Comments - Video: Nissan GT-R Sets World Record on the Drag Strip

Published: Mar 19, 2012
Description: An AMS GT-R showed up at the Lonestar Motorsports Park during the TX2K12 event and absolutely destroyed the drag strip. Tearing off the line, the GT-R's world record pass was timed at 8.63 second...
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Fabian Pioro Mar 27, 2012
Ether it will be 3 times the price or 3 times slower! Both gtr and skylines where built on technology, that's the soul. Bigger,faster,stronger.
Josh Moak Mar 23, 2012
to me this car is an amazing piece of engineering. its not only fast in the strait line, but it also gives four wheel drive cars a run for their money on the cornering. if your not careful it will snap your back with the amazing grip it has.
quadrophine Mar 22, 2012
also to say the car has no soul is ridiculous. the soul is an esoteric value we place on human life and as history proves is likely as nonexistent in humans as it is in cars. to the gtr hater haters out there ill say, its quick off the lot, but they goofed somewhere. if it was 50 k I might consider it but still probably not. there are better looking and just plain better cars out there we mus...
quadrophine Mar 22, 2012
It goes right up my ass when people say "its amazing they got that Much power from a v6" jaguar got 550 from a v6 over 20 years ago. with a solid built there's really no ceiling. if you have the money to throw at a vtwin you could see them making 1000+ hp. the gtr isn't evolution its convolution. its a short bus that's why the drivers where helmets
Trent Fiala Mar 22, 2012
@Fordfan Yeah so what! Who cares
Trent Fiala Mar 22, 2012
@Rani I'm not talking to you so it's your fault you read it Haha
Tofu Yang Mar 21, 2012
I'm pretty sure it was the underbody diffuser
Rúni Rasmus Stensen Mar 21, 2012
@Trent, if you don't care about what he says then why are you so upset? Makes no sense!
Jack Kraeutler Mar 20, 2012
That thing is just evil.
Jose Alfonso Macias Mar 20, 2012
Actually justin was the one trying to compare the gnx... Completely different cars so it's pointless. Anything can be made to go fast in a straight line... Trying to get cars to go around a road course fast is a little bit harder to achieve with just any car. So gnx and gtr is a retarded comparison. And people this article is referring to a gtr time, not all world records. Might help if it sp...
Patrick Schalk Mar 20, 2012
Corbin if you're seriously comparing a GNX to a modern day GTR, you need to get your head checked.
Trent Fiala Mar 20, 2012
It's not just for drag racing, look at the license plate Haha But I don't see why you'd drive it on the street anyways
Lee Cascio Mar 20, 2012
Shepard racing has a 91 eagle talon that is quicker and it has 2 less cylinders and 1 less turbo...just sayin.
Danny Scott Mar 20, 2012
Well yeah.. I'm sure it's set up for drag only... Hence the parachute..
Justin Carter Mar 20, 2012
Pretty sure this guy here isn't nimble around corners
Andrew Wilkinson Mar 20, 2012
You can't respect it bc someone made it better? That makes no sense
Tin Nguyen Mar 20, 2012
I still think it has a lot of bang for the buck. It's a great performer with affordability price tag but the styling doesn't do it for me.
Tin Nguyen Mar 20, 2012
Even if you don't like the car give it some respect. The engineering on this car is amazing. If I have $80k I would get something different (not necessarily better/faster). I just don't like this styling.
Steve Johnson Mar 20, 2012
I'm not a fan of this thing but you gotta hand it to the GTR's performance.
Corbin Englund Mar 20, 2012
@justin get that GNX on a road course and see what happens. It'll find every wall on the course....
Justin Carter Mar 20, 2012
1 Get another driver, r/t is horrible 2 not a fanboy, just putting it out there: GNX's ran in the 6's with v-6's decades ago with rwd, and a LOT less tech. I'm still waiting for any foreign supercar to come close to real drag racing cars. Somebody has to be rich and stupid enough to go hard
Dillon Dixon Mar 20, 2012
Turning all the assists off can void the warranty, by the way.
Kevin Irish Mar 20, 2012
I know the assists can be turned off, but that would be a huge mistake if you ever wanted to drive it like this.
