Description: Volkswagen has just released four new Up! Concept models at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. They are: The Swiss, X, Winter and Cargo. Each is unique and they all show off the flexibility of VW's smal...
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Description: The Winter Up! and the X Up! are both based on the Cross Up! Concept from Frankfurt, with the former meant for snowboarding and skiing excursions (with a front-wheel-drive configuration) while the lat...
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Christian De Prisco Mar 11, 2012
Useless prototypes, just a way to be seen by VW as for all the mini concepts that were never meant to be built
Description: It has been raised and features protection underneath the car to protect against potholes and the like. The four new Up! models extend VW's number to ten total. Check out the huge gallery of all ...
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Tanton Stoneman Mar 10, 2012
Looks nice with those rims!
Micah Buffat Mar 10, 2012
There going for a way different look Its not bad tho
Peter Papen Mar 11, 2012
An uglier version of the cross polo. Unnecessary..
Hektor Yberg Mar 10, 2012
Is that big box up on the roof just search lights?