Posted on: Mar 10, 2012
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Spied: Mercedes-Benz Viano Testing in Sweden

Mercedes is testing their all-new Viano van in the cold north of Sweden.
The last time we saw Mercedes-Benz testing their Viano van was back in January when the German automaker was running a test mule. What our intrepid spy photographers have just snapped some photos of is what appears to be the actual Viano van, not a mule, not a tester, but the real deal. The Viano van was caught undergoing some cold whether testing in Sweden, where the snow is as plentiful as blonde women.
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In order to compete better with the VW Multivan/Caravelle, the new Viano is expected to receive tweaks to make it feel more 'car-like' versus what it really is, a transporter. Our photographers report that there is a rumor that goes along the lines of the new Viano/Vito transporter being offered in the U.S. this time to join the Sprinter that is already being sold in the market.

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