Description: An icetrack in Sweden used by the Fiat Group is where the all-new Maserati Quattroporte was recently spied covered in a serious amount of camouflage. From the design on show it appears to be more evol...
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Steven Nevets Mar 16, 2012
@Dimitry, exactly! Maserati is all about exclusivity and gorgeous looks. And if close to 500hp isn't enough for you then by all means buy something else.
Matthew Paul Mar 16, 2012
People that bench race already have bmw's so they're not worried.
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Mar 16, 2012
It's Maserati! They don't have to prove anything.
Description: The adoption of lightweight materials will ensure that even if the 2014 Quattroporte grows in size to accommodate the 'baby Quattroporte,' it will be lighter than the current model. More pro...
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John Serely Mar 17, 2012
@daewoo it's covered with camo dumbass
Timothy Hooker Mar 16, 2012
If by more aerodynamic you mean completely different....then yes
Jackson Michael Mar 16, 2012
If by more aerodynamic you mean not the same, then yes.
diemert Mar 16, 2012
its just a more aerodynamic version of the dodge magnum
Raymond Reynoso Mar 16, 2012
Lol not digging the baby bump in the back either.
Stephen Cobbs Mar 16, 2012
Either thats camo or they are trying to be like the Panamera.
Rithhin Jawahar Mar 16, 2012
It's kinda the same I guess. Not much of a difference. Great car nonetheless. :D
Jackson Michael Mar 16, 2012
There's camo, you know
Nicholas Sevchenko Bilis Mar 16, 2012
Looks sort of wired and big... I like the older one better
Scotty Gee Mar 17, 2012
Best camo job ever. There's no way this car will have a huge, bulbous rear end like this when it's revealed. (I hope!)
Raymond Reynoso Mar 16, 2012
That camo is good, because those doors look messssssed up lol
Anders Larsen Mar 17, 2012
@Tanton it would not b camo if it were a mule
Jeremy Siebert Mar 17, 2012
Josh didn't say anything comprehendable. The FF won't be competing with this...they are built by the same company.
Ronan Reich Mar 16, 2012
Exacly what Josh said
Tanton Stoneman Mar 16, 2012
Don't worry, it's only a mule.
Justin Pedoto Mar 16, 2012
That back end is beginning to worry me.
Josh Andrews Mar 16, 2012
I think its not a new quattoporte its a package that there going to have to make it a hatchback probably to compete with the FF and the pamanera