Description: Almost two years ago a Corvette C1 was taken to Le Mans. It was driven around the famous track by John Fitch, a former fighter pilot and racing driver, now in the 10th decade of his long life. Exactly...
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Paul Lissona Mar 13, 2012
Make even more various ones
Colby Church Mar 12, 2012
I hope you guys never stop making these :)
Raymond Reynoso Mar 12, 2012
You've got to be kiddin' me
Description: Briggs Cunningham was one of those Americans. He was born into a well-to-do family and even his adventurous life style and his passion for yachts and fast cars couldn't exhaust his resources. He...
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Dylan Bruder Mar 12, 2012
Ahh my beloved c6r's nice c1 racer too
Description: Cunningham then came to his rescue. In the early '50s Cunningham took part in Le Mans driving cars he built known as C1, C2, C3 and C4 (no relation to the Corvette). In 1960 the Le Mans rules cha...
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Description: Racing drum brakes were added as well as magnesium knock-off wheels and racing tires. Among the other racing accessories included were Stewart Warner gauges in a special dash plate, a Halibrand quick ...
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Description: Fitch raced car #3, rotating the driving shifts with Bob Grossman. Car #1 lasted only three hours before it crashed and burned. Car #2's race lasted for 17 hours before its engine ceased function...
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Description: During the last two hours Grossman dived into the pits at every lap in order to get ice into the engine compartment to cool it down. After the race the cars were returned to the U.S., converted back i...
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Dillon Dixon Mar 12, 2012
There already was a grand sport article a couple of days ago.
Abraham Mendoza Mar 12, 2012
Like I said, a Grand Sport article would be fantastic!
Justin Routh Mar 12, 2012
Are these articles done yet. C1-C6 were interesting and the ZR1 article was too but ones like this and the one about the astronauts... I hate to be a troll but...
Abraham Mendoza Mar 12, 2012
I like how they said "shrouded in mystery." It's as if its a legendary and mythical car...
Tim Butler Mar 12, 2012
I saw one of these around where I live
Paul Lissona Mar 12, 2012
Yah but I want all thë chrome on it ha.
Diego Pasotti Mar 12, 2012
That's just beautiful!