Posted on: Mar 02, 2012
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SEAT Toledo Concept is Production Ready

SEAT to unveil in Geneva a new concept car that is practically production ready.
Spanish automaker SEAT has released photographs of the Toledo Concept just days before the start of the Geneva Motor Show. As a concept car the photographs are disappointing; what we were really given is the forthcoming SEAT Toledo: expected launch this summer. The new Toledo is a hatchback, as opposed to the previous model which was a sedan, and is longer, better designed and more spacious than its predecessor with a lot of luggage space at the back of the car.
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The Toledo Concept is designed according to the current SEAT design language with very slick body panels, dominant shoulder lines on the sides and more aggressive expression at the front. The grill has bocame wider and narrower, much like its stable mate's Skoda, and is combined better with the new shaped headlamps. The interior design carries all the hallmarks of Volkswagen Group's parts bin, with two dominant rounded gauges on the instrument panel and a rectangular digital board between them.

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