Description: The late, great, Paul Newman will always be remembered with fondness by automotive enthusiasts across the globe. The Hollywood legend is known for racing the 24 Hours of Le Mans in Barbour's Pors...
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Description: Newman's V8-powered 2002 Chevrolet Corvette that he won his last SCCA race in was sold in auction for $275,000. The 700hp, 346-cubic inch Corvette was recently rebuilt, re-bodied, repainted and g...
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Irish Mar 13, 2012
Great car, great legacy.
alemmons Mar 17, 2012
I own this car now I won the auction
Jimmy Bartolotta Mar 18, 2012
Why would it need airbags? That would be like saying all cars from the 50's etc wouldn't be legal because it doesn't have airbags. Hell this car is probably safer then anything out there without airbags lol. And same goes for seatbelt. If the car didn't come from the factory with them, they aren't needed.
Abraham Mendoza Mar 14, 2012
Doesn't it need air bags to be legal?
Jimmy Bartolotta Mar 14, 2012
Depending on where you register the car, as long as it has working lights, meets emissions, has windshield wipers and has tires with treads(aka, lose the race slicks) it is possible to make it street legal. Its possible I could be wrong on that list, or missing stuff. I know losing the race slicks is a must though.
Thibault Leroy Mar 14, 2012
wait is this car road legal?!?!?
JGL Scuderia Mar 14, 2012
it looks complicated