Comments - SEAT Toledo Concept is Production Ready

Published: Mar 02, 2012
Description: Spanish automaker SEAT has released photographs of the Toledo Concept just days before the start of the Geneva Motor Show. As a concept car the photographs are disappointing; what we were really given...
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Description: The Toledo Concept is designed according to the current SEAT design language with very slick body panels, dominant shoulder lines on the sides and more aggressive expression at the front. The grill ha...
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Max Müller Mar 03, 2012
Yes, if there was no Seat S, it could be a VW
David Markham Mar 03, 2012
Totally agree. They killed this brand.
Jeremy Atkinson Mar 03, 2012
This is a huge disappointment. Seat was supposed to be about Latin flair and a VW group project to rival Alfa Romeo. The car presented here is so similar to Volkswagen's own styling that they may as well put their own round badge on the front of it.
Josiah Thomas Clements Mar 02, 2012
Besides for the front it looks like a VW jetta.