Comments - A Great Show for a Market in Crisis

Published: Mar 10, 2012
Description: The Geneva Motor Show, the most glamorous of the European car shows, was shrouded this year with feelings of indecision and insecurity.
Four years ago at Geneva, the Lehman Brothers LLC collapse re...
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Description: And during the first press day, when sales statistics from last month were still fresh in their memories, industry leaders had all the reasons to be gloomy. The three main victims of the free fall are...
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Kevin Irish Mar 10, 2012
I thought it was Dan Ackerson?
Christian De Prisco Mar 10, 2012
It's not only the crisis that forces people to prefer used cars rather than new ones, let's not forget that cars are indeed getting better, as in more durable, hence it takes longer for one to want to change car, luxury car sales increased thou, no?!
Description: The three premium German automakers experienced mixed fortunes. Audi's Sales grew by 11%, Daimler's sales grew more moderately 5% and BMW suffered a 5% decline. Among the Asian car manufactu...
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Description: "They are basically trying to keep their heads out of the water." Earlier in the week in an interview with, Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne, said the he considers moving Fiat Group he...
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