Comments - Bentley Chose an SUV Over a New Sports Car

Published: Mar 20, 2012
Description: By now I'm sure you're all aware of the debacle Bentley brought to this year's Geneva Motor Show. Their EXP 9F SUV concept was perhaps the biggest disappointment of Europe's larges...
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Abraham Kinghorn May 24, 2012
I think they did coose the right path... but then i disagree with the suv they decided to go with, why not go out and buy a range rover sport for about 50k$ less? common sense ... its an expensive car in which nobody feels the need to purchase, when you buy this truck your basically buying it for the bentley logo . . .
Dylan Brown Apr 04, 2012
I hope bentley realizes what a terrible idea this is
Kumar Desi Mar 27, 2012
Nobody would pay $120K USD for this already to much luxury SUV from Lexus, benz, Beemer, caddy, Audi, range...ect this will do poorly only people woul buy this is gold digger milfs
Jason Brown Mar 21, 2012
Thought they were going to scrap this. If they are counting on China for sales, think again. Read the new data from motor trend about sluggish sales and deep discounts on just about all European luxury cars.
Alex Sundvall Mar 21, 2012
It looks like a range rover to me...
Jackson Rojas Mar 20, 2012
This is a beautiful car
Patrick Joseph Mar 20, 2012
It's not horrible. But it's a major disappointment. Coming from Bentley no cars can afford to be so-so. They have to be bang on.
Thibault Leroy Mar 20, 2012
i guess i have no taste than xause i dont find it as horrible as everyone says it is
Sam Oglesby Mar 20, 2012
They chose this over a new sports saloon idiots
Archie Wu Mar 20, 2012
There is no doubt about its crappy looking, but I choose to believe its gonna do well in the sales...don't forget about buyers from china and mid-east
Description: And now a recent report coming from Motor Trend is stating that the automaker opted to build the SUV instead of a new sports car. And what would have that new Bentley sports car been pitted against? T...
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P_R_N_D Mar 21, 2012
I'm saying Bentley isn't as well known for handling and performance the way Porsche is. Believe it or not, true Porsche enthusiasts hate the Cayenne. That's not what Porsche is all about... but Bentley is. That's my point.
Das Stig Mar 21, 2012
Damn, they just make a street legal le mans car. Ill buy 10.
Jerry Cole Mar 20, 2012
So that ugly ass EXP 9F makes more sense than a Porsche Cayenne? I'm sorry but I just wouldn't buy it.
Bobby Junior Mar 20, 2012
Everyones going to say that the Porsche is a beetle, but it's a freakin' fast beetle!!!
Josiah Thomas Clements Mar 20, 2012
As long as they redesign it I'll be happy.
Oscar Galvan Mar 20, 2012
I agree, it was a smart choice. The 911 would be really hard to compete with and they made the right choice but I would have also liked to see what they would have come up with....
P_R_N_D Mar 20, 2012
I think its a good move. This will be a big hit with little competition. A Bentley SUV makes more sense than a Porche or Lambo SUV. Hopefully the production version will look better than the concept but it will sell very well despite its looks.
Zach Wilson Apr 10, 2012
Walmart spinners lol
Øyvind Hasund Dahl Apr 03, 2012
Looks a bit like a Range Rover
Kumar Desi Mar 27, 2012
Looks more crossover/wagon then suv
Bob Jones Mar 24, 2012
Agreed very cool looking
Christo Savaides Mar 21, 2012
I think a lot of people are just jumping on the hater bandwagon. If CarBuzz said the car was great looking, I think a lot more people would be commenting on how great it looks. I think it looks pretty good actually.
M 616 Mar 21, 2012
looks like the mulsanne...which is also shi
Extremis Colson Mar 21, 2012
god the rims are disgusting!!! that's the only thing I see that kills it. the interior is sexy...
Amira Baz Mar 21, 2012
why did they delete it although i may not have money to spare on it i really like it
wmg Mar 21, 2012
Bentley really could have come up with somthing more original.
Chris Harrison Mar 21, 2012
i agree with that. I hate the rims
Peter Simpson Mar 20, 2012
What did you guys expect? It looks like a Bentley.
Robin Ramirez Mar 20, 2012
I agree with some of you guys! This car is ugly, I expected a lot more from Bentley very disappointing.
Chris Harrison Mar 20, 2012
Why do so many people hate it? I personally love how it looks!
Ron Vinson Mar 20, 2012
I agree with Paul. I love the back of it.
Jackson Rojas Mar 20, 2012
I think it looks great. I have always liked the mulsane and I don't see what's wrong with this car
Kris Scrase Mar 20, 2012
I actually think it looks ok. the DRL/lower intake makes it look a bit weird compared to the size/shape of the headlight and the wheels dont suit it but other than that, tint the windows and a darker interior and it would be fine (well thats in my eyes anyway)
Tin Nguyen Mar 20, 2012
This is so ugly. It looks like it came from one of the manufacturer in china.