Graham Browne Mar 20, 2012
The GTR is a stand alone model and not a Skyline, the Skyline is a completely different car. Just saying. Lol
Marthy Gajardo Mar 20, 2012
They seriously called it a skyline? Guess they dont read up or know about the car!
Danny Scott Mar 20, 2012
If the assists can be turned off... Why are kids crying about them??? Oh wait it's just a bunch of uneducated kids trying to Hate on something they don't understand....
Skylar Grout Mar 20, 2012
American tuners =the best but kelly bise now has competition
Diego Pasotti Mar 20, 2012
Well obviously this isn't a stock GT-R... The title should read world record for the fastest GT-R.
Dillon Magee Mar 20, 2012
What's the world record for a stock car? I know the Veyron SS will do high 9's.
Diego Pasotti Mar 19, 2012
That's not the world record!
Patrick Schalk Mar 19, 2012
Hightechcorvette will post anything that's fast. They post Supras, G8s, GTR, or whatever they get on video.
Jennings Rengel Mar 19, 2012
Look at how that driver struggled to keep it under control off the line. Absolutely no way you could keep that thing on the road without the e-assists.
Micah Buffat Mar 19, 2012
Wow that was very speedy
Ethan Amo Mar 19, 2012
Strange how it says high tech corvette...and it has a video of a GT-R
Kevin Irish Mar 19, 2012
not guide them. And as for hating, I'm not. I respect the amount of energy and engineering that went into this beast, as well as the Juke-R. But I wouldn't own one. I hate Porsche, so I don't read any of those articles or comment them, trying to cause an argument. Saves a lot of BS
Kevin Irish Mar 19, 2012
Dang, that's quick. I wouldn't mind a car with less electronic assists, though. I prefer a true mechanical limited slip differential over electronic torque vectoring, which uses an open differential and just clamps the brakes of the wheel with less traction. Yes, it works, but I prefer the "old school" way of doing things. So I can see where Fordfan is coming from. Without all the assists, the G...
Jerry Cole Mar 19, 2012
Lmao, you can get the ass loose of a GTR with ease, and it powerslides pretty good might I add.
Brady Fereday Mar 19, 2012
Fordfan your an idiot did you not see the video with Matt farrah and the race in the phillipens that gtr got side ways well and you can turn all those assists off you can in the ZR1 viper hell in my Z I can turn off my comp assists
Nicholas Trikounakis Mar 19, 2012
And the evo has one of the most sophisticated AWD systems in the world... If you think that car has no computer help you know nothing about cars
Nicholas Trikounakis Mar 19, 2012
Who think they can drive and push a car to hard. Just be happy and enjoy the fact that this car is putting 1500ho to the pavement with minimal wheel spin... Thats amazing
Nicholas Trikounakis Mar 19, 2012
Ford fan you have never driven a GTR , bc if you had you would know that you can most def get the ass loose. All modern quality cars have computer assists... It's called evolution. There is a reason they are made, to save people like yourself
Devin Babyn Mar 19, 2012
The 400hp Evo is nutty. Surprised there's never been anything on it
Das Stig Mar 19, 2012
Oh! I just thought of one! The evo! Right...
Jose Alfonso Macias Mar 19, 2012
Yes this car may have alot of computer assisted stuff going on which in some ways takes away from the driving experience. But remember it was built this way for a reason, to be as fast as it is with a V6 and awd... And for the price... Pretty damn good. And someone tell me which production car now doesn't have computers working with it... Not One! So just let it be, it's doing what it's me...
Matt Piccolo Mar 19, 2012
I've seen supras doing mid-low 7's... Their was one in the mid sixes but u could tell it had an engine swap
rockstarTc Mar 19, 2012
Well obviously your crappy eclipse isnt a viper, but im glad your able to figure that out on your own. I have no clue how you are so thick and close minded to think this isnt a drivers car?! It is used by many racing teams as a GT car, and it is one of the fastest car on the ring, how is that not a drivers car?! Dude get a life and stop trolling on this car cause you know your wrong.
Dillon Dixon Mar 19, 2012
Behind it but the new one doesn't seem to have much to do with the older ones. It can only do what it can do bc of the computers in it. That's how I see it.
