Description: Graphic designer Dejan Hristov has updated his collection of rendered images of Bugatti's super-sedan concept, which come courtesy of World Car Fans. "The design has several innovative solut...
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Luke Gordon Mar 18, 2012
Challenger no I don't think so. The charger yes awesome feature on those old cars.
Payne Hodges Wilson Mar 17, 2012
Didn't the original charger and challenger both have panel hidden lights?
Jerry Cole Mar 16, 2012
Those r pop up head lights. This I similar, but a little more stylish.
David Pires-Ihsaan Mar 16, 2012
funny how my friends rx-7 has that same feature... but his is 30 years old.
Description: Latest reports on the progression of the 16C Galibier concept, which was first presented in 2010, suggest Bugatti is currently redesigning the concept to make it more comfortable and stylish, and that...
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Rami Wilson Mar 16, 2012
Almost as ugly as Veyron in the front, uglier than a Veyron in the rear.
N.rod Mar 16, 2012
how the hell do u get in the back of the car?
Michael Beach Mar 16, 2012
Edit: nvm saw its a gullwing
Michael Beach Mar 16, 2012
What's the wingspan?! You're gonna need a parking space on either side to get the doors open
Chris Penza Mar 16, 2012
And I thought the original concept couldn't get any worse
Isaac Jacob Jimenez Mar 16, 2012
Biggest door I've ever seen
David Pires-Ihsaan Mar 16, 2012
best looking community college ever..
Avery Doyal Mar 16, 2012
Wait wheres the back doors??
Garrett Frye Mar 16, 2012
I'm gonna guess this is the same designer from that rendering a few months ago, those front wheel arches are just wrong, imo
Riley McKelvie Mar 16, 2012
Why does the building matter? This isn't architecture buzz
Jerrod Swenson Mar 16, 2012
When will putting cars in front of bland modern architecture cease to be considered artistic? That building looks like a community college.
Christopher McSween Mar 16, 2012
Nothing to write home about!
Jackson Michael Mar 16, 2012
Didn't they already release one?
bugattipower12 Mar 16, 2012
this car is a lot like the latest bugatti but a lot flyer
Jackson Michael Mar 16, 2012
Thank god Bugatti already made a Galibier concept
Pietro Bolivar Mar 16, 2012
@ nalaking do u even read the article?
NalaKing Mar 16, 2012
They forgot to add in the lights.
Jerry Cole Mar 16, 2012
The haunted Biltmore estate
Imminentvictory Mar 16, 2012
Is that Wayne Manor in the background?
Abraham Mendoza Mar 16, 2012
I'm loving that "Alien" look. Looks really cool.
Abdul Koli Sadik Koli Mar 16, 2012
Yeah now ,four people can enjoy an amazing speed on a trip.
Trey Phillips Mar 16, 2012
Good job Bugatti! It's still ugly as hell!
Byron Borggard Mar 16, 2012
I like the way they changed the front end
Thibault Leroy Mar 16, 2012
@justin this isnt bugatti its an artist that designed this
Justin Routh Mar 16, 2012
They managed to make something uglier than the veyron
Jerrod Swenson Mar 16, 2012
The new MunsterKoach.
spedro21 Mar 16, 2012
damn! I want that house
Tim Preisinger Mar 16, 2012
That house is awesome!
Squizgar Mar 16, 2012
When this comes out ill go from hating Bugatti to loving them
Kai Andrew Carlson Mar 16, 2012
Bc the front end on this actually kinda resembles it...
Jackson Michael Mar 16, 2012
How come every time there's a new black car it HAS to be the new batmobile. Seriously, shut up.
Gianni Falzone Mar 16, 2012
That house is bad ass.
Bijan Jahanpanah Mar 16, 2012
This is the new Batmobile!
Kevin Shaffer Mar 17, 2012
Everything about this is just ugly.
grant.c Mar 16, 2012
look better with obvious headlights! imo
Jonathan Tjandra Mar 16, 2012
The rear way more cooler than the front The front like a badass ninja
Jack Howard Mar 16, 2012
Meh lights need to be seeable
Yazan Manhal Mar 19, 2012
What the roof is the most ugly part
Hektor Yberg Mar 18, 2012
The only part of the car I like... The roof!
Yazan Manhal Mar 19, 2012
It dosen t even look like a audi to put it with them
Mark Suvorov Mar 18, 2012
Guys last series of top gear 18 Audi is everywhere
Max Müller Mar 17, 2012
Europe plates? Arabian!
Heath Spence Mar 17, 2012
Love the California plate surrounded by Euro plates. Strange choice.
Maaz Mansoor Mar 17, 2012
Hard to tell between the front and reat
Alex Bouckley Mar 17, 2012
Vw owns seat as well
Rami Wilson Mar 16, 2012
First car ever with a butt crack.
Jeff Mar 16, 2012
From looking at the exhaust, clearly its a female's car.....must have a kitchen inside it
Brandon Carr Mar 16, 2012
Not a fair comparison
Eric Alcantar Mar 16, 2012
That's right, California license plate !
Troy Kessler Mar 16, 2012
Insert token in slot and enjoy the ride
N.rod Mar 16, 2012
omg avery is right, what the hell
Avery Williams Mar 16, 2012
@Avery Doyal Yeah I totally see that....Hahahaha!!!!
Chris Penza Mar 16, 2012
Holy crap Avery I see it too
Jon Wheel Mar 16, 2012
@Avery You are a genius. That is by far the most awesome comparison ever hahahaha
Avery Doyal Mar 16, 2012
Did any one ever watch sponge bob and see the episode where he tries stay in doors for ever and eats through hyperventilating. The back end reminds me of that face he makes while doing that.
Rick Ross Mar 16, 2012
Andrew MUST be a car enthusiast.
Thibault Leroy Mar 16, 2012
lamborghini skoda and bently as well
Malcolm Bryant Mar 16, 2012
bugatti, porcshe, audi all owned by VW
Matt Piccolo Mar 16, 2012
Vw also owns bugatti
Jim Jimm Mar 16, 2012
I've never seen such an ugly cat
Jonathan Tjandra Mar 16, 2012
I like that vertical exhaust
Nbe Prodger Mar 19, 2012
D- must do a lot better!
tdg Mar 31, 2012
stop hatin in a car none yall can aford
Nbe Prodger Mar 19, 2012
The doors are the only thing I like on this car. The designer has no concept, awful!
Yazan Manhal Mar 19, 2012
It looks to be the stupid car of the future
Taylor Holloway Mar 16, 2012
Looks like a car from tron
Phillip Collins Mar 16, 2012
I think the Gullwing is a little overkill to an already impractical
Roy Green Mar 16, 2012
Batman would buy it.
Yazan Manhal Mar 19, 2012
This thing is about to let me vomite
Tyler James Small Mar 16, 2012
Older Galibier concept is nicer IMO
Connor Wagner Mar 16, 2012
That exhaust is amazing
David Pires-Ihsaan Mar 16, 2012
top looks boring as mess.. but the bottom looks to out there..
Chris Dimattia Mar 16, 2012
One is overdone and the other is boring. Happy medium please.