Comments - Watch the Lamborghini Aventador J Being Built by Hand

Published: Mar 12, 2012
Description: The Lamborghini Aventador J recently made its show-stopping debut at the Geneva Motor Show. The Aventador J utilizes V12 power along with superlight "Carbonskin" for wicked performance and h...
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Callum Mckay Mar 12, 2012
:O my GOD! Did you see the exhaust, and the brakes, and those mirrors! And just the whole car. That is one of the sexiest cars ive ever seen... Just epic.
Phillip Fitchew Mar 12, 2012
Yeah, baby! 200+MPH with no windshield! Also, anybody get a load of that exhaust? Looks pretty nice.
Description: The hand-built Lamborghini Aventador J features a 6.5-liter V12 engine good for 700hp. The engine is mated to an ISR transmission delivering power to all four wheels. The Aventador J showcases Aventad...
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Brandon Gustafson Mar 12, 2012
Once again, it's a 6.5L V-12.
Description: The carbon fibers were soaked with a very special epoxy resin that stabilizes the fiber structure. The one-off Aventador J has already been sold for a pre-tax price of 2.1 million Euros ($2.76 million...
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Vic Orutsahakij Mar 14, 2012
They announced that they will make more, but will be limited production.
Thibault Leroy Mar 12, 2012
arnt they gonna make more??!?
Sam Oglesby Mar 12, 2012
Yeh but worth it to own the only one in existence
Justin Routh Mar 12, 2012
Thats annoying if this doesnt get driven. I've said this before but i'd rather see this driven hard and get totaled then see it sit in a garage forever. These cars are meant to be driven not stored
Drake Hughes Mar 12, 2012
Yeah if I owned this I would put it in my kitchen... Jk it would go in my garage with a cover
Trent Griffin Mar 12, 2012
Who would pay 2.76 million for a one off and then drive it in the rain? That's going in some bodies stored collection...and may never get registered let alone driven....
Matthew Crighton Mar 12, 2012
The long thing is the rear view mirror i think
Matthew Malyapa Mar 12, 2012
2.76 mil for bugs in your face still looks epic though
Mic Wong Mar 12, 2012
I don't care. If I have that kind of money, that's surely mine.
Caribbeanenthusiast Mar 12, 2012
saw another clip of this car and the driver was wearing a helmet. looks good and dangerous. 700 hp with no roof, I dunno..
Sam Oglesby Mar 12, 2012
Nope but it means your going to be in a lot of pain when it rains
Andrew Grimm Mar 12, 2012
They probably designed it so the air flow goes over the drivers head. Just because it's low, doesn't mean it's not functional.
Nicolas Pons Mar 12, 2012
You'll have to buy a helmet with the windscreen that low