Description: Sportec from Switzerland is doing a number of new programs set for the Geneva Motor Show. The Porsche 911 (997-Series) GT3 RS4.0 looks stunning in its new SP 525 moniker and packs plenty of power indi...
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Description: The changes add a total of 25hp and 15 lb-ft of torque. Sportec has also added an in-house built traction control system, lightweight carbon fiber hood and Bilstein shocks. Sitting on a set of 20-inch...
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JGL Scuderia Mar 11, 2012
i simply dont like it at all
Connor Wagner Mar 10, 2012
I love the orange and gray so much that any gt3 looks bad to me
Brad Wood Mar 10, 2012
I don't get it either. It would be interesting to see if this car actually performs better than the original. I suspect not.
Dillon Dixon Mar 10, 2012
Why would you completely ruin a RS4.0?? Just tune a regular Porsche 911, not the best one!
Kent Sullivan Mar 10, 2012
I liked the original paint better, but still very nice
Tim Butler Mar 11, 2012
Yea but if u took off the badges u can really tell the difference because all Porsches look alike
Justin Routh Mar 10, 2012
I feel like they do it just on these models for advertisment. I dont think they would put them on customer cars
Paul Pickard Mar 10, 2012
Good idea. Ruin the car with stickers.