Description: Even before news of a possible Bugatti Veyron SuperSport-beating top speed emerged, the Koenigsegg Agera R was known as a marquee performer in the hypercar category. The Swedish supercar already owned...
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Ken Kirtland Sep 19, 2012
hahaha bugatti and engineering do not go together. it is the saddest peice of engineering in history. plus i would like to point out that this car is just as refined as a bugatti and has more expensive materials on the interior. this car is lighter faster and much better on road courses and has a much softer ride and better build quality
Jordan Massenburg Jul 20, 2012
They need to hurry and try to actually test that 273mph claim, if you say it prove it you know?
thelornin Jun 22, 2012
If the Bugatti SS was stripped down it would be much faster.And the W16 is a bit heavy. The veyron is a high speed cruiser and the konigsegg is a mad car but at those it would just be rumbling in the dashboard and every thing.In the bugatti it is silent and calm. Because of German engineering
Ty Piper Apr 27, 2012
@Fabian, koenigseggs and bugattis are both good on road courses, what about them would make em bad? Lol
alpinab3 Apr 20, 2012
awsome koningsegg !!!!!! koningsegg are the best Swedish Car !!!!!!!!!!!
Ken Kirtland Apr 07, 2012
seriously some of yall need to check up on your facts koenigsegg does care about being the fastest car because the do not compromise but the care more about turning acceleration braking and over all performance and if thier car can break the record
Fabian Pioro Mar 27, 2012
Ok, what is the point to get top speed beside the title? None whatsoever! These cars really do not have any real track or road performance beside 0-200. Not even there 0-60 (where it really matters). Start making cars that are the best in all. Top speed is useless.
grant.c Mar 21, 2012
Wait. Never mind, sorry. it gets "14". lol
grant.c Mar 21, 2012
Bugatti isn't horrible looking but this is soo much better, And i think it's kinda cool that its only a V8. While the bugatti is a w16 and they are both getting around the same power. (And really? You drive for a30 minutes in a Bugatti and you better have some extra tires and gas. Cause really 3 mpg?)
Cody Matthews Mar 19, 2012
@jared you really came to this old article just to say that? Wow.
Jared Burton Mar 19, 2012
The Hennessey venom gt is still faster
Abraham Mendoza Mar 15, 2012
Hey, did all the staff quit or what?
Bob Jones Mar 15, 2012
Yeah where's our news?
Blaze9794 Mar 15, 2012
I know this isnt relevant to this article, by why havent there been any new articles for the last couple of days?
Pratik Parija Mar 15, 2012
Man they have gotta stop with this competition of who's faster. Make cars that drive well and 200mph should be enough unless you want to race it regularly & most tracks don't even allow speeds exceeding about 200 ish
Bob Jones Mar 14, 2012
@ Fordfan Ten years ago the record was 231, now it's 267. Car technology is advancing insanely quickly, I really wouldn't be surprised if someone hits 300 soon.
Thibault Leroy Mar 14, 2012
i defenitly agree with josh and i think that in 10 years there will be alot of technological progress so i think it will definitly be possible to go 300 mph
Bob Jones Mar 14, 2012
McLaren does care, they want to make the F1 successor the fastest car in the world.
Cody Matthews Mar 14, 2012
@josh you need your head checked.
Justin Routh Mar 14, 2012
Ford fan you dont think they could in 10 years? If they get this theyre only 27 mph away imo i think its definatly possible!
Josh Webb Mar 13, 2012
Veyron is way better looking
Colin Barr Mar 13, 2012
Koenigsegg & Pagani > every other supercar maker
Eric Alcantar Mar 13, 2012
No shit, Mclaren could care less about hitting 300mph.
Cody Matthews Mar 13, 2012
Hey guys check this out It's the Koenigsegg factory and the whole story behind the brand.
Patrick Schalk Mar 13, 2012
Hey CarBuzz where's ma drag race?
Bob Jones Mar 13, 2012
And @Josh it's pronounced pretty much like its spelt, Ko Nig Seg.
Bob Jones Mar 13, 2012
Great news, Koenigsegg should finally get the recognition it deserves. With them, SSC, Hennessey, and McLaren all going for the record, I feel like we might hit 300mph within the next decade.
Alexander Gomez Mar 13, 2012
A great story behind this brand too. One man had an idea and made it a reality.