Dillon Dixon Mar 19, 2012
Why do you people love the GTR so much? All of you act like its the best car out there and it's got it's AWD and it's V6 and 2.5sec 0-60. I personally think its a great car but it doesn't seem to have much of a soul. I know it has a history.....
rockstarTc Mar 19, 2012
Also the record is for the fastest GTR, and its been a record for awhile so i dont know why they just reported it. Also remember it is a V6 which is crazy to be that fast. GO AMS!!
Douglas Orellana Mar 19, 2012
I dont understand why people who dont like a certain car still read and comment about it. Its like if you dont like the Nissan GTR then dont read the article cause it makes you look like an ass!!
rockstarTc Mar 19, 2012
fordfan you like driver cars?? you had a girly eclipse, which means you dont even know what a driver car is!
Zaire Wilkins Mar 19, 2012
best,fastest,sexiest V6 supercar in the world not this one tho the ones u see at the auto show (Ny) which im going to
Nick Steiger Mar 19, 2012
I have to say I am not impressed. A parachute on a Nissan? I could take a 502 Yenko Chevelle put it on steroids and do the same thing just with more noise. There are too many electronics in that vehicle to call it a car anyway.
Jackson Rojas Mar 19, 2012
It's highly tuned, any "tuned to the max" car would show awesome performance. Any car could get tuned
Abraham Mendoza Mar 19, 2012
I don't like the fact that the factory voids the warranty if you turn off the traction control. It feels as if its no fun, like you can't get it to misbehave. And the fact that the tires a filled with nitrogen.I like it, but I wouldn't want one.
Bob Jones Mar 19, 2012
Maybe it's the world record for 6 cylinders?
Matthew Reindorp Mar 19, 2012
Haha see @Fordfan you are one of a very rare breed of strange creatures that hates the GT-R for no reason other than it's great! That.!
Layton Cater Mar 19, 2012
Badass for a street car.
Clint Edwards Mar 19, 2012
Good time, no denying that. I still don't want one though.
Josh Negron Mar 19, 2012
Record for the GTR... That's what the article is talking about!
Jakob-Kyle Gilbert Mar 19, 2012
The god of the drag strip is a top fuel dragster. but the gtr is a good looking car and it was a fast time :) me no hating
No Pistons Mar 19, 2012
@fordfan Still whining like a little kid while remaining oblivious to facts and factual evidence besides your own clouded opinion I see
James Stevens Mar 19, 2012
Record for the gtr....not the supra or viper or rest of the world. So chill, 10000X better thn all ur cars anyway. Better thn mine too but I'm not hating...
Gib Terwilliger Mar 19, 2012
a viper did it in 7.99 its on youtube
Mario Callirgos Mar 19, 2012
Porsche and jaguar have 6 s that make over 540 and have both been tuned
Byakka Hirakawa Mar 19, 2012
And if ur going to hate Just dont read the article And dont comment
Byakka Hirakawa Mar 19, 2012
"better than wat they really r"? Id like to c another company come out with a 6 cylinder super car like that
Pablo Herasme Mar 19, 2012
For the haters look at the Buzzscore of the GTR and come back at me bro
Mikey Jimenez Mar 19, 2012
Just seen (on YouTube) a twin turbo charged viper do 7.98 @ 183! So what record did this beat ?
Mohammed Ateeq Mar 19, 2012
8.63 it says it in the first 3 seconds
Mohammed Ateeq Mar 19, 2012
The world record is that ig got to 172 mph in 8. Something seconds
Eli Orzechowski Mar 19, 2012
I've seen a supra run the 1/4 mile in the mid 7s at 185 mph
Pablo Herasme Mar 19, 2012
It would have been faster if it wasn't for the launch.
Matthew Reindorp Mar 19, 2012
And this is the alpha 12 package which has just over 1500hp and you can actually buy this for a stock R35 haha EPIC it's quite expensive though, something like 250k but for that much it's pretty fair for a monstrous drag car which is also road legal!
Matthew Reindorp Mar 19, 2012
Haha awww FordFan you really need to give up on hating the GT-R you truly are the only one who really hates it and you need to wake up and see the true immenseness of this car
Danny Scott Mar 19, 2012
In what ways are they better?