Paul Lissona Mar 20, 2012
I like the back of it that's it.
Shiv Shukla Mar 20, 2012
Honestly, this car classy, clean, and tasteful. Just because a few people pre-release showed distaste doesn't mean it's a bad car. Stupid mod mentality. ANY real Bentley enthusiast would appreciate this. I would urge Bentley to release this model
Paul Dickey Mar 20, 2012
Alex I'm guessing you just like to look at the pictures and not read the article?
Darren Martin Mar 20, 2012
Rims need to change and a basic redesign of the line is all it really needs
Matt Piccolo Mar 20, 2012
Horrible... For looks, I'll take literally any suv on the market over it...
Logan LeMonnier Mar 20, 2012
It's ok...not as ugly as everyone is saying it is
Tanner Middleton Mar 20, 2012
front end is alright, change absolutely everything else
Alex Corkum Mar 20, 2012
Looks terrible and honestly, what's the point of a Bentley SUV?
Azam Khan Mar 20, 2012
Looks pure sh*t Tbh I didn't expect some thing like this from Bentley. Looks worst that Russian tractors.
Tyson Broadbent Mar 20, 2012
Ah, I cant get enough of this car.
Edwin Blooser Apr 25, 2012
Is that's new Lada Niva 4 door ?
Timothy Hooker Mar 20, 2012
I kinda like it. Not sure what the uproar is
Shiv Shukla Mar 20, 2012
I'd buy it. It needs a few more features, but they're on the right track.
Joshua Ryan Mar 20, 2012
I like it. I wish the back was a little taller though.
Michael Beach Mar 20, 2012
I hope they gave barf bags to the front row
Tyler Cook Mar 20, 2012
If you have the money to buy this you also have the money to buy a much more capable off roader. You won't be taking this one off road unless they engineer it like a land Rover which is unlikely. I wouldn't buy it, but I do like the interior design.
Isaac Rezkalla Mar 20, 2012
I would everyone says its ugly but i thinks its a piece of art and i would like to see the continental go off road
Dale Schroeder Mar 20, 2012
I really can't see anyone choosing this over a Continental. It seems like an answer to a question no one's asking.
Scotty Gee Mar 20, 2012
Man, I do not like this vehicle. It looks like a Bentley kit-of-parts. What next, a Bentley snowmobile?
Kumar Desi Mar 27, 2012
Call me hater but I can't stand this it just isn't up to bentley standards ( I love Bentley thou)
Richard Malloy Mar 21, 2012
Why is there a maglite on the passenger seat??????
P_R_N_D Mar 20, 2012
@Charlie why wouldn't they buy it? The Continental is like $200k and that sells just fine.
Jack Howard Mar 20, 2012
Why is there a Maglight in there
Charlie Gray Mar 20, 2012
I agree with you Daniel, it really is a beautiful interior. I just wonder who will buy this. Sure, there is a market for the Cayenne and some high-end Land Rover, Mercedes and Audi SUV's but won't this be in a completely different price range? I can see someone paying $100,000 for a luxury SUV, but I'd expect this SUV to be double that price range, if not more.
nellsmaxi106 Mar 20, 2012
interior is gorgeous..just dont show the exterior its terrible
Daniel Bellafonte Mar 20, 2012
I thought the interior looked outstanding and pretty unique
Zach Wilson Apr 10, 2012
interior clean but the exterior is ridiculous. I think suicide doors would be nice.
Mladen Sakotic Mar 21, 2012
Those rims have to go. It takes away from the car
Ross Taylor Mar 20, 2012
looks like something that clark griswold would drive...
Paul Lissona Mar 20, 2012
The front lights are horrible, trunk area nice.
Shiv Shukla Mar 20, 2012
Imagine the pain in cleaning those wheels.
Shaylen Kumar Patel Mar 20, 2012
The back half is acceptable the front looks like a retarded fish
Azam Khan Mar 20, 2012
Need to execute the designer of this car. Who ever created this.
Kumar Desi Mar 27, 2012
Audi Bentley same thang... Duh
Eddie Ethree Motors Mar 21, 2012
@quad yea it's da slope of da rear window
Jim Jimm Mar 20, 2012
Are you serious those rims are ugly as hell
quadrophine Mar 20, 2012
anyone else see range rover sport?
Tanner Middleton Mar 20, 2012
CHANGE THOSE RIMS, they make me wanna punch a infant in the nose
Logan Oleary Mar 20, 2012
I kinda like the tail light but the rest is crap.
Jim Jimm Mar 20, 2012
If someone brought this to a tailgate for a football game here in Kansas. All we could say is wow what an idiot
Thibault Leroy Mar 20, 2012
picnic for rich people haha
Tyler Cook Mar 20, 2012
I don't understand the point of the fine dinning commodities in an SUV.
David Pires-Ihsaan Mar 20, 2012
they stole the back from a range rover!
Vincent Chen Mar 20, 2012
Look at that leg room!
Timothy Hooker Mar 20, 2012
Super clean interior