Josh Melhorn Mar 13, 2012
I love both cars. There great engineering machines. And I always wondered, how do you pronounce Koenigsegg? Lol
Zachary Sindelar Mar 13, 2012
There both amazing cars, I saw a blue and black Bugatti and I still enjoy the picture when I see it.
Ryan Filkins Mar 13, 2012
Even somebody that doesn't know that it's the fastest production car would stop and take pictures of it because it's so rare and gorgeous,
Ryan Filkins Mar 13, 2012
I honestly don't know why everyone is hatin' on the Bugatti Veyron, I think it's such a beautiful car and the designer of it was a genius, and whoever said they saw 6 and kept walking is clearly just saying that to try and win his argument lmaao,
gerathxd Mar 13, 2012
bugatti veyron is the dreamest car, but the koenigsegg is cleverer than it. it is cool, too
Pablo Herasme Mar 13, 2012
That question was not directed towards you
Trent Fiala Mar 13, 2012
I've seen a veyron too and I don't really like them, at first it was like Dan that's sweet and now ehh whatever just a veyron Now the Agera R is just sick and looks so cool unlike the veyron
Chris Penza Mar 13, 2012
The veyron does have horrible styling. It's the most hideous supercar currently available
Mario Callirgos Mar 13, 2012
Ya I am not a veyron fan either, I dont like it's styling
Thibault Leroy Mar 13, 2012
what do u mean so what it made it the fastest production car in the world and it was meant to be a car you can drive to the opera and i remind u the 16.4 was launched in 2005 its an engineering marvel (o and btw i highly doubt you have seen 6 veyrons and if u have i dont think u just keep walking)
Pablo Herasme Mar 13, 2012
Why hate the Veyron? Yea its French, but its engineering is was beyond its time.
Patrick Schalk Mar 13, 2012
I just want someone to test the damn Venom GT already!!! I'm tired of waiting. Someone needs to dethrone the Pig.
Cody Matthews Mar 13, 2012
It's not a convertible. But the roof is removable.
Ben Winck Mar 13, 2012
And it's a convertible
Cody Matthews Mar 13, 2012
@justin it's completely street legal. Theres one that drives around London a lot. This car really does deserve the record IMO. They work so hard to make all of there cars perfect and are willing to take suggestions on improvements.
Justin Routh Mar 13, 2012
I cant wait till the damn veyron gets beat
Duncan Jolley Mar 13, 2012
Who else doesn't like Veyron?
Nick Schnee Mar 13, 2012
YES! I HAVE WAITED FOR THIS MOMENT ALL MY LIFE! :D Well not really, but I'm glad the Veyron has been replaced. I really like Koenigsegg's design and that it it's a new company. That shows that the car industry is still open for new people.
Johnny Francis Mar 13, 2012
This deserves the top speed record over bugatti.
Skye Sativa Mattfeldt Mar 13, 2012
Or however you spell it! Haha
Skye Sativa Mattfeldt Mar 13, 2012
God I love Koeneggsiegg!!!
rockstarTc Mar 13, 2012
I cant wait for this car to get the record this is the coolest car ever! I think it will be between the ssc and koenigsegg, bye bye Bugatti!!
koenigsegg14 Mar 13, 2012
I love this car make, brilliant design
Matt Piccolo Mar 13, 2012
Personally I think this looks beter than the new sac, but their both sweet cars...
Justin Tucker Mar 13, 2012
What's the point..this car isn't even street legal
Gregory Fatguy Mar 13, 2012
I know they make cars faster and faster,but what happens when they eventually past 300mph?
Andrew Grimm Mar 13, 2012
Bugatti said they were not going to go after the next speed record when it gets beat. Good riddance to that ugly thing too.
Zaire Wilkins Mar 13, 2012
ohhh shit look out SSC tataura which looks better than both
Axel Cousins Mar 13, 2012
Bugatti will have to put aside the sedan and make a new super sport to still hold the top speed title. I would want to see what they come up with. Right?
Vincent Chong Mar 13, 2012
Which is a good thing
Ken Kirtland Sep 19, 2012
@Ardavon lol no 25 on regular gas and 45 on biofuel
Ardavon Nazari Jun 25, 2012
What's the MPG like? 3
thelornin Jun 22, 2012
@Cody don't believe in everything they say cause it might just be a lie
Jared Bevan Mar 14, 2012
That is one sexy car
Cody Matthews Mar 13, 2012
@Danylo Buggati dropped out of the Top Speed game... You fail at being a fan boy.
