Comments - Senner Tuning Beefs Up 2012 Audi S5 Coupe

Published: Mar 17, 2012
Description: It's been a couple of years since the German tuning outfit released their Audi S5 Coupe dubbed the 'White Beast,' and following Audi's release of the facelifted 2012 S5 Coupe, Senn...
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Description: This was achieved via a series of upgrades including an ECU remap, custom stainless-steel exhaust system with quad 100mm pipes and sports air filter. As a result top speed has increased from 155 to 16...
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Tyler Torres Mar 18, 2012
I second (or third) that.
Jason Johnson Mar 17, 2012
Daewoo! Do everyone a favor and keep out! I'm all for ragging a bit but you're just ignorant!
Kai Andrew Carlson Mar 17, 2012
Daewoo sounds like an idiot.
Humza Husain Mar 17, 2012
@daewoo and you're just japanese with a different name See how stupid I sound? That's how you sound
Rick Ross Mar 17, 2012
So, I'll say "no that one is lame". And she's like "it's exactly like the last one!". She doesn't realize how different the bodies and every single curve about these cars are. So if you think all the cars Audi has look the same, you don't know cars.
Rick Ross Mar 17, 2012
It tends to be the people who know NOTHING about cars who say they look the same. For example, I'll see a badass e92 m3, and I'll be like "wow that car is badass" then my girlfriend will point out an E46 325i and say "what about that one!?".
Matt Piccolo Mar 17, 2012
I agree... And this is absolutely amazing
Barry Stewart Mar 17, 2012
Many talk down on how the Audi line look the same, but I must say to a non admirer that goes for almost ALL brands! Buick, BMW, Mercedes... All brands have their trademarks... But I can Differentiate all the Audi's no matter from what distance.
Kai Andrew Carlson Mar 17, 2012
Mmmm yes,yes she is!
Josh Andrews Mar 19, 2012
Audi is by far the best...
Matt Piccolo Mar 17, 2012
Cts doesn't not even touch this in looks!!!this is in a whole other class!!!!!! FOR LOOKS
inflyte21 Mar 17, 2012
the a5/s5 is one of the sexiest coupes on the market. the other is the cts
Brandon Carr Mar 18, 2012
One does not simply explain how sexy this is with words. Not possible
Christo Savaides Mar 18, 2012
I still can't get over it lol. I'm gonna put these on my future RS5.
Christo Savaides Mar 18, 2012
Those rims look amazing.
Brandon Carr Mar 18, 2012
@daewoo go ahead and admit it, ur a blind retard who drives 1987 Pontiac fiero. U know nothing about cars and live in your mothers basement. This thing is beautiful!
Christo Savaides Mar 17, 2012
Those wheels are amazing.