Description: A few weeks ago we brought you leaked photos of the 2013 Dodge Charger Sprint Cup car and now we have the official shots of the Nascar-spec racer's debut. The racer looks very much like its stree...
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Rami Wilson Mar 13, 2012
I'm a Kesolowski and Almendinger fan...........until next year!
Rami Wilson Mar 12, 2012
Petty is rumored. Unfortunately Petty is not as competitive as Penske. Petty is my favorite driver. He is one (one of many) of the reasons I am the Mopar fan I am today
Rami Wilson Mar 12, 2012
See the track. I don't think a 5 year commitment by Dodge to Penske was too much to ask. My Nascar loyalty goes by brand and Dodge is 1st. I wonder who my favorite driver will be next season.
Rami Wilson Mar 12, 2012
It's a beautiful race car. I'm extremely disappointed that Dodge let Penske leave. I think Brad Keslowski is one of the top up and coming drivers. I hope Dodge can get someone to drive their cars next year. It would be a shame if this car doesn't
Description: "We know NASCAR fans are passionate about cars," said NASCAR President Mike Helton. "We're excited about the results of the collective efforts of NASCAR, Dodge and the other manufa...
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Description: It is unclear for now who will race the new 2013 Dodge Charger. As teams gear up for next year's competition, CarBuzz will bring you all the latest news.
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Devin Tuckey Jun 30, 2013
U know I wish they would put dodge back into NASCAR and kick Toyota out they don't belong in that shit
Antonio Falsetti Mar 17, 2012
Looks really good but is it aerodynamic enough?
Matt Herbert Mar 12, 2012
really jackson? just cause u dont enjoy the sport doesnt mean you have to hate on it
Jackson Michael Mar 12, 2012
K, I'm sorry, but NASCAR is bad. All of their cars are an engine covered by a shell that sort of looks like a production car.
Ruben Radilla Mar 12, 2012
Was there yesterday for that!
Kevin Rehbock Mar 12, 2012
They can make it look like a Charger all they want, it's still not a Charger.
Payne Hodges Wilson Mar 12, 2012
NASCAR makes them put fake lights on so that it looks more like a street car
Cian Rules Mar 12, 2012
Why do they bother with the fake lights take them off and save that valuable weight they just look terrible
Sam Oglesby Mar 12, 2012
Why 2 doors I think none and get in through the window is loads more fun
Jennings Rengel Mar 12, 2012
A two door version would be sick
Dylan Bruder Mar 12, 2012
For the question on camber is an easy one they only go left so increase positive camber increases left turning ability
Brandon Whybrew Mar 12, 2012
now they need to takes some cues for this in production cars. mainly the two door part. two door version would be awesome and more like the old one
Adithya Chandrasekhar Mar 12, 2012
Why does it have positive camber???
Jackson Michael Mar 12, 2012
I'll take the one on the left please
americanmuscle Mar 16, 2012
I disagree and think that challengers are the best American muscle car nothing looks and performance it has a 6.4 lifer hemisphere flor Pete sake
Rami Wilson Mar 13, 2012
This is the best looking stock car since Petty's third Gen Charger he raced from '72-'77. I already bought a Challenger if they want me to buy another new car they are gonna have to at least give me the 6-speed.
Kenneth Williams Mar 13, 2012
Would look so good in 2 door and make it shorter
Clay Brewer Mar 12, 2012
They can't because no one would buy a challenger duh
Rami Wilson Mar 12, 2012
Give us a 2-door Charger 6-speed please! And while I'm dreaming throw in a classic grill.
Dickson Lui Apr 01, 2014
I like the front.
Paul Lissona Mar 13, 2012
Yes Ik these are new.
Paul Lissona Mar 12, 2012
I like the new chargers way better.
Phillip Greene Mar 12, 2012
I think this is cool