Comments - Australian Grand Prix 2012: Winners and Losers

Published: Mar 20, 2012
Description: Winners: Jenson Button - Button enjoyed a perfect weekend with the icing on the cake being teammate Hamilton's 3rd place finish. Since he isn't as spectacular as Hamilton, he at least secure...
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(o")-o Mar 20, 2012
I like button more then Hamilton
FoxRS Mar 20, 2012
Great win. I hope this year will be more exciting than 2011
Pratik Parija Mar 20, 2012
Hoping for better in Sepang
Description: Fernando Alonso - His moment of brilliance came just at the start of the race, as from 12th on the grid he completed the first lap five places up, and gained two more on the next lap following some in...
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Ignigena Quintus Mar 22, 2012
IMHO Alonso is the best pilot, and he doesnt have the slightiest chance of wining the championship
Alexander Pecheny Mar 20, 2012
Look at the wing on that thing. What a ricer. Bet it gets horrible MPG too...
Theo Hubbard Mar 20, 2012
My cars faster than that thing
Gregory Fatguy Mar 20, 2012
Awesome ferrari cups!!! (:
Description: Pastor Maldonado - The Venezuelan driver used his new Renault engine impressively and qualified as the 8th fastest. His race was solid and toward the end he was chasing Alonso's Ferrari, though h...
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Description: That decision was taken in light of Hamilton's erratic performances and caustic lifestyle. However from now on Whitmarsh is going to face the sort of difficulties Ron Dennis experienced when deal...
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Description: Losers: Lewis Hamilton -McLaren adopted a habit of celebrating victory by dressing up the team with orange shirts and posing in front of the world's cameras. Even the driver who hasn't won t...
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Jason Villwock Mar 20, 2012
That mclaren sure is pretty.
Jason Villwock Mar 20, 2012
When you have arguably the best car and you start on pole it's kinda your race to lose and he did. Lewis should be butt hurt.
Rithhin Jawahar Mar 20, 2012
JB My second fav racer after vettel. Hamilton wouldn't call him a douche he is a more aggressive driver....than sensible.
Paul Trahan Mar 20, 2012
I'm a RBR fan, but if I had to pick someone else to win it would be Jensen. He's a good guy who has paid his dues. Hamilton is a douche.
Raymond Reynoso Mar 20, 2012
Lmaoooo Button is the man! Look how hurt Hamilton is. Shouldn't have posed for GQ and instead practiced a bit more.
Description: Stefano Domenicali - Unless Fernando Alonso can perform better Houdini escapes than his fifth place finish, then Domenicali, Ferrari team principal, is doomed. Despite the team starting development of...
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Description: Bruno Senna - Senna races in Formula 1 thanks to his surname and the money he brought the team. He qualified miles behind his teammate, made a good start but suffered a nudge from behind in the first ...
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Carlton Salmon Mar 20, 2012
Sunbeam Alpines are a nice touch