Comments - BMW 1M Coupe by Hartge Tuned to 396hp

Published: Mar 15, 2012
Description: The German tuning company joins a long list of firms that have worked on the BMW 1 M over the past year and their program is made up of performance upgrades and styling enhancements. Under the hood, a...
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Description: The stock model sprints from 0-124mph (200kmh) in 13.52 seconds, and Hartge's creation shaves more than two seconds off the time, quoting its time at 11.34 seconds. In addition to the power upgra...
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Jordan Smith Mar 15, 2012
I really like the 1M, it seems like it'd be a blast to drive.
Kenneth Williams Mar 15, 2012
No the suspension is how it should be. This is the perfect stance for the car and probably performance wise also. Tucking the rear wheel would make the front look stupid.
JGL Scuderia Mar 15, 2012
the rear suspension isnt lowerd enough
Stephen Tyler Learn Mar 15, 2012
This is the only BMW i would actually want to own. Too bad they only made a few
Kyle Anderson Mar 15, 2012
This car is ridiculously small, I'm sure it's a rocket with the extra power.
Kris Scrase Mar 15, 2012
had an orange one of these at my work a few weeks ago. smoked the side and rear indicators, black chrome exhaust tips, sat tracking/radar detector, black badges...very nice car but looks heaps better now!
Paul Lissona Mar 15, 2012
Yah I'd really like to drive that.
Kai Andrew Carlson Mar 15, 2012
They did an amazing job. Simple and clean.
Pierre E Jean Mar 15, 2012
Hartge is a great BMW tuner, maybe the best
Patrick Schalk Mar 15, 2012
This looks really good. Bet it's a blast to drive with that extra power
Kenneth Williams Mar 15, 2012
Nooooo. Tire stretch
Justin Routh Mar 15, 2012
Me too. They give that nice subtle look without making it look silly like the big wings