Description: In what was effectively an open-and-shut case, a Japanese doctor has been jailed for 6 months and fined 1,000 Euros after posting a video of himself driving 3 times the speed limit in his Ferrari 458 ...
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Zach Frajer Feb 07, 2014
I did 196mph in a BMW m6 on a wooded rad like this but we didn't get caught
Alexander Gomez Mar 15, 2012
He had some nice driving gloves to match the 458.
Pratik Parija Mar 15, 2012
Guy knows how to handle sports car. Good job but sucks he got caught & dang go to jail for 6 months!!
Nick Christensen Mar 14, 2012
No need for jail time. Fine the crap outta him, or suspend license. But no jail....just ridiculous
Jairo Garcia Mar 14, 2012
LMAO fail. He could pass the Porsche and he gets arrested for speeding, double fail
Pierre E Jean Mar 13, 2012
The guys knows how to drive
Pierre E Jean Mar 13, 2012
The guys knows hot to deive
Ben Watson Mar 13, 2012
I agree this is ludicrous. No reason for jail time.
Jake Marra Mar 13, 2012
@riley....yea but u didnt videotape it
Riley Buller Mar 13, 2012
6 months for doing 77 in a 25? I tripled the speed limit in a 45 zone once didn't get caught but that's ridiculous
Blake Chapman Mar 13, 2012
The 458 is definitely one of my favorite cars and those coastal roads look like a blast to drive. Maybe except for the fact that it looked like the road was barely big enough for one car let alone two. But drivin a 458 along the coast is a dream.
John Serely Mar 13, 2012
@Arvid the money may not matter to him, but he will lose 6 months of his life in jail. That and because he is a doctor, he may lose clients/lose his job. Not to mention social issues, so I feel pretty bad for this guy. BTW I still think he is a dumbass for posting something like this on youtube
Carlton Salmon Mar 13, 2012
I thought he drove well considering the empty road conditions, he obviously knew those roads well. Exciting to watch a car like this being driven along a lovely coast road but I'm not for one second condoning this. Money and sense don't go together.
Justin Routh Mar 13, 2012
I blame the guy in the Porsche. He started it lol
Dillon Dixon Mar 13, 2012
I personally thought he was a pretty good driver until he got onto the road at the last half. He almost hit a few people.
Arvid Cremer Mar 13, 2012
Mehhh 1000 euros is probably nothing for him.
Matty Michaels Mar 13, 2012
Going 100 through a blind corner on public roads IMO should deserve some penalty (he almost had a head on collision around 4:00)
Patrick Schalk Mar 13, 2012
BTW, what was that car in front of him? Looked like a GT2 but I couldn't tell.
Patrick Schalk Mar 13, 2012
A dude from Oklahoma City did this same thing awhile back in a twin turbo Vette. He got his car impounded and sold on eBay but I don't know if he got jail time. He was doing at least 170-190 in his vid. Be careful what you post on YouTube.
Emmanuel Irizarry Mar 13, 2012
Haa. I saw this in the news yesterday, I was like I be carbuzz will put it on
NalaKing Mar 13, 2012
@Chris B Then purhase one and show us how you drive a 458 Italia.
NalaKing Mar 13, 2012
@chris That is the converted currencies.
Chris Benson Mar 13, 2012
How about fining the guy for poor driving skills instead? Downshifting too early, and poor apex acceleration. Fine -5 xp, and -2 manta
P_R_N_D Mar 13, 2012
Finally someone making a video without adding their own gay music soundtrack. That's the kind of music I like to hear... engine.
Daniel Bellafonte Mar 13, 2012
When it's on a public road and not on a track of course the authorities will take a keen interest in it. Granted it is a harsh sentence and heavy handed but I guess they want and need to make an example out of someone.
Barry Boo Wilson Mar 13, 2012
Imagine that. Getting jail time for recording yourself do something illegal and city streets. Darn.
Donte Perino Mar 13, 2012
So people are looked down upon for posting videos of their car doing its "proper" speed?
Description: According to the boastful doctor, "I wanted to make a Ferrari promotional video," which is all well and good, but going 77mph in a 25mph zone is asking for trouble. Japanese paper The Mainic...
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Ryan Fitzgerald Mar 14, 2012
that's why you live in 'merica! the maximum penalty for a first offense here is $500....
Justin Routh Mar 13, 2012
Yeah thats complete bs
Cody Matthews Mar 13, 2012
6 months for not even doing over 100???
Jake Tazik Mar 13, 2012
I wouldn't say distance/time=speed is advanced physics. Eighth grade physics at best
wmg Mar 13, 2012
that's bullshit. the law shouldn't be able to prosecute someone for posting a video unless someone other than the driver actually got hurt.