Comments - Carlsson Modifies Mercedes-Benz SLK

Published: Mar 02, 2012
Description: The German tuning outfit's latest package the R172, made up of exterior, interior and technical upgrades, will be displayed at the Geneva Motor Show next week. First up, the two-seater roadster g...
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Matthew Reindorp Mar 02, 2012
Carlsson are pretty well known they do alot of mercs
kirksbro Mar 02, 2012
Never heard of Carlsson, but they did a good job!
Description: Carlsson has lowered the SLK by around 30mm, while the wheel arches house 19-inch 1/10 TE design Carlsson light alloys. Carlsson's Signature Line leather finish in Nappa Exclusive leather ado...
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Clayton Corley Jun 03, 2012
If I'm correct the stock slk250 has only about 205 hp so atleast it's an ibcrease
Matthew Paul Mar 02, 2012
It's not really a track car so much as a fun sporty plaything for those who can't afford an sl/don't want the bling
Phillip B Jong Mar 02, 2012
Maybe that's additional hp?
Dan Kelly Mar 02, 2012
239hp? A car that looks like that should have more
Justin Routh Mar 02, 2012
No he would be in an S class
Knox Ferraro Mar 02, 2012
This car looks like it would belong to a very successful coke dealer.
Brandon Lidy Mar 02, 2012
Nothing to jump about. Decent wheels though
Andrew Hubbard Mar 02, 2012
I hate how they take out the Mercedes logo.
Matthew Basmadjian Mar 02, 2012
@ buddy, Nice joke! They're trying to polish a turd by adding a bit of chrome, dark lights and their badge. It doesn't look too good.
FoxRS Mar 02, 2012
nah, i don't like it.