Mar 20, 2012
The sounds that jeep makes are incredible.
Henz Herrero Mar 20, 2012
Looking at it on paper, the jeep shoudlve beat everyone.. I dnt think its a fair race.. But ya that jeep is packing heat
Luke Davis Mar 20, 2012
Aha dustin not wrong there fukin shit u can make eny car go like that if u put 1000 bhp behind it pointless
Vince DeMasi Mar 20, 2012
That's jeep is sick wtf the GT-R is nuts there awd set up must be amazing to get there launches so well and keep it going in the top end
Aaron Barker Mar 20, 2012 that jeep but so glad to see Godzilla beat it
rockstarTc Mar 20, 2012
Haha i like how the GTR was the only one to beat it, but that jeep is amazing!!
P_R_N_D Mar 20, 2012
God I hate when people quote a fact from Forza like its real....
Dustin Emerick Mar 20, 2012
Most boring drag race ever
Jennings Rengel Mar 20, 2012
I want one of those Switzer gtrs. The jeep was pretty amazing too!
Tin Nguyen Mar 20, 2012
@zaire how did you get a top speed of 269?
Rithhin Jawahar Mar 20, 2012
The Audi is the only one stock so respect!
Zaire Wilkins Mar 20, 2012
(forza 4) the GTR can only reach 897hp and the top speed is 269mph and any other car with 1000 plus besides the bugatti cant touch 269
Devin Babyn Mar 20, 2012
It's amazingly fast and all but only 1000hp out of what's basically a massive custom engine just seems a little low
Matt Sutton Mar 20, 2012
That made my day. Even the wife had to watch it.
Hamza Hamid Mar 20, 2012
Dang that is one heck of a jeep
Jason Brown Mar 20, 2012
Fox it doesn't influence the time. And they don't call it American muscle for nothing. :-p
Dylan Bruder Mar 20, 2012
The times are posted as mile and mile with rt and man that jeep was haulin!
FoxRS Mar 20, 2012
Why did the R8 start so late? Did that influenced the final time?
William Downs Mar 20, 2012
of course the gtr is the only one to beat it, godzilla for a reason
Description: The Audi R8 V10 had 525hp, the Nissan GT-R Mk. 1 by Switzer boasted 850hp while the BMW X6M with Evotech's Stage 2 tuning packed 630hp. With the aid of a Stoker 7.2 supercharger, the Jeep Grand C...
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Emmanuel Irizarry Mar 21, 2012
Haha so if it would have been a stock GTR it would have lost
Brian Rais Mar 20, 2012
Please note. The Grand Cherokee is born and built at the jefferson north plant in Detroit, Michigan.
Ara Barseghian Mar 21, 2012
It is a stupid comparison! Audi driver started late, otherwise would been equal! If R8 had 1000hp will smoke everyone ass!!!
Thomas Isnt Green Mar 20, 2012
Any car could win against the Audi its so under powered
Mikey Jimenez Mar 21, 2012
@Brian it does have back seats.
Mikey Jimenez Mar 21, 2012
@Henz yup and you guys are happy you beat an SUV !
Henz Herrero Mar 21, 2012
You guys are forgetting one key element that a viper or a corvette doesnt have.. Back seats..
Mikey Jimenez Mar 20, 2012
@Matt it's on YouTube 2012 Chevrolet Corvette ZO6 type that exactly like that. The time dropped cause they're using michellen sportcup tires. the best street legal tire out there by the way
Jerry Cole Mar 20, 2012
As long as it ain't gettin close to my Viper, I'm fine!
Brady Fereday Mar 20, 2012
There guessing the GTR time for this year maybe 7:21 at the highest to 7:17 at the lowest is what I've read
Matt Piccolo Mar 20, 2012
@ Mikey... Z06 got 7.26... Or at least thats what I found on like 3 web sights... And also the new 2013 gtr has 545hp, up from 530 468 lb-ft of torque up from like 448, 0-60 down .1 sec to 2.7 and a revised suspension... It hasn't been tested but I'm pretty sure it'll come close to the zr1 with all that
Pablo Herasme Mar 20, 2012
@Mikey Why do you think when people disagree with you, you find it Anti- American offensive. I would buy a Z06 before GTR since its cheaper, so I don't know why your questioning my DC.
Scott Gracey Mar 20, 2012
The 370z must have some major issues if a heavier car with less hp and fwd drive beat it lol
Patrick Joseph Mar 20, 2012
A 2litre turbo passat could never beat a 370z. No way. I ain't buying it.
Mikey Jimenez Mar 20, 2012
*suck it -___- that sounded wrong.
Mikey Jimenez Mar 20, 2012
Why do you have the ZO6 as your dream if you dislike it?
Mikey Jimenez Mar 20, 2012
Can't read much? that time is the recent model, silly. So suck pablo
Pablo Herasme Mar 20, 2012
Why not use the more recent GTR model... Oh yea.. right.
Mikey Jimenez Mar 20, 2012
@Pablo, that should shut you up!
Mikey Jimenez Mar 20, 2012
2012 corvette ZO6 7:22.68. 505hp 2012 GT-R 7:24.22 530hp
Pablo Herasme Mar 20, 2012
And with less weight qnd 638 hp
Mikey Jimenez Mar 20, 2012
I'm sorry last time I checked the CORVETTE ZR1 beat the gt-r around the ring with a proper manual .
Daniel Zammit Mar 20, 2012
U can't seriously be comparing a Passat to a 370z can u?.....
Henz Herrero Mar 20, 2012
Lol at the passat beating ur 370.. Theres no way unless u didnt wanna rev ur engine and u babied the race..
Matt Piccolo Mar 20, 2012
@ Matt.... Well you obviously don't know how to drive if you're getting beaten by passats... My mom has a 2.0t and theirs no way that thing could TOUCH, a 370z
Victor Takhanov Mar 20, 2012
German cars are way over priced.
Matt Sage Mar 20, 2012
#TunerImports but only German
Matt Sage Mar 20, 2012
my friend just bought a passat 2.0t and it beat my 370z in a quarter mile. victor I disagree the passat is the greatest car ever better than any lambo for sure
Victor Takhanov Mar 20, 2012
the GT-R is the greatest car of all time. no comparison. better than any Corvette, lambo or Ferrari
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Mar 20, 2012
Thers one just like it in my neighborhood but with white and black rims its epic
Thomas Isnt Green Mar 20, 2012
Dat BMW looks awesome