Description: The tuning kit for the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster showcased at Geneva by the Swiss tuner is dubbed the FAB Design Jetstream Roadster and remains a firm favorite with the Geneva Motor Show faithful...
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Description: The wide-body aero kit is made up of a front bumper with vertically positioned daytime running lights, and widened fenders that flow into the side skirts and up into the widened quarter panels. At the...
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Abraham Kinghorn Jun 15, 2012
the idiots that decided to remove the badges should be fired. i could understand if you blacked out the badges, which i even preffer over chrome. but please dont EVER remove badges, it shows your ashamed of the manufactor'ers work and im pretty sure mercedes stands for quality, excellence, and luxury.
statusone Mar 18, 2012
never remove the badge. it screams I am ashamed of my manufacturer
Benjamin Davidson Mar 17, 2012
Looks like it was designed by Hasbro.
Donnie Mar 16, 2012
Very cheep and tasteless stock looks much better.
Thomas Trudzinski Mar 16, 2012
Awful, a matte paint job doesn't make it amazing... Also, let's cover up the elegant front insignia with a red button...
Thibault Leroy Mar 16, 2012
@devin its a roadster its not possible to put gullwing doors on it....
Matthew Reindorp Mar 16, 2012
Rims are disgusting and I'm not sure about the grills underneath the lights but I'd have the body kit, power and the Colour
Devin Mortenson Mar 16, 2012
Ruined it no gullwing doors!
Nick Sti Mar 16, 2012
Yet another ugly tuned sls
Raymond Reynoso Mar 16, 2012
Why would they like this? If I am ever blessed enough to buy this car, I'm sticking with stock.
Xuan Lin Mar 16, 2012
Its Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Matthew Paul Mar 16, 2012
Ummmm.., tasteless. I'll leave it at that.
Bob Thebuilder Mar 16, 2012
Horrible photography
Josh Andrews Mar 16, 2012
Terrible job i hate coloured rims should be black or chrome
lovekillerkevin Mar 16, 2012
whats with the red nose, seriously? at least leave the merc sigb where it was...
Ethan Amo Mar 16, 2012
It may have wowed the crowd, but it didn't wow me...I much prefer the standard SLS
Raymond Reynoso Mar 16, 2012
Wait, are the wheels red and orange? Wtf
Matthew Paul Mar 16, 2012
It looks horrible because it is horrible
Jackson Michael Mar 16, 2012
The lighting makes this look horrible
Bob Thebuilder Mar 16, 2012
I hate the rear end of this car
Michael Riley Mar 16, 2012
dirty ass wheels lol
Nbe Prodger Mar 19, 2012
They should have stopped 1/4 of the way in. Instead they kept going, and going and going and going...
Matthew Reindorp Mar 16, 2012
Ditch the rims and the grills underneath the lights and return the badge and I would have the colour, the kit, and the power... Before you lay into me imagine it how I've just described it.
David Munasinghe Mar 16, 2012
Why the he'll they rice an SLS.
Raymond Reynoso Mar 16, 2012
Looks like a bloody diarrhea
Matthew Paul Mar 16, 2012
Finally people agree that these tuners ruined the sls. I'm not alone! Salvation!
JGL Scuderia Mar 16, 2012
that is one of the uglyiest cars ive ever seen. one of my favourite cars is a sls but this one is terrible
Buddy Robinson Mar 16, 2012
The filled in ring ruins it
Jonathan Romero Mar 17, 2012
Sometimes is the little things that make a huge difference..
Michael Riley Mar 16, 2012
that's is much better looking pic vs those red rims lol
lovekillerkevin Mar 16, 2012
a lot better.....but still no
Raymond Reynoso Mar 16, 2012
Yeah, I think they both suck
Drew J. Kleyweg Mar 16, 2012
looks better than the other one..... i guess....
Austin Oxner Mar 16, 2012
This angle looks amazing. If the front looked half this good, this car would be the cat's pajamas.
Jason Brower Mar 16, 2012
I have to say, the back end looks pretty good.
Matthew Reindorp Mar 16, 2012
Yeah although I don't like the grill underneath the lights. Make it look tired :)
lovekillerkevin Mar 16, 2012
the back is seriously sexy though..iv always though stock was a bit too rounded
Austin Oxner Mar 16, 2012
Looks great here too. They almost did it.
David Munasinghe Mar 16, 2012
The camber on the back wheel looks like the wheel is comming off.
Raymond Reynoso Mar 16, 2012
I dunno, I'm kind of tired of seeing Carbon Fiber. It seems every single car nowadays has to have that crap or it isn't "made to be fast".