Description: In preparation for the future of efficiency in motorsport, Nissan has decided to take a somewhat unconventional approach. Their engineers are currently developing a new racing car, called the DeltaWin...
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Will Conover Mar 14, 2012
All Nissan does is power the car
Paul Trahan Mar 14, 2012
The car was designed by Ben Bowlby as a possible Indy Car. When the IICS declined the design Dan Gurney, Don Panoz, and Hycroft Racing all stepped in to continue development of the car.
Jack Higgins Mar 14, 2012
I hope they realize that this isn't a Nissan. It's made by Don Panoz and Dan Gurney.
Joseph Myers Mar 16, 2012
Dun na na nana na batman!
Will Conover Mar 14, 2012
Did you not read the article at all Matthew. It isn't classified and will be racing as a concept. And even if this thing were to race, it is so uncompetitive against Audi.
Matthew Malyapa Mar 14, 2012
I'm glad I'm bored of Audi always winning and since peugeot pulled out of lemans I want this to win
Paul Pickard Mar 14, 2012
Looks like something that should be on the salt flats instead of the track.
Jackson Michael Mar 14, 2012
Well yes, cars in the future are probably gonna be different
Brandon Lidy Mar 14, 2012
Rather ugly. Looks much different than a LMP car too
Description: More importantly, this racing technology will likely one day filter down to Nissan production road cars. Power comes courtesy of a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that features direct petrol injection ...
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Graham Dyer Mar 14, 2012
Even tho the car looks like the Batmobile the music sounds like batman too! :D
Description: All told, the engine, dubbed the DIG-T (Direct Injection Gasoline-Turbocharged), produces around 300hp and has the same technology found in the Nissan Juke DIG-T. Nissan also put together a solid team...
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Bob Jones Mar 16, 2012
Why doesn't Nissan give it a VQ37 or VR38 instead of the Jukes tiny engine?
Chris Gaines Mar 14, 2012
I wonder what the handling is like with that stubby front stance
Jackson Michael Mar 14, 2012
They have enough space to move around
Josh ?hompson Mar 14, 2012
I think rear wheel steering would be really dangerous. Way too easy to spin out
Ankle Curtains Mar 14, 2012
...with rear wheel steering? Can't see those front wheels being much use to get it around.
Josh ?hompson Mar 14, 2012
I wanna see how the hell this thing turns
Kevin Watson Mar 14, 2012
I would love having that dyno in my garage.
Honda Civic Mar 14, 2012
Thats the batmobile lol
Justin Harris Mar 14, 2012
They should just put a crazy powerful engine in it and run it on salt flats to break some records. Still can't imagine this going against LMP.
Carlton Salmon Mar 14, 2012
They should've just called it the Blackbird and be done with it.
Justin Routh Mar 14, 2012
Yeah i see the sr-71 ALOT in this
August Burrichter Mar 14, 2012
Definitely see the SR-71 in this thing.
JGL Scuderia Mar 14, 2012
looks like a missile