Description: Honda has released a new special edition of their Jazz, dubbed the Si, at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. With the amount of new models, concepts and special editions at the event, it was easy for most sh...
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Brad Hickey Mar 11, 2012
But guys it says vtec. Let's worship it.
Paul Lissona Mar 11, 2012
No it doesn't but I like the mpg.
P_R_N_D Mar 11, 2012
@William F. that's what I thought too lol I thought it was some weak marketing strategy to targets young people Lmao I fail!
Frederick Perez Mar 11, 2012
I hear engine swaps :)
Stephen Tyler Learn Mar 11, 2012
Your 92 doesn't meet crash test standards anymore
Paul Lissona Mar 11, 2012
My 92 civic lx gets 40 mpg stick so come on make that again.
Knox Ferraro Mar 11, 2012
Harsh, CarBuzz. Harsh but true.
William Forgham Mar 11, 2012
Upon reading the title I actually thought it was called the "Who Care?" edition.
Jimmy Williams Mar 11, 2012
Jesus, they've just handed the market over. Mediocre gas mileage and boring at best cars, come on now.
Aldo Torres Mar 11, 2012
What a joke. It's sad that Honda has lost what made their "sports injected" models fun. They were never the fastest cars, but they were without a doubt fun to drive.
Joseph Advan Yu Mar 11, 2012
94hp.... Wow..... Honda is a complete fail in the sports market.
Description: Honda says this is a 'hot' version, though that statement must have been made after several 18-hour long days on the Geneva Show floor while seriously dehydrated. Top speed is listed at 113m...
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Brad Hickey Mar 11, 2012
That's because they found out if they put vtec or si on their cars, fanboys flock to it
Michael Gallagher Mar 11, 2012
It's a honda. There is nothing sort about them. They are blah and only for people who enjoy embarrassing themselves
John Taylor Mar 11, 2012
Si - Sporty intentions? I remember the '00 Civic Si back in its day and the old CRX Si. The Si badge seems to have become pretty watered down.
Josiah Thomas Clements Mar 11, 2012
Heck my 01 civic lx has a top speed of 124mph and gets 39mpg... And a new "si" version of the fit is slower than my 11 year old sedan?! That's pathetic!
Justin Routh Mar 11, 2012
Hes not saying his civic is bad hes saying that his car has a higher top speed than a brand new car thats a si version while his is 6 years old and a regular one
Hektor Yberg Mar 11, 2012
That's more than a third of Bugatti veyrons top speed!!!
Rushi Gandhi Mar 11, 2012
@Hank, don't mean to argue my friend... But a BMW M3 is electronically limited to 155mph. What do you expect from a civic ? You're not gonna go racing in a civic, are you ?
Hank Austin Mar 11, 2012
I have a 2006 civic and it's top speed is limited at 125, that is truly pathetic
Patrick Joseph Mar 11, 2012
Haha. Yes that's probably what happened.
Joseph Siddall May 29, 2016
By playing with the seats you can fit a single bed in there....and that's without taking any seats out. Hugely versatile interior. Makes American muscle stuff look poorly designed, inefficient and poorly made. Oh, wait.....they are. These little cars have a real following but not with the sub-teens making silly comments on here.
Dale Schroeder Mar 13, 2012
I know I've been playing Forza too much when my first reaction to this is "I wonder what would happen if an S2000's engine were stuffed into this thing..."
Brad Hickey Mar 11, 2012
That's a funny joke. I like it. Nothing better than 7k rpm while struggling to breach 60mph. Rofl
Michael Gallagher Mar 11, 2012
Depends on what you want in a car. Me and some people I know are real car fanatics and love and appreciate real vehicles. This is just dumb. For old folks that don't care about sport or looking good
Jeremy Siebert Mar 11, 2012
The Fit/Jazz has an incredibly versatile interior; you can fit more in it than a Civic... Consider this: you could drive this car to its absolute limits (assuming you have the skill to find them & maintain them) almost 100% of the time you're behind the wheel...and NOT break the law. That, to me, sounds like more fun than driving a Camaro @5/10 of its capability 95% of the time
P_R_N_D Mar 11, 2012
I disagree Henz. I don't care for this segment either, but I wouldn't call it a waste of money. It's actually a smart buy if all u need is little more than enough room for a few grocery bags and good fuel economy. For that purpose, an Escalade would be a waste of money.
Henz Herrero Mar 11, 2012
This isnt a compact, its a subcompact.. Never rly liked cars on this segment, i feel like its a waste of money.. Slow and no space for anything..
Marthy Gajardo Mar 11, 2012
Whats so exciting about the Jizz si?
Jon Ashley Mar 11, 2012
I dont like the front really. I'm happy to own my Sonic
Hank Austin Mar 11, 2012
The shape of it reminds me of a minivan... And not because it's a hatch... I would never ever buy a car like this or in the same class as this
Aislin Cooper Mar 11, 2012
This is straight miserable.
Tomas Franquelli Mar 11, 2012
Yeah, I love the fit. Wish they would cram moar vtec in it though.
Matt Piccolo Mar 11, 2012
For a compact car, this looks great from the front IMO, (if) I was buying a compact car this is probably whist I'd buy
Al Tungupon Mar 14, 2012
Stop garnishing this and bring out the all-new model instead.