Description: According to Automotive News, Porsche will begin production of a plug-in hybrid variant of the Panamera super sedan in 2014. The car is penciled in for the US but the timing of its release is unclear....
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Carlos Ernesto Garcia Mar 19, 2012
Is the Q7 a crossover cause i didnt think so
Chris Dimattia Mar 19, 2012
And where are all these coal powered electrical plugs? Besides the $2000 240v upgraded one in the garage. Ha ha! Gotcha! No where!
Michael Beach Mar 19, 2012
I think they meant the euro passat is getting the conversion and not the US
Jim Jimm Mar 19, 2012
The passat is in America too
Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Mar 19, 2012
Just in time for the electricity boom. Set to triple over next few years.
JGL Scuderia Mar 20, 2012
i would rather have a maserati quattroporte.
Avery Williams Mar 19, 2012
@Dillion Couldn't agree more.
Dillon Dixon Mar 19, 2012
Best super sedan out there!
Cian Rules Mar 19, 2012
It actualy looks good from this angle
Description: This follows news that a modular plug-in hybrid setup is being developed for the VW Group, with Bentley, Audi and VW set to benefit. Likewise, Porsche will utilize the setup that is in all probability...
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Description: So said Rudolf Krebs, VW's group chief officer for electric traction, in an interview last week. Furthermore, Krebs claims VW plans to introduce plug-in hybrids for luxury cars first as owners te...
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Luis M Lopez Mar 19, 2012
That last paragraph needs "and can afford the current prices"
Terna Faga Apr 11, 2012
This is my favourite porsche
Dillon Dixon Mar 19, 2012
Look at that front brake caliper. It's huge!
Mike Conrad Mar 19, 2012
Quad exhaust and hybrid - only in a Porsche.
Avery Williams Mar 19, 2012
I love how the lights look on this Panamera, looks awesome!
Stephen Reed Warren II Mar 19, 2012
Worst picture/color ever. Really car buzz?