Buddy Robinson Mar 19, 2012
Better cars? No. Prettier and more fun to drive? Possibly. The has 4wd, so I'd say 2wd will have trouble topping this
Michael Kozlowski Mar 19, 2012
Props to the guy for keeping that thing tamed off the line.
Patrick Schalk Mar 19, 2012
Yeah I wonder what "world record" this is. Cause I've personally seen faster cars than this. I'm guessing GTR world record
Brady Fereday Mar 19, 2012
And Fordfan what would the time be for the cobra jet all the things I found say its under 10 so what like 9.99 lol
Theo Hubbard Mar 19, 2012
Best car in the world :) god I love Nissan
Brady Fereday Mar 19, 2012
And Fordfan it's faster than that cute eclipse you owned rofl
Brady Fereday Mar 19, 2012
Ya but Fordfan those are v8s remeber lol
Matt Piccolo Mar 19, 2012
I swear I've sen one on YouTube running 8.02??!!??!!
Nick Benz Mar 19, 2012
Hehehehe its from the hightechcorvette site.
Hendrik Reimer Mar 19, 2012
Tyres don't look stock for me... But I can be wrong :)
Tara Fitria Mar 19, 2012
Could it be the street legal tire record?
Igor Natsioks Mar 19, 2012
Still curious about what record they beat...? In the UK there is a 2000 or so hp road legal drag car. Some American car, on pump gas I'm sure it will smoke this GTR. What criteria is this record?
Brady Fereday Mar 19, 2012
Maybe the bumper came off at least the shoot stayed on though lol
Mario Callirgos Mar 19, 2012
GTR record maybe the 1/4 record for vipers is 7.76 on pump
Dylan Bruder Mar 19, 2012
Wonder what record they broke? Pump gas maybe?
JGL Scuderia Mar 19, 2012
the veyron has no chance at all. you will need another drag car to beat this
Aj TheDark Artist Mar 19, 2012
Looks like the diffuser came off
Description: The AMS GT-R was hard to handle off the line and when the chute deployed, something definitely tore off. HighTechCorvette, the author of the video, was unsure as to what exactly came off Godzilla&apos...
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Kyle Bohne Mar 19, 2012
probraly the dust shield or diffuser
Jack Howard Mar 19, 2012
nevermind im an idiot its on the back
Jack Howard Mar 19, 2012
the chute was probably stuffed behind the bumper and it blew the bumper off
Ryan 'Aquase' Bartek Mar 19, 2012
Fairly certain it was a front bumper.
Thibault Leroy Mar 19, 2012
yea probably took of part of the bumper or something
Stephen Tyler Learn Mar 19, 2012
At that speed it's a shit ton
Michael Beach Mar 19, 2012
I wonder how much force those chutes generate when they deploy
Brandon Whybrew Mar 21, 2012
Your right this state blows
Ronald Trinidad Mar 20, 2012
Is just one of the best cars ever made, fast fast fast.
Thomas Trudzinski Mar 19, 2012
Would have liked to have seen the video from the camera on the back.
Reid Huff Mar 19, 2012
I think he may be the daewoo guy because in a past of his he said that he has seen a daewoo with 1000hp
Devin Babyn Mar 19, 2012
I'm gonna wreck your fun and be nice to the guy. It's just a dual exhaust, with dual tips. The dual tips are just for looks, nothing special
Charlie Austin Mar 19, 2012
Yeah your right.. There are four engines, each of which has its own exhaust pipe.
Alex Stanzel Mar 19, 2012
I'm going with the latter. But I hope it's the former
Kenneth Williams Mar 19, 2012
I'm thinking they already did the testing and decided this setup was best. I don't think you build an 8 second car without taking into account rather a spoiler helps or not. Otherwise it would still have mirrors
Jerry Cole Mar 19, 2012
I recommend spoiler that might help the aerodynamics, and maybe even get a faster time.
Max Garcia Mar 19, 2012
Nice GTR 1 -Volkswagen veyron 0
Brandon Whybrew Mar 19, 2012
Illinois plates huh?! must be from north of I80 haha