Comments - Viggen Fighter Jet-Inspired Saab Concept

Published: Mar 10, 2012
Description: We may not have seen the last of Saab as companies, including BMW according to recent rumors, are readying to buy out the troubled Swedish automaker. And if things go well, we could soon be seeing con...
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Rami Wilson Mar 11, 2012
Funny the fighter in the cover photo is an F/A-18 Hornet not a SAAB Viggen. My favorite SAAB fighter is the Dakken. It just looks like a killing machine. saab cars suck.
Graham Dyer Mar 11, 2012
@Knox that's what I was thinking :D
Adam Page Mar 10, 2012
If BMW buys Saab, I'm sure Saab sales would be at their highest point since the early 90s...
David Pires-Ihsaan Mar 10, 2012
started making motor bikes, the produced plane engines during the war. I think they made cars postwar but I might be wrong..
Nawar AlZetani Mar 10, 2012
The last SAAB concept
Kevin Irish Mar 10, 2012
That's because Saab built jets. I never really saw any jet inspiration in any of their cars.
Knox Ferraro Mar 10, 2012
Aren't they all 'born from jets'?
Description: The coupe concept is inspired specifically by the Viggen fighter, aping its lines, glass cockpit canopy and overall sharp and clean design.
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Steven Nevets Mar 10, 2012
That's an F18 in the drawing, not a Viggen. Just sayin'.
Extremis Colson Mar 11, 2012
those big rims are sick, they look like 20's just make the car black with a sick interior and u got a winner.
JGL Scuderia Mar 11, 2012
just continue to try to sell cars and you might make it saab
Cody Jacques Mar 10, 2012
Yeah they're dead. Spyker failed to revive the company and it was shutdown
Cody Fullerton Mar 10, 2012
The actual Saab company is dead, but you could buy the copyrights and restart them
Hektor Yberg Mar 10, 2012
Does jets have led lights?
Deon Lingum Mar 10, 2012
It'd probably be in x6 class
Kevin Irish Mar 10, 2012
Saab is waiting for someone to buy them. They're not completely out of the game yet.
Micah Buffat Mar 10, 2012
Almost but not yet I don't think
Justin Harris Mar 10, 2012
Um I think Lamborghini did better with their fighter jet inspired cars lol.
Malcolm Bryant Mar 10, 2012
its a 2012 edge with more lights haha looks nice anywaysc
Phillip B Jong Mar 10, 2012
Hahahaha compare this to the front of a ford edge...
Andrew Hossann Mar 10, 2012
Kinda reminds me of chevy lights for some reason
Trent Griffin Mar 10, 2012
Beautiful but too late..
Michael J Romano Jun 05, 2012
Looks to fat ... Not slick enough
Jordan Clegg May 17, 2012
Roof looks like a bubble but it still looks great
Bobby Junior Mar 10, 2012
Don't the lights remind you of Land Rover?
Jason Levy Mar 10, 2012
That is the strangest looking jet I have ever seen
Logan LeMonnier Mar 10, 2012
Yeah that'll make production
Reid Huff Mar 11, 2012
"For every terrible idea Saab had an equally perfect idea." Jeremy Clarkson
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Mar 10, 2012
This is why Saab failed in the first place. The designs on SOME of their cars are terrible
Christian De Prisco Mar 10, 2012
Reminds of a utopia, it will never happen lol
Eric Michalak Mar 10, 2012
Did the jet look like it ate another vehicle too?
Tj Blankenship Mar 10, 2012
I see R8 in the rear.
Aislin Cooper Mar 10, 2012
Reminds me of a Volt, which sucks
Taha Tayyab Mar 10, 2012
reminds me of a cts-v or a charger
Knox Ferraro Mar 10, 2012
Things that don't actually remind me of jets.
Jordan Clegg May 17, 2012
What's up with the grill? Is it just plexy glass?
Michael Douglas Mar 11, 2012
I would like to be next one when its pouring down rain and someone is getting out of the "jet fighter".
Christian De Prisco Mar 10, 2012
And that is why Saab died, you can't get in their new cars, and if you manage you can't get out, and if you crash...well I am just being redundant now am I?!?!
Tj Blankenship Mar 10, 2012
Please let there be ejector seats complete with parachutes. =]
Cody Matthews Mar 11, 2012
That is pretty cool. But Koenigsegg doors are cooler. Lol
Tj Blankenship Mar 10, 2012
Not gonna lie. That's pretty cool.
Nicolas Pons Mar 10, 2012
Maybe it's just me but those sketches look really unprofessional...