Comments - The Girls from the 2012 Geneva Show

Published: Mar 13, 2012
Description: Every auto show has more than just cars on display. And Geneva is the biggest European yearly automotive event, so it only makes sense for there to be plenty of beautiful women on hand to help present...
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Connor Wagner Mar 13, 2012
Hot chicks and cars... What more can a guy ask for
Micah Buffat Mar 14, 2012
I'm wondering witch one there trying to sell
Zachary Sindelar Mar 13, 2012
Girls ugly and out of shape, big door! Door check!
Eric Michalak Mar 13, 2012
I really appreciate how all of the comments are about the door.
Clint Edwards Mar 13, 2012
That'd be fun in a parking garage
Cody Matthews Mar 13, 2012
Look at how big that door is?!?!?!?
Pierre E Jean Mar 13, 2012
The door is the size of a Smart
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Mar 13, 2012
White on white lol she's super white
Paul Brodrecht Mar 14, 2012
She must have been demoted for the knees, she has to pose on a Hyundai.. lol
David Morris Mar 14, 2012
I never thought I'd laugh at someone's knees b4. You guys made my day
Danny Burns Mar 13, 2012
Every day girl for an every day car.
Rami Wilson Mar 13, 2012
These are the worst knee's ever on a woman under 60. Get some pants PLEASE!
Anil Mehta Mar 13, 2012
Those knees look like knots on cotton!
Eric Henning Mar 13, 2012
@other Eric...that made my day hahaha
Zachary Sindelar Mar 13, 2012
Looks way to skinny!
Eric Michalak Mar 13, 2012
They look knees. Knees are function over form for sure.
Matthew Leon Mar 13, 2012
at first i thought it was photoshoped
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Mar 13, 2012
OMG! Look at her knees. The left one looks like a face with a big nose!
Axel Cousins May 23, 2012
Damn!!! She is smoking
Paul Lissona Mar 14, 2012
Maybe that's Infiniti design language ha.
SupaDupaMe Mar 13, 2012
I think cutest of all the girls... Nice choice of color contrast.... Cutest though!
Zachary Sindelar Mar 13, 2012
Shes a cutie! Nice suv also!
Max Garcia Mar 13, 2012
Oh ya this is the Infiniti that Vettel drives I think they are putting this into production
Max Garcia Mar 18, 2012
Yes they are martini
Anil Mehta Mar 13, 2012
Are those Martini racing stripes?
Trent Griffin Mar 13, 2012
This paint job looks like Evil Kineivels
Nick Pietropaolo Mar 13, 2012
she looks like she is from 1992
Daniel Mcfarlan Riedmuller Mar 13, 2012
Italdesign brivido It is the same as the red one behind it. Remember how almost everyone hated it last week when it was on here. This paint job makes it look very nice.
wmg Mar 13, 2012
yeah. this car looks incredible
Axel Cousins Mar 13, 2012
What car is this? It very nice.
Raymond Reynoso Mar 14, 2012
Lmao I hope both of you have neither
Pratik Parija Mar 15, 2012
Dang where is the pic of the girl from the cover?! Lol
Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Mar 14, 2012
Surely there were better girls than that? The front intro pic was hot. Blue.
Daniel Mcfarlan Riedmuller Mar 14, 2012
The evos has 4 butterfly doors... This is the brivido.
Malcolm Bryant Mar 13, 2012
its called the ford evos
Joel Mcd Mar 13, 2012
Could it be the ford that was bragged about a hole ago?? Side note, that suit shit looks so uncomfortable.
Kevin Watson Mar 14, 2012
Isn't that Toney Montana little sister in scare face?
Brandon Whybrew Mar 13, 2012
haha exactly what I thought
Josh ?hompson Mar 13, 2012
Some star wars lookin s$%&
Daniel Bellafonte Mar 14, 2012
They can be if they gain citizenship though, zing!
Raymond Reynoso Mar 14, 2012
Btw, people that are not from Spain and speak Spanish are not Spanish, since Spanish is a nationality.
Raymond Reynoso Mar 14, 2012
Lol how dumb is Michael, even if you didn't know she was Romanian she was speaking Italian not Spanish. Disgraceful.
Emmanuel Irizarry Mar 13, 2012
I love that commercial that CHICK damn
Josh ?hompson Mar 13, 2012
The girl in the commercial was Romanian
Michael Gallagher Mar 13, 2012
Shouldn't they have a Spanish girl? That's what the commercial has. Or Ecuadorean woman.
Nishant Raj Mar 25, 2012
yuck she looks like my maid
Connor Wagner Mar 13, 2012
Ask this chick to spell maserati
Matt Wolodkiewicz Mar 13, 2012
She's my fave. Very classy and I can tell she has a nice figure underneath that dress
Caleb eason Nov 27, 2012
driver looks like Lindsey lohan
Axel Cousins May 23, 2012
The driver seat model is actually the hottest one. Man I am a sucker for blondes. She is the hottest model on here
Antonio Falsetti Mar 17, 2012
Hey both hands on the wheel
Daniel Bellafonte Mar 13, 2012
Yes I will happily get in the back seat and let you keep me as a hostage!
Paul Lissona Mar 13, 2012
Yah drivers seat girls face is nicer.
Thibault Leroy Mar 13, 2012
@Barry if only u had a supercar XD ;)
Barry Stewart Mar 13, 2012
The driver seat model is the best looking female on here, she can ride in my super car any day! Lol jp
Marlo Suazo Mar 14, 2012
Great fun bags all she needs is a pearl neckless
Raymond Reynoso Mar 14, 2012
@Anders that's because you haven't seen a pair of tits like these in person. If you did you wouldn't be complaining
Daniel Bellafonte Mar 13, 2012
Haha now I see why this one is the most commented on photo.
Paul Lissona Mar 13, 2012
Yah she looks really good ha.
Emmanuel Irizarry Mar 13, 2012
( • ) ( • ) 0.0
Danny Burns Mar 13, 2012
Sweet "shadow casters".
Tanton Stoneman Mar 13, 2012
@jonny, nice pair of tits as well.
Anders Larsen Mar 13, 2012
I'm kinda surprised at these girls. While some r very pretty like this 1 the girls at my local auto show which is not a big one ( Minneapolis ) are a lit better! Don't get me wrong this one is great but some of the other ones look like terrible
Oscar Galvan Mar 13, 2012
Yes, she's definitely the breast..... I mean best
Dillon Dixon Mar 13, 2012
Yeah there are some in the gallery that should have made it into the actual article.
Carlton Salmon Mar 13, 2012
The prettiest girl of the lot IMO
Patrick Schalk Mar 13, 2012
There are some SMOKIN girls in the gallery!
Patrick Schalk Mar 13, 2012
Look at the funbags on that hose hound! JK. She is very pretty
Irish Mar 13, 2012
Still take the maserati russian girl!
Stephen Cobbs Mar 13, 2012
Typical Carbuzz. Saving the best girl for last.
Austin Marks Mar 13, 2012
Good to see it comes with two side curtain fun bags