Danylo Crawford Mar 13, 2012
Thant car won't be fastest for that long Bugatti will launch a faster mor light weight and more powerful version better than the super sport
Bob Jones Mar 13, 2012
Definitely better looking then the Aventador. Obviously the Aventador is a really nice car but IMO it looks like an Aztec compared to any Koenigsegg.
Vahan Gee Mar 13, 2012
Do u guys think this is better looking than the aventador?
Zachary Sindelar Mar 13, 2012
That bad to the bone!
Ben Arends Mar 13, 2012
I give a crap about top speeds- once u get up there, at those speeds, you don't really want to ever do it again. Eff, I'd rather have lower top speed, amazing agility, and sexy good looks. I love this car though.
Cody Matthews Mar 13, 2012
@ben they don't have 4seats. But this car is amazing. With such a low production rate, you know that your getting a perfectly hand made car. Also it gets way better MPG than the Veyron. And it can run on ethanol.
Ben Webb Mar 13, 2012
The bugatti do top speed with four seats and a whole load of leather and tech
Tommy Yang Mar 13, 2012
The Bugatti is over engineered. It would have a faster top speed if it was able to use all of its hp. The bugatti actually has over 3000 hp but 2000 of that is gone to waste energy.
Emmanuel Irizarry Mar 13, 2012
@Zaire wilkins -____-
Daniel Hernandez Mar 13, 2012
I agree with rockstartc, bugattis w16 quad turbo engine is overated, a ttv8 is kicking its ass jaja
Matthew Leon Mar 13, 2012
@rockstarTc the New bugatti models look 10X better
rockstarTc Mar 13, 2012
@matt it just looks ugly compared to the koenigsegg plus its kind of sad that a W16 Quad turbo is getting beat by a V8TT. Bugatti should seem much more faster
Matt Piccolo Mar 13, 2012
I'd take this over a bugatti too, but the bugatti is a great car, I dont see y people r hating on it?
Stephen Cobbs Mar 13, 2012
I'd take this over a Bugatti SS anyday.
Zaire Wilkins Mar 13, 2012
now i know forza is gonna make us wait cuz we only have the regular agera which i tuned for 276mph
Jacob Gardner Mar 13, 2012
I have liked the agera for a long time and I have been waiting for them to try to beat the bugatti and they finally have!!
Eddie Ethree Motors Mar 13, 2012
Actually way better then the bugatti and even the pagani. I think this da best hypercar period
Jeff Mar 13, 2012
IMO an Agera looks better than a bugatti
Edin Beka Mar 13, 2012
The matte finish does it so much justice!
Description: The new speed would crush the Bugatti Veyron SuperSport recorded production car record of 267.86mph. The 2013 Koenigsegg Agera R features a more powerful version of the 5.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 ...
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Trent Fiala Apr 23, 2012
I completely agree with Keiler!! lol
Keiler Countryman Apr 10, 2012
The veyron is a heavy, ugly, stupid piece of shit
Newarun Begum Apr 05, 2012
I am happy there is a new fastest car because I don't like the veyron
I play skyrim Mar 14, 2012
I god damn hate the veyron
Jason Brown Mar 14, 2012
Seriously a 200 page book entirely on Veryon? What is it and let me read it? Just look up thing on the Internet. It is a lot easier.
Thibault Leroy Mar 14, 2012
how about you do the research i have a 200 page book on the veyron and there is a lot of statements from people who have one and they say that they need to change the tires on average every two years. and when youre going 407kph its kinda normal that the tires wear out that fast, the tires on the veyron are a lot more resistant than those on ferraris and lambos
Jason Brown Mar 14, 2012
Every year if not more. At 38k a set, that is just too much. But hey those people who can buy one can afford it.
Jason Brown Mar 14, 2012
@Thibault. Just do some reading or research before making blunt statements. Veryon's tires only last 37 miles at top speed. Not that people are going to reach that speed but you can see how soft they are. So yes owners can expect to replace
Cody Matthews Mar 14, 2012
At Koenigsegg Christian Von Koenigsegg hand inspect every single car himself. Also they are one of te most innovative companies out their. They don't make compromises, they solve problems and keep stuff how they want it.
Thibault Leroy Mar 14, 2012
yes it costs a lot to maintain but u dont change the tires every year unless u do burn outs and stuff and people who can afford a veyron dont really care well i mean they can afford it
John Raymond Mar 13, 2012
Well when vectors were around they were built by hand and care as well they also had over 300,000 dollars worth of aerodynamic plane rivets
Pablo Herasme Mar 13, 2012
Bugatti is also made with care by hand in a environmentaly controlled house.
Cody Matthews Mar 13, 2012
They don't use any plastic either. They don't make compromises.
Cody Matthews Mar 13, 2012
The build quality is better in a Koenigsegg hands down. It takes a year to make each car and te whole thing I made by hand by a team of 22 people. The engine is made completely in house and is put together by hand by 1 man. Same with te axles.
Bob Jones Mar 13, 2012
I read in an old article on here that the price of maintaining a Veyron is equal to buying a new R8 and burning it every 6 months.
Pablo Herasme Mar 13, 2012
But who cares when your deadly rich; its not like everyone owns one.
Jason Brown Mar 13, 2012
Sorry that is 4 to 6 times per year! And Thibault, now I totally don't respect French aerospace engineers since you claim they build things to last and of maintenance free. Wow you can buy many great cars with 1 year of maintenance fees from Veyron.
Jason Brown Mar 13, 2012
For those of you who don't want to read the links: it says that 4 to 6 times maintenance might be requires and each time cost $21,000. A set of new tires are going to cost that much and these bad boy eats them up like crazy.
Duncan Jolley Mar 13, 2012
All I'm saying is, it's more impressive that they got that much power out of a V8
Cody Matthews Mar 13, 2012
Actually Koenigsegg built their engines to be able to take a lot. Them Swedes know what they are doing. @Josiah your happy about that? Also if you didn't read, it also says 1140hp.
Erick Bernal Mar 13, 2012
Weight. Much easier. No one gets that.
Erick Bernal Mar 13, 2012
1,500HP. It's to much stress that's why Bugatti went with a massive engine. At 1001HP it's so under stressed. If can lift 400lbs an you give 399lbs to hold. I can do it but it'll be difficult. Mean while if I can lift 550lbs and gave me the same
Erick Bernal Mar 13, 2012
I hate when people use that as an argument. "Look what we can do with a V8 and it took Bugatti a W16" the fact is. The W16 is going to last waaaaaaay longer. Sure a V8 can get that same power but your putting it to its limit. I've seen V6 churn out
Duncan Jolley Mar 13, 2012
V8 or a W16, which more impressing? I say the V8!!
Jason Brown Mar 13, 2012
On a side note, looks nicer than Bugatti's veyron.
Jason Brown Mar 13, 2012
Sorry not mix, much. You get my point. And please don't twist my words says that I said NASCAR are 1960's cars. They base tech from there with newer materials and tuned to perfection.
Jason Brown Mar 13, 2012
Much of their cars and regulations comes from late 1960 technology, but those beasts of a car put so mix performance because they are re-engineered greats old parts to begin with.
Jason Brown Mar 13, 2012
It is a similar layout of a previous design by GM, but tuned and made better. So hard to say that brand new parts are responsible for faster more powerful parts. That isn't true at all. If you need farther proof, take a look at NASCAR...
Jason Brown Mar 13, 2012
Matt, this car uses a lot of what you call older technology. What you have seen in the recent years is the improvements and fine tuning of it. Like the ECU redesign Penta Motors Korea files a few years ago in every major country.
Matt Piccolo Mar 13, 2012
The base of the veyron is from like 05 so they still have some technology from 05in it, so of course a newer engine with more technology put into it will be able to ut out more power with less turbos and cylinders... If u know what I mean?
Josiah De La Torre Mar 13, 2012
less than 1000 hp!!!! :D
Jack Nicholas Connor Mar 13, 2012
It should be called carbotaniluminum
Vincent Chong Mar 13, 2012
Yeah why would you need a V12 or W16 when you can pull out that much power out of a V8
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Mar 13, 2012
All that power from 5 liters :)
Description: We hope to find out soon if the 2013 Agera R can officially take the fastest-production-car crown back from Bugatti, as the French company dethroned them back in 2005 after only two months holding the...
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thelornin May 27, 2012
@Cody that's true cause they don't wanna lose the record either so, yea
Luke Kohut-Jackson Mar 21, 2012
who's up for 300? I'd pay money to see that.
Thibault Leroy Mar 14, 2012
@ford fan you cant hit top speed on salt flats with a car like the veyron, agera r,ssc because the ground slows you down and has more resistance than concrete
Justin Routh Mar 14, 2012
Yeah i agree about koenigsegg being better i was just saying i do support ssc being an American company
Cody Matthews Mar 13, 2012
@Carter no ones getting any new records until Volkswagen lets people onto their test track.
Carter Shropshire Mar 13, 2012
They should be watching out for Hennessy the Venom Gt has a top speed of 275 if I'm not mistaken
Vahan Gee Mar 13, 2012
Justin I have a feeling that the comment u just made is going to cause chaos
Justin Routh Mar 13, 2012
So? Whats wrong with having pride in the greatest country on this planet? 'MERICA! Go SSC!
Thibault Leroy Mar 13, 2012
You guys just love the SSC because its American if it was chinese you guys would hate it so much
Cody Matthews Mar 13, 2012
I love SSC but it would still rather have Koenigsegg have the record. They just seem more deserving of it, and IMO its a better car.
Dillon Dixon Mar 13, 2012
I like the koenigsegg better but I'm still gonna go for SSC bc I would love to see the record come to America.
Peter Squire Mar 13, 2012
All talk but no proof is what these company's are about I mean, it's got a CLAIMED 275mph but they don't have enough evidence. And yes I would rather have the kossien...kosssssseg... Well uhhh the Swedish car
Gianni Falzone Mar 13, 2012
I've got love for SSC. I mean, why wouldn't you want America to have the record?!
Victor Castillo Mar 13, 2012
Ssc does not look good in my opinion
Matt Piccolo Mar 13, 2012
Yea I'd rather the agera
Sam Oglesby Mar 13, 2012
It can't they cant even build it
Jacob Gardner Mar 13, 2012
I hope the ssc can't beat this
Adam Thomson Nov 30, 2012
I love being Swedish now!!
Killian Wright Mar 13, 2012
Those wheels are amazing
Cody Matthews Mar 13, 2012
They won't catch on fire.
Michael Gallagher Mar 13, 2012
The color they use is phenominial. I love the color and the curves of the car. Very smooth and elegant. Great looking machine and I'm hoping tht is also takes the place of fastest production car. Good luck! Don't catch on fire!
Matt Piccolo Mar 13, 2012
This is like looking at heaven
Cody Matthews Mar 13, 2012
Except the guy who lives in London an owns one. He kinda has to park on the street.
Keiler Countryman Mar 13, 2012
The rims on these are huge
Keiler Countryman Mar 13, 2012
People who have one of the wouldn't park on the street
Brandon Whybrew Mar 13, 2012
whoever has one of these better watch how close to the curb they park
Wišśam Stephan Mar 13, 2012
Weird but badass doors LOVE IT, better than a Bugatti SS
Cody Matthews Mar 13, 2012
They were just showing the options. Vortex wheels were also remade for this one I believe.
Nick Schnee Mar 13, 2012
Those are seriously the coolest doors EVER.
Bobby Junior Mar 13, 2012
One side has vortex wheels and the other side has the new ones
Abdul Koli Sadik Koli Mar 13, 2012
View this view it looks like a real monster of speed,,
Justin Mather Mar 13, 2012
@Sam, We already covered this on the last page, they are just showing options.
Sam Flynn Mar 13, 2012
Look at the rims..then look at them in the next pic..
Devin Mortenson Mar 13, 2012
In my town I saw a 90's Audi with eb110 rims on it
Zack Herzer Mar 13, 2012
Once I saw a Eb110 and a veyron and 2 murcies in the same hour
Matt Piccolo Mar 13, 2012
I don't really see it in the back... But it looks damn nice!!!!
Rob walker Mar 13, 2012
back always reminds me of Bugatti Eb110
Ken Kirtland Apr 14, 2012
i love the new aircore carbon rims. One layer carbon-fiber. The only metal part on the whole rim is the filler cap. This also lowers the unsprung mass of the car by 40 kilos. this helps improve braking turning speed and handling. the 2013 koenigsegg agera r has the lighest unsprung mass of any road car available!!
Sam Flynn Mar 13, 2012
Vahan Gee Mar 13, 2012
Yeah on top gear its spelled something like koeeeniiigggggggggssssssssseeeeeggggggggggg
Brandon Whybrew Mar 13, 2012
i like how its spelled on top gear haha
Stephen Cobbs Mar 13, 2012
Koenigsegg. Its on the floor too. Haha
P_R_N_D Mar 13, 2012
beautiful car...but I still can't spell it
Skyler White Mar 14, 2012
Your owl looks like my mom. Wait, what?
grant.c Mar 13, 2012
it reminds me of a fighter jet for some reason.
Oscar Galvan Mar 13, 2012
You look like an owl