Description: Design studio Pininfarina could be ready to launch their slick new 680hp plug-in hybrid EV coupe concept for an ultra-limited run. Speaking with Automotive News Europe at the concept's unveiling ...
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Luis A Villalpando Mar 17, 2012
Honestly, I don't like this whole plug in thing. I'd rather more money go into hydrogen fuel research
Phillip Fitchew Mar 15, 2012
The ultimate joy is that one day, Justin and guys like him are all going to HAVE to drive plug ins or EVs cus that's all that'll be available. We'll how devoted they are then.
Jeremy Siebert Mar 14, 2012
Read the next page of text: diesel fueled turbine. Yeah, diesel fueled turbine. Diesel fueled turbine. Is that sinking in yet? Plug in or not, this is a diesel fueled turbine...& that's awesome. Also, that means it should run on jet fuel
Justin Tucker Mar 14, 2012's a plug
Phillip Fitchew Mar 15, 2012
Pretty sure that's just you hating on the fact it's a hybrid. Pining aroma doesn't do "ugly."
Daniel C Coța Mar 14, 2012
With a door as wide as the crappy looking car.
Description: Angori also said that if Pininfarina were to build ten units of the Cambiano, each would cost about one million Euros, and if the production run increased to 70-75, unit prices would drop to 400,000 E...
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Jeremy Siebert Mar 14, 2012
Plus, that says Diesel fueled turbine.
Bill Bailey Mar 14, 2012
I think its actually an amazing looking car.
Description: The Cambiano is capable of a 171mph top speed while producing just 45g/km of CO2 emissions. Pininfarina claim the concept has an 800km range, 205km of which can be done in full-electric mode, and...
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Matthew Paul Mar 15, 2012
I think it would be great if it were a bit shorter, but it just looks too stretched.
Phillip Fitchew Mar 15, 2012
OMG, the amount of hate on here is ridiculous. People need to get with the times.
Darian Vorlick Mar 14, 2012
Looks like a European penned Camaro. Meh.
Ryan Kimmel Mar 14, 2012
Hmm, still looks like a sh!tty 90's GM concept. Scrap it.
Hank Austin Mar 14, 2012
Looks so much better real than in the teaser pictures
Villem Valgi Mar 14, 2012
always remids me of SAAB. in a good way.
Isaac Rezkalla Mar 14, 2012
pagani bugatti koenigsegg all behind the them wow