Comments - A New Nameplate, Race Car for Chevrolet in 2013

Published: Mar 14, 2012
Description: Chevrolet is going to introduce a new nameplate in the American market next year. The same name will also decorate Chevrolet's car at the Sprint Cup, the NASCAR elite championship. The racing car...
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Zach Cinkosky Mar 15, 2012
Caprice is already here in the form of a police-only (technically) car. I also doubt chevelle and agree that the el camino would be cool, but impractical. They are already getting rid of the avalanche, so I can't imagine a new sudotruck.
Donald Pittman Mar 14, 2012
Almost wonder if it will be a Caprice, technically a new nameplate.
Ivan Martinez Mar 14, 2012
I wish they could race the Camaro but you know... Different aero package. The Camaro should at least race the Nationwide Series because it's nearly similar to the Mustang and Challenger. The aero package would fit in that series.
Scott Gasbarro Mar 14, 2012
There are rumors of the caprice coming back and use the same platform as the Pontiac G8 and holden car.
Kevin Rehbock Mar 14, 2012
A new nameplate in NASCAR just means new decals
Description: "We know that Chevrolet fans are eager to see the new racecar and we hope that the prospect of being able to own one just like it will make the wait a little more bearable," said Jim Campbel...
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Description: Chevrolet drivers have also won five NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Manufacturers' Championships, and Jimmie Johnson (4) and Tony Stewart (1) have collected five NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver's ...
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John Rigano Mar 21, 2012
@Colby Jimmie won in 2006 in a monte Carlo so 4 is right.
Colby Church Mar 14, 2012
Jimmie Johnson won 5 championships, not 4. 2006-2010. Tony Stewart won last year in 2011. Therefore that is 6 championships by the Impala, not 5.
Cody Andree Mar 14, 2012
Yes the "impala" is why they win races lol
JGL Scuderia Mar 14, 2012
i just laughed when i saw that.
Nick Schnee Mar 14, 2012
I wanna drive that, in safe the guns really work xD
Jack Howard Mar 14, 2012
Yeah i saw that in chicago when they were filming
No Pistons Mar 14, 2012
Isn't that one of the transformer guys in the 3rd one?
Brandon Anthony Martinez Mar 14, 2012
Why can't NASCAR make these cars legal? Death Race anyone?