Description: We recently reported on the rumors that Mercedes would be bringing the new SL65 AMG to next month's New York Auto Show. Now we have official confirmation that the range-topping Merc is set to ret...
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Patiño Automotores Mar 31, 2012
Que pedazo de autoooo!!!
Stephen Reed Warren II Mar 26, 2012
If take this over the SLS. It's faster and while I do think the SLS's looks are more sought after...the SL 65 is just a f***ing beast
Imminentvictory Mar 21, 2012
How much more is the gullwing over this and if not by much, why would anyone buy this ugly p.o.s. over the gullwing/sls?
Abraham Mendoza Mar 20, 2012
I was sure that the SLS convertible replaced this. I'm shocked and confused here.
Jerry Cole Mar 20, 2012
This will whoop almost any Aston's butt
John Marchesi Marks Mar 20, 2012
I'd rather have an Aston Martin or a Maserati for that price!
Jason Brower Mar 20, 2012
Yeah, the last sl 65 started at 204,000 if I'm not mistaken. I had heard it was being killed for being too competitive with the sls, but I'm glad that was wrong.
Johnny Francis Mar 20, 2012
While it is expensive it's also a twin turbo v12..
David Pires-Ihsaan Mar 20, 2012
I thought they killed it? Thank you for letting that be wrong!!
Matthew Thompson Mar 20, 2012
I would definitely buy the SLS over this still.
Tyler Paul Mar 20, 2012
I think I would just buy the SLS
Stephen Cobbs Mar 20, 2012
Seems a little pricey
Description: Contrary to our initial assumptions, the 6.0-liter V12 has been made more potent courtesy of new manifolds and blowers coupled with an AMG sport exhaust system. Output now stands at 621hp, up from 604...
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Thibault Leroy Mar 21, 2012
yea its really fast but i mean this car should be priced at like 100,000-150,000$ range its way too expansive for what it is but its still an awesome car just too expansive
Das Stig Mar 20, 2012
People who take this thing to the track will get up there. The top speed on this car isn't so outrageous it will take a while to reach it. This isn't really intended for the regular market thigh either. If I were to buy this car I would at least try to get close.
Abraham Mendoza Mar 20, 2012
Oh wait, its limited at 155, not 186. Should've read the article.
Abraham Mendoza Mar 20, 2012
I'm pretty sure the top speed is limited, and that car is still very heavy. I'm not too surprised in the performance numbers.
No Pistons Mar 20, 2012
The targeted market is rarely going to go over 130mph so why design you motor to do another 80-90mph that will never be used/achieved? And there is much more to performance then just 0-60. This will pull like no other at almost any rpm/speed your at
Morgan Dame Mar 20, 2012
okay its not a supercar, its a gt. so its not the fastest but its still fast. it will easily run a 3.6 0-60. ive seen a c63 coupe do 0-60 in 3.7 with no upgrades. and the torque and hp is restricted and so is the top speed which many of us wont reach, fastest ive been is 155 in maybach 57s and 150 in an sls.
Das Stig Mar 20, 2012
Haha, my z3 coupe is limited at 135. Ive had it for about a week and ive been really close of that twice. I hit it once and the next time hit 133.
Logan Goacher Mar 20, 2012
Okay that's pretty fast and when will any of you ever even need to 184 mph you end up loosing control of the car and kill yourself It's a pretty sick car let's just leave it at that
Scott Gracey Mar 20, 2012
3.9 is still dirty fast, and I agree, it will probably run it in 3.7-3.6
Thibault Leroy Mar 20, 2012
yea for a 6L V12 i think those are some crappy performances expatialy with a 200,000$ price tag....
Jesse Davidson Mar 20, 2012
I'm really surprised that they aren't able to pull a faster 0-60 time than 3.9 seconds. For a car that just lost 300+ lbs and has more HP and more torque. The car really should do better in 0-60 and overall top speed.
Matthew Reindorp Mar 20, 2012
Yeah... That's odd... You could have a ralliart Evo 8 with 300hp that could reach 180mph...
Jack Howard Mar 20, 2012
Now stick it in the c63
Tim Belton Mar 21, 2012
The fru fru's aren't driving them hard enough to know anyways. Plus the chassis is reinforced all over. I've driven the hell out of a 05 sl65 at VIR and there was barely any hint of roll or flex in it in turn 12 or 14 etc
Abraham Mendoza Mar 21, 2012
Of course it does. Those metal f
Tim Belton Mar 21, 2012
It's called don't put the top down, there you have a free fixed roof. It's not like it affects performance noticeably..
Abraham Mendoza Mar 20, 2012
I would love this car, with the 6.1 V8 and a lot less weight. Why can't the do that, make an SL with a fixed roof?
Cho Dan Mar 20, 2012
Jackson, one article about a new car is great! Not 2 or 3 every day!
Shiv Shukla Mar 20, 2012
Nissan Headlights! Why would they change the front end from the previous model. They need to stop trying to please the real housewives of beverley hills, this is truly hideous. *sledge hammer to headlights*
Charlie Austin Mar 20, 2012
I think a lot of people take the sl65 for granted.. I mean 621 hp..
Jackson Michael Mar 20, 2012
Are you saying that they shouldn't have an article on the release of a new car?
Tyler Torres Mar 20, 2012
Beautiful car. Hideous head lights.
Dylan Bruder Mar 20, 2012
There's nothing wrong with blue just overdone headlights really
Rudolf Dassler Mar 20, 2012
Love this car... But what about that colour?! It's hideous!
Timothy Hooker Mar 20, 2012
This car gets uglier every year
Val Kortchak Mar 20, 2012
I agree with Brandon..Those headlights kill the car for me..
Zachary Maurer Mar 20, 2012
It used to be "the corvette evolution" part 1000
Raymond Reynoso Mar 20, 2012
It used to be BMW 2-3 a day.
Cho Dan Mar 20, 2012
Quit with the MB stories already! There's at least 2 or 3 everyday!
Description: Upgrades to the chassis include a new electromechanical speed-sensitive sports steering, high performance brakes, AMG Sports Suspension, and optional AMG carbon-ceramic brakes. AMG five-spoke polished...
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Description: There's a special AMG diamond pattern on the electrically-adjustable AMG sports seats, headliner and door panels, while carbon-fiber and wood trim features throughout the cabin. Other interior am...
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Tim Belton Mar 21, 2012
Why is everyone so hard up about the SLS?.. It's not comparable to the SL really.. Ones a retro recreation and ones been around for generations
Michael Riley Mar 20, 2012
not as menacing as it once was :( black series ftw
Phillip Holbrook Mar 20, 2012
It's not like these are mass produced, and you can walk into a dealer and walk off the lot with one. These are special order only, every single one they sale is nothing but profit.
Jason Brower Mar 20, 2012
I can see the appeal, this car is designed more for business men who are very rich and like fast cars, the sls is more of a wild car, it's not as reserved or classy. Plus the sl65 will kick the doors off an sls in everyday scenarios.
Carlton Salmon Mar 20, 2012
Not sure why anyone would by a SL65 over an SLS Roadster? Unfortunately it doesn't look that much different from the previous model apart from giving it huge, ugly lights. Are M-B still shifting enough of these to really make a profit?
David Mikolyzk Mar 20, 2012
Smug assh0le in the pic.
Jesse Krim Mar 20, 2012
Who would buy this over the sls?
Chris Dimattia Mar 20, 2012
From the windshield forward is too busy.
Kyle Anderson Mar 20, 2012
I really like it, but $200,000 is just a little overpriced in my opinion.
Kris Scrase Mar 20, 2012
The whole bloody article is about the SL65!
Zachary Maurer Mar 20, 2012
@riley, they said the v12 will join the v8 lineup, I had to re-read that paragraph a couple of times to get it, I thought it was a v8 too
Riley James Smith Mar 20, 2012
They say V8, yet on the side right there it says V12.
Tim Belton Mar 21, 2012
Till you see one in person and snap ya neck lookin at it.. The headlights are not as bad as people keep whining about
Al Tungupon Mar 20, 2012
Looks are what SLs should be all about. From the original gullwing, they were all gorgeous until this one. Mercedes have worked like McDonald's this time, offering just a jumbo SLK.
Bob Jones Mar 20, 2012
Who cares if its ugly, it's a little roadster with 738 ft lbs of torque! It must be insanely fast and fun to drive.
grant.c Mar 20, 2012
i think it would look better if they did something else with the led's
redstalion Mar 20, 2012
who cares if its new. its ugly
Buddy Robinson Mar 20, 2012
I like it, but what the big deal?
Josh Sutton Mar 20, 2012
SLK's too small for my taste, but it looks great- both cars do. And they're better than the headlights on an E class at least.
Josiah Thomas Clements Mar 20, 2012
Umm I'll take an SLK AMG please...
Jason Brower Mar 20, 2012
I just hope they make this into the next black series. The old sl65 black is one of my absolute favorite Mercedes. Of course behind the clk gtr dtm amg
Stephen Reed Warren II Mar 20, 2012
I think it looks great
Jackson Michael Mar 20, 2012
Actually Eddie pretty much every manufacturer is like that
h6ryc Mar 20, 2012
bored lookin at realy doesnt do anything for me it just looks like a bigger slk.....its ashame as i was expecting much more from Mercedes !
Justin Routh Mar 20, 2012
Lets see it with the track and aero package
Zachary Maurer Mar 20, 2012
My favorite convertible-EVER
Jerry Cole Mar 20, 2012
True. But just remember that they all offer diff things..
Eddie Ethree Motors Mar 20, 2012
All the German cars are like that. Audis cars all look like one another but smaller same with BMW and mb. S class looks like a big c class like a A8 n a6 a4
Moh Nagadi Mar 20, 2012
doesn't it look like a big SLK ?
Isaac Rezkalla Mar 20, 2012
Looks best with the top up
Dickson Lui Jun 28, 2015
Love this Benz !!!
Justin Pedoto Mar 20, 2012
I love how sophisticated this car looks, but it is supposed to be a monster to drive
Brandon Carr Mar 20, 2012
It says, I'm formal (styling) but I like to party (massive v12)
Shiv Shukla Mar 20, 2012
Oh, I didn't know Merc was getting taillight styling advice from TOYOTA SOLARA designers....*puke*
Chris Dimattia Mar 20, 2012
Too many vents, strips of chrome in the front. The back is smooth, front too much stuff.
Stephen Cobbs Mar 20, 2012
I like the rear styling better than the front.
Phillip Holbrook Mar 20, 2012
The vents are actually a Mercedes and Pontiac staple. Both manufacturers used those round vents for years
Chris Dimattia Mar 20, 2012
Believe the old benzs had this style of vents.
grant.c Mar 20, 2012
i love this! but they should do something else with the dark oval around the navigation/vents.
Raymond Reynoso Mar 20, 2012
I'm tired of those Pagani styled vents most cars are using now. I dunno why